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Teaching Profession

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  • 1. Special TopicsJourneying the TeachingProfession:MyselfandMy career

2. WhatdoIneedtolearn?trace the history ofcareer planning;recognize thesignificance of careerplanning in the teachingprofession;discuss the importanceof the TeacherEducation DevelopmentProgram; and theNational Competency-Based TeacherStandards in careerplanning;formulate and share a 3. Historicalperspective of careerplanningThe idea of career canbe traced back in thebeginning of the 20thcentury.Comes from theFrench word carriere,means, a road or a racecourse, which in turncomes from a Latin wordcararia which refers totrack for wheeledvehicles.WhatdoIneedtoknow? 4. History of careerplanningYEAR HIGHLIGHTS1950s to 1960sIn the Philippines,parents hope theirchildren to becomeprofessionalsregardless of thesocio- economicstatus, parentswanted their childrento earn a degree.1970sThe National CollegeEntrance Examination(NCEE) wasintroduced in order todistinguished thosewho were eligible totake a degree coursefrom does who shouldtake a vocational-technical 5. 1990sEducation, nursingand secretarialcourses wereassociated withwoman. When menenrolled in thesecourses during thisperiod, their sexualorientation was a bitin question. 6. Significant definitionsin the career fieldCareer- Time devoted forworking for out of apurposeful life patternthrough the workundertaken by anindividual.Work- The activity thatproduces something ofvalue for oneself or others.Vocation- The work that anindividual does because ofa calling. 7. Profession- A career thatrequires specializedtraining and academicpreparation.Occupation- A group ofsimilar positions found indifferent industries ororganizations.Position- A group of tasksperformed by an individualin an organizationJob- A paid position held byone or more individualsrequiring some relatedattributes in a specific 8. CareerOccupation 9. What is CareerPlanning?Can be defined aschoosing lifesimportant paths.It is a lifelong processwhich includeschoosing;an occupationgetting a jobgrowing in our jobpossibly changingcareers andeventually; 10. Four (4) Steps in CareerPlanning process1. SelfGather informationabout yourself.2. OptionsExplore the occupationin which you areinterested.3. MatchIdentify possibleoccupations.4. ActionDevelop a steps youneed to take in order toreach your goals. 11. Significance of CareerPlanningcareerplanning 12. Remember to set yourgoals the SMART waySpecific (well- defined anddetailed)Measurable (can evaluateprogress)Attainable (within reach)Realistic (practical)Time- bound (within a time frame)Do not abandon a careergoal! 13. Why do Iwant toachieve thisgoal?Why is thisimportant tome? 14. TheCareerLadderof aTeacher 15. The Department ofEducation has initiatedthe implementation of aTeacher Education andDevelopment Program(TEDP) that seeks toconceptualize the careerpath of a teacher. 16. The Seven Domains ofthe NationalCompetency BasedTeacher Standards(NCBTS) 17. The Teacher Education& Development Map 18. Stages ofthe Careerladder orpath of aTeacher(Bilbao) 19. 1. Cadet- is a college student- a prospective teacher- or a student teacher- nearly about to completetherequired academicrequirements includingstudent teaching orpracticum for a teachereducation degree.2. Rookie- is a degree holder whopassed the LicensureExamination forTeachers(LET).- certified teacher fromtheProfessional Regulation 20. - a new teacher experiencinga fireof a lot of adjustments.from cadet to anindependentteacher.3. Young Professional- had at leasttwo tothree years of teachingexperience.Expected to be enrolled in agradu-ateprograms of education.- keeps connected with theother teachers.4. Full- pledge professional- amastersdegree holder. 21. 5. Mentor or Molder- must havetaughtat least five years in anyeducationallevel- has provided evidence ofsomebest practices in theteachingcareer.- offers professional advice toteachers with lesserexperience.6. Artist- a professional teacher whohasbeen in teaching professionforat least ten years. 22. Retirementfrom ActiveTeachingArtistaMentorYoungProfessionalRookieCadetFull- pledgeProfessional 23. Some tips in preparingresume Create a positive firstimpression. Describe what youhave learned. List youraccomplishments. Getting ready for yourjob interview. 24. Growing in TeachingSalandanan (2007),emphasized that trueteacher always search tolearn more in order tofurther develop theirabilities to teach.She cited various wayson how to growprofessionally andpersonally and eventuallylast in the teaching career. 25. PERSONALGROWTHPROFESSIONALGROWTH Emulate virtues,traits and qualitiesof modelteachers. Attend local andnationalassemblies. Readbiographies andautobiographiesof esteemededucators. Internalize theCode of Ethicsand moralstandardsmandated by theCode of Ethics for Update oneselfthrough enrollingin graduatecourses. Visit nationallearning centers. Travelscientific, historicand culturalplaces to gatherrich contentmaterials. Do extendedreading and surfthe internet. Undertakeindividual orgroup researches. 26. PERSONALGROWTHPROFESSIONALGROWTHfurtherdevelopment ofphysical features,social graces,poise andcomposure,bearing and thetotal personality. Imbibe culturalvalues.publications. Attend in-servicetrainings. Conductdialogues withmodel teachers. Exchange bestpractices throughinterschool visits. Write formalpapers andarticles forteacherpublications. Operatetechnologicalequipment in