Liar, Liar, Your resume is on fire!

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Transcript of Liar, Liar, Your resume is on fire!

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Liar, liar, your resume is on fire!

A white lie. A fib. A stretch of the truth. An embellishment.Is it ever ok to deceive a potential employer by making up experience or skills that you dont have?

The short answer is: no.

A lie on your resume is unethical and could cost you that job youre trying for. Heres why

Getting caughtHow will you explain yourself if an interviewer questions you on whether the information youve provided is false?Could you keep your cool and stick to your lie in the face of interrogation?A great job candidate is genuine not misleading.

A temporary lie?Maybe youre learning a new skill and youre so excited about being able to list it on your resume that you do so a little early.Dont get ahead of yourself. The fact that youre focusing on your professional development might be enough to land you the role anyway!

Fact checkersIf you have lied on your resume, youll almost certainly be outed as a fraud. Most recruitment processes require you to submit a number of references to be contacted to validate you resume details. Plus, employers are likely to run a Google search on candidates before considering them for a role.

Be yourselfInstead of lying about the skills you dont have, highlight those you do. Impress the interviewer with details about your past duties and responsibilities. You might be surprised how qualified you are even without having to blur the truth.