MALYstore at Blackpool

2012 First time in Blackpool with MALYstore by Lydia Weisser Former „British Open“ Finalist Professional Latin


Lydia Weisser - former Champion- shows her latest collection for Dance Wear in Blackpool

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2012First time in Blackpool with

MALYstore byLydia Weisser

Former „British Open“ Finalist Professional Latin

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„My new Dance Collections“

MALYstore byLydia Weisser

Maybe you remember me dancing many years in the professional latin competitions all over the world and being finalist everywhere.

The first major partner was Ralph Lephene with whom I made the final at the British Open Champion ships in Blackpool. I was dancing 13 years in this partnership and was very successful. 1992 I was

starting a new career and challenge with Martin Dihlmann, my husband. This period was also well over 10 years and was finalized with the German and Triple Vice-World Champion Title in the Professional Latin Showdance Section.

Finding myself, in style as a dancer and as private person, I started up my new life, my fashion career. Being always interested in the fashion itself I developed two dance lines in the latest years.

The first one called „MALYfashion“ which is dedicated for the dancesport. All of my knowledge and pleasure is poring into these items being already loved by Standard and Latin dancers all over the world.

Using sophisticated materials for dance to have a fluid and soft approach my items automatically move like dancers and underline their body shapes to a maximum.

I developed also a second practice and sport couture line called „LaLaChaCha“. A line which is a fashionable and sports at the same time.

Everybody who wants to look sporty with a „chic“, has to have our products. They are „Must-haves“!!

I gained a lot of inspirations out of the high end designers in Italy. All of my products are designed, created and produced by myself in Italy and has got a lot of „Italian Style“ with it.

Now in the year of 2012 „I am proud to be back“ !!! My new „MALY“ Collections will be shown at the foremost Blackpool Dance Festival. You will see new Tops, Skirts and Trousers with elegant and sophisticated colors. New items of the „LaLaChaCha“-collection with sensational luxury track suits.

You gonna love them!! ...come see, feel and try them - after you will never gonna miss them...

we will be happy to welcome you at our Stand „MALYstore“

Yours Lydia

Lydia Weisserformer Blackpool - British open Professional Latin finalist will show her new colleciotn atthe Blackpool Dance Festival 2012 for the first time.

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Become a retailer in your country !!!

MALYstore byLydia Weisser

We happily invite you to meet us and join our partner -program to become a retailer in your country.

Please make your appointment!

If you like and love our collections we would be happy if you become one of our retailer

Please come to our stand and talk to us.

Feel and try our items and be convinced to sell MALY products in your shop being located anywhere in the world.

Check out our styles- fittings - fabrics- and our conditions and we help you launching our new collections with you. We can find the perfect cooperation - also as an online affiliate program with you as our new partner. Or start easily with our preselected „Starter Pack“.

Please come and see us and even better, make your personal appointment to talk about the possibilities of selling MALY. Take your time to fill out this form and send it back to us for your personal appointment.

Looking forward meeting you at the MALYstore.

yours Lydia & Martin

Lydia Weisserformer Blackpool - British open Professional Latin finalist is inviting you for joining our retail programm.

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My personal Appointment with:





phone (best use mobile phone):________________________________________

date I would like to have the appointment: ________________________________________________

time of the appointment:________________________________________________________________

As we will receive your favorite appointment time, we will check and reconfirm the time and date.Please send us this information via FAX: +49 228 304128589 or email [email protected] .

Thanks for your interest in MALY products and looking forward to meet you in Blackpool

Best RegardsLydia Weisser & Martin Dihlmann


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2012 First time in Blackpool with

MALYstore byLydia Weisser

Blackpool Pavillionat the horseshoe Booth No.37

Cell: +49 172 2939008Mail: [email protected]