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What are they?

How do they work?

Why choose this option?

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What are they?

Data projector


Wireless keyboard and mouse


Graphics Tablet

Tablet PC

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Essential Technologies

Laptop for the teacher: Empowers the teacher Familiarity engenders confidence and competence Drives ICT Common platform Current technology Portability

Data projector: Ceiling mounted

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Added technologies

Keyboard and Mouse:

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Keyboard and Mouse

ICT in Maths

Range within the classroom

Allows pupil to interact from his / her seat

Allows teacher to move from traditional teaching position

Allows children to type in answers

Presenter does not obscure the board

No problem with access due to height

Use in the infant classroom

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Added Technologies


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VisualiserUses: Teacher’s view To display books, artefacts Project images of 3D objects and magnify them Display exemplars of good work by pupils Demonstrate e.g. correct way to hold pen Immediate feedback Zoom, capture, replay and freeze facility Reduces photocopying Gives access to scarce resources Whole class can see what is being demonstrated Visualiser in the classroom

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Other technologiesGraphics Tablet Highlight work Write on the board and save images Video replay Wireless option

Digital Notebook Field work

Tablet PC’s Mobility

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Digital Content

Free content available on the internet

Resource Index

Interactive Teaching programs

Create your own resources

NCTE , Scoilnet, Imagebank etc.

Virtual Learning Environment

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Why choose this option?Cost effective

Financial constraints Incremental development

Sustainable A mixture of ICT environments Emerging technologies 3-5 year obsolescence cycle

Priorities Empower the teacher Develop an e-learning culture Share resources

Whiteboard May be used as normal whiteboard Templates may be projected on to it Robust

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AdvantagesTeaching Methodologies: Instant access Facilitate ease of interaction with the content Focus attention on one point Getting away from traditional methods Promote effective teaching Puts teacher in a facilitative rather than instructional role

ICT Culture Available to all teachers in the school Resource sharing Digital Environment Technology becomes seamless and invisible ICT becomes embedded in teaching and learning Peer learning CPD - school based

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Pedagogical Benefits Different learning styles Visual impact holds attention More engaged Instant response Child friendly medium Variety of teaching techniques New patterns of teaching practice – Power shift Especially useful for teaching difficult concepts Take existing practices and engage the children in a more exciting

way Developing effective classrooms Creates of new and innovative learning space Transforming teaching and learning

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Multi-modal Portal Video and Streaming Video


Interactive teaching programs

Interactive exercises

Peripherals such as microscopes etc.


Resource sharing

School planning


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Power Shift

Use of peripherals: Where teachers appropriately integrate peripherals (eg: ACTIVslates, Digiblues, microscopes, laptops etc) into their IWB lessons, an interesting shift in power can occur:

where the teacher orchestrates the lesson from the back of the room and manipulates the board (shift from T/P IWB)

where pupils are allowed to use Digiblues and microscopes and subsequently take some control over what’s displayed on the IWB (shift from T Ps/IWB)

where pupils work in pairs/groups with laptops linked to the IWB (shared control Ps/T/IWB)

Maureen Haldane , Senior Learning and Teaching FellowManchester Metropolitan University (2007)

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Knowing when not to use it as important as knowing when to use it

ICT no longer just means hardware but a solution that fits a need