Liar liar test

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Transcript of Liar liar test

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Liar, LiarTest

Have you ever said? I am just kidding

2. I never got your text.Have you ever said?

Have you ever said?3. I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

Have you ever said?4. Im Fine

Have you ever said?5. Okay, just one more episode.

Have you ever said?6. Sorry my mom said NO

Have you ever said?

7. I wont laugh, I promise.

Have you ever said?8. 5 more minutes

Have you ever said?9. Yeah Im on my way.

Have you ever said?10. You look Nice

Results: 1 to 34 to 67 to 910 You are an Angel that dont want to make us feel worry about you.Come on ! We have faith on you.Definitely, there is something wrong with you!You cant sit with us!