L&N .In the 2015 season alone, our team We make posts daily to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

download L&N .In the 2015 season alone, our team We make posts daily to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Transcript of L&N .In the 2015 season alone, our team We make posts daily to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

L&N STEMpunksL&N STEMpunks

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Connecting with theEast Tennessee community...

Mission Statement (from our Business Plan):Our mission as a team is to inspire the East Tennessee community in the STEM fields by reaching out and working with local organizations, schools, daycares, and much more. In doing this, we hope to empower the next generation of engineers, scientists, and business leaders through the vision of FIRST....and beyond.




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5,700 people 37,000 people.


REACHEDand our team



In the 2015 season alone, our team

We make posts d aily to Twitter , Facebook, and Instagram. Each post has a unique descr iption and photo or video. Our team also exerc ises consistency in branding, with our headers featur ing a team photo, our slogan, and the FRC logo. Al l of our avatars feature our logo.

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Our team has gained over 600 new followers and likes across our social media platforms in the 2015 build season alone. Our team saw massive growth in likes and followers during the pre-season and reached our goal of becoming the top social media program among FRC teams in the state of Tennessee.

Get STEMpunked!

We focus on making our website and social media outlets optimized for search engines (SEO). Th e lead of our media team has given mult iple presentat ions on social media for FRC teams around the region, and we help those teams to bui ld thei r own programs.

Expand Inspire ConnectIn the future, our team will . . .

We have created qual i ty, r igorousbranding stand ard s and aim to have in teresting, approachable posts on social med ia. Other teams h ave ci ted our team as an inspirat ion when building thei r own social media programs. Our team's on line presence is unr ivaled in the region.

O u r t e am w i l l c o nt in u e t o s p u r g ro w t h b y h o l di ng mo r e g ive a w a ys a n d r e a ch i ng o u t t o t he c o m m u n it y . W e a l s o w i l l a im t o e xp a nd o t h e r t e a m s ' p ro g r a m s a nd m a k e o u r re g i on t h e l e a di n g a u t h o r i t y on s o c ia l m ed ia f or F R C t e am s .

O u r t e am w i l l l e ve ra g e o u r s o ci a l m ed ia a n d w e b s i t e p l a t f o r m s t o f u r t h e r o u r mi s s i on o f em p ow e r in g t h e c om m u n it y t hr o u g h S T E M an d F I RS T . S oc i a l m ed ia h a s t h e p ot en t i a l t o r ea c h m i l l i on s , a nd o u r t ea m b el i ev es w e c a n r ea c h t h a t p o t e n t ia l .

O u r t e am w i l l s u p p o rt o t h e r F R C t ea m s b y he l p i n g t h e m cr e a t e t h ei r o w n s o c ia l m e di a p r o g r a m s a n d a l s o b y s u p p o r t in g t h em t h r ou g h o u r ow n o u t l et s . W e w i l l a im t o c o nn e c t w it h n o t on l y o u r l o c a l F I R S T c o m m u n it y , b u t t he g l o b a l F I RS T c o m mu ni t y .

We aim to be. . .



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Data collected from Google and YouTube Analytics and Facebook and Twitter Insights. Icons from Font Awesome. Data unavailable for Instagram.

The giveaway's post.

Our fun Instagram posts. Our YouTube thumbnails.

O n Y o u T u b e , o u r t e a m l e v e r a g e s Y o u T u b e ' s t a g g i n g s y s t e m b y i n c l u d i n g d e f a u l t t a g s o n a l l o f o u r v i d e o s , m a k i n g o u r v i d e o s m o r e d i s t i n g u i s h a b l e . W e a l s o i n c l u d e c u s t o m t h u m b n a i l s o n e a c h o f o u r u p l o a d s t o m a k e o u r s e l v e s a n d o u r b r a n d m o r e v i s i b l e .

WebsiteUtilizing HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and CSS, students on our team built our website from the ground up. Every page of our website has attention to detail; including optimization for desktop and mobile devices. Through our website, we provide detailed descriptions of our team, provide resources for other teams, and recognize both sponsors and friends alike. Ultimately, the website is the center of our online presence which demands that it be accessible and up-to-date 24/7.

O n I n s t a g r a m , w e u t i l i z e b o t h p i c t u r e s a n d v i d eo s t o p r o m o t e o u r t e a m . T h e d i ff e r e n c e b e t w e e n I n s t a g r a m a n d o u r o t h e r o u t l e t s i s t h a t t h e m a i n a u d i e n c e i s m o s t l y s t u d e n t s . A s a r e s u l t , w e t e n d t o p o s t m o r e e x c i t i n g a n d p l a y f u l p i c t u r e s o n I n s t a g r a m t o i n s p i r e i n c r e a s e d s t u d e n t p a r t i c i p a t i o n .

O n F a c e b o o k , w e h e l d a h o l i d a y g i v e a w a y t h a t d r o v e o v e r 1 0 0 n e w l i k e s t o o u r p a g e . T h e p o s t w e a d v e r t i s e d t h e g i v e a w a y w i t h r e a c h e d o v e r 3 , 0 0 0 p eo p l e . T h e g i v e a w a y ' s e n d r e s u l t w a s o u r t e a m h a v i n g t h e l a r g e s t s o c i a l m e d i a p r e s e n c e a m o n g o t h e r F R C t e a m s i n T e n n e s s e e .

O n T w i t t e r , o u r t e a m l e v e r a g e s T w i t t e r ' s l a r g e a n d a c c e s s i b l e p l a t f o r m b y i n c l u d i n g m e n t i o n s a n d h a s h t a g s i n o u r p o s t s . W e a l s o a c t i v e l y c o m m u n i c a t e w i t h o t h e r F R C t e a m s a n d b u s i n e s s e s t h r o u g h T w i t t e r t o h e l p p r o m o t e S T E M a n d F I R S T i n o u r r e g i o n a n d b e y o n d .

...and beyond.

Screenshots of our website on desktop and mobile.

7,786 Photos

Our 2015 build season reach.

We use Twitter to connect with businesses.


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