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Here's the slides from our Book Rapper webinar derived from Scott Belsky's book Making Ideas Happen. We explore simple strategies for filling the gap between your future vision and your current reality. You'll learn:• The Action Method of turning your ideas into action• How to harness community to boost your idea power• The keys to leading and managing a creative team

Transcript of Make Your Ideas Happen

  • Making Ideas HappenGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Ideas Architect Book RapperFollow conversation on Twitter: @ideasmarketing
  • Part 1You and Your IdeasGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • 0 10 Create Ideas?Geo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • 0 10 Make Ideas Happen?Geo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • What do you get from NOT executing?Avoid fear? Remain righteous? Ensure Indulgence?
  • Part 2The BookGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Making Ideas HappenA study of creative execution
  • Scott @Scott Belsky
  • Ideas ExecutionGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Organise Collaborate Lead Make Your Ideas HappenGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Part 3OrganizeGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Response Projects Energy Action OrganiseGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Projects IdeasGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Projects Ideas ProjectsProjects are like coathangers for your ideas
  • Projects a Action HeroT-shirt available from
  • Projects b Make it personalGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Projects c 3 Less NotesIs taking notes your way of not taking action?
  • Projects d Make it BeautifulGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Action 0 10 Process?Whats your Action Method?
  • Action a Action StepsUse verbs to dene specic and concrete tasks
  • Action b BackburnerSome one, some day, some where...
  • Action c ReferencesAny project related info Separate from action steps
  • ActionSort, Filter and Store
  • Extreme High Medium Low Idle Prioritize by EnergyYour energy is more scarce than your time
  • Issue or Circumstance Bob Cli Lisa Julie Book Appointments Pay Invoices Client Enquiry Response GridAssign responsibilities, then get out of the way
  • Part 4CollaborateGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Push/Pull Prole Circles Share CollaborateGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Dreamer ProleDreamers : always generating ideas, struggle to focus
  • Dreamer Doer ProleDoer : Focussed on getting things done, may be sceptical
  • Dreamer Incrementalist Doer ProleIncrementalist : Both - with the results to prove it!
  • ShareHoarding ideas is reverse stealing
  • CirclesFoster creativity AND maintain accountability
  • Benet the idea AND pollinate the market
  • Part 5LeadGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Self-Lead Rewards Ownership Flexibility LeadGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Usual RewardsGeo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • UsualCreative RewardsInvent your own rewards : Progress, Recognition, Games
  • FlexibilityMeasure Productivity : Output not Sitput
  • OwnershipIdeas are like birds : hold them too tight and they wont y
  • Self-LeadIf you cant lead yourself, how can you expect to lead others?
  • Part 6Whats Next?Geo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch
  • Organise Collaborate Lead Make Your Ideas HappenWhat actions are you going to take?
  • Buy the book!Scott Belsky : Making Ideas Happen
  • And this book!Atul Gawande : The Checklist Manifesto
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  • Workshop: How to Design, Build and Sell Your IdeasMelbourne 14 October 8:30am - 5:00pm
  • $450 +GST $270 +GST 22nd September Workshop: How to Design, Build and Sell Your IdeaMore:
  • $450 +GST $270 +GST 22nd September Workshop: How to Design, Build and Sell Your IdeaMore:
  • Make Your Ideas Happen!!!Geo McDonald @IdeasMarketing #ideaslunch