IoT Quick Demo for Heroku & Salesforce

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IOT QUICK DEMO SALESFORCE YOU HAVE TO INSTALL HEROKU APPLICATION AT FIRST!!!!!! The following site has the latest information so please check this out at first.

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IoT Quick demo Salesforce

You have to install Heroku application at first!!!!!!The following site has the latest information so please check this out at first.http://itodemo-developer-edition.ap0.force.comAgendaInstallationTemperature demoSetupScenarioLocation demoSetupScenarioOptional FeaturesTwilio integrationAndroid deviceSystem OverviewHeroku AppSend value, lat, lon, and timestamp to heroku app every 3 secs PusherAdd-onForward values to SFDC

Streaming APIwebsocketSFDC1. Instaralltion you click this Heroku button, you must have your developer account on Salesforce for free. If not, go to to sign-in

Copy this url and paste it at your browser to install salesforce application.Ener your Salesforce userid and password3



13This is your own application url. Please make sure that it looks like

This is your application url you should copy2


213Enter your office location for now.Check to get value4

213Add two columns to User layout4

213Enter your own heroku application url

213Add FindSupportPerson VF to case layout


1Your Salesforce username and password2. Temperature demoSet up



This page is device detail page showing sensor value, location, and so on

21In case value from device is over this threshold, then the app automatically create a case and post content based on this setting values.

213Enter your any location near the place where you are for demoCheck to get value4

213Enter you email address which your mobile can receive.

4Web based device UI app is on iphone/androidscenarioStepsMap showing where you are for demo because device sends geo-location, temperature data to SFDC every 3secs Gauge showing current temperature at device. It has time difference because of device -> Heroku -> SFDC -> Gauge UI. You may change temperature value on device ( not exceed threshold value you set )Send signal to device by switching button via Web-socket. Show historical dataChange temperature value over threshold so that Chatter post and case are automatically created.Show the case and the Chatter post

This geo-location comes form web based device UI app gets value from iphone/andorid.

21You can see when the data got arrived from device. Streaming API is implemented here.You can change temp value here but not one over 40 degree which is threshold.21You can switch on / off at Salesforce UI and sends a signal to device via Websocket

It shows historical data but you need to refresh page if you show new data set.

All data from device are stored at SensorData custom objectThere is no case here.

213Change value so that it is over thresholdRefresh the pageYou can change subject of content. Please see demo setting section.