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  • 1. JournalOfMarym Haedr(6s)

2. Dear Diary..I was scared because Isuddenly started toOh my goodness what a levitate in the air .Iday Ive had!.questioned my self whyIt was a summer evening,am I flying?.I felt the warm breeze ofthe wind .I was theirsitting, relaxing on a lilypad on the calm,peacfullake, shadows were cast bytall naked trees. 3. A few minutes later myThey were shocked ,friend (the frog) started to frozen like a statue .Itcome up as well. was weird flying in the air!.Unfortunately I got higher The turtle said that sheand higher. The fishes wished to do that.mouths were wide open. 4. Flew away. Phew,what a day! Mean while,I had ahuge a smile on myface,I was flyingfast,flipping over,I wasalso spinning around theelectric wires.I sawsome crows and thoughtlets have somefun,therefore I chasedthem and they quickly 5. The EndTemplate by