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Invite people to certain program/occasion The example of the programs: - meeting - seminar - exhibition - show, concert - birthday party - wedding party - farewell party



Formal Invitation - Using formal language - Made for formal occasion Informal Invitation - Using informal language - Made for informal occasion

Mr. and Mrs. Ridwan Lamusu And Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Simatupang Request the honor of your presence At the marriage of their children DINA and ADRIAN On Saturday, September fifteen 2011 At six oclock in the evening IBIS Ballroom Jl. Veteran 10, Malang, East Java * Map enclosed

Ssshhhh. Can you keep a secret? Please join us for a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY In honor of RISA ARAYA Saturday, August 8th Jl. Kemuning 34 Bandung Arrive by 5:00 p.m. * Park at least one block away to the right of the house


The host


The guestThe event


Details of date, time, and placeSpecial instruction/information




Use the hosts full name, the title goes on the second line Charles Rahmadi Director of Finance Expressions to invite people: - Requests the pleasure of your company at .............. - Request the honor of your presence at - Cordially invites you to - Invites you to join us (less formal) Explain the date, time and place in words - Friday, the twelfth of February - At half past six oclock



If the address use the number in long words, write in number - Jalan Veteran thirty-one - Jalan Veteran 1310 Special instruction is put at the bottom righthand corner - Black Tie - Dress: Smart and casual

RSVP Comes from French word. Repondez, sil vous plait Meaning: Please Reply The host wants to know if you can come to the occasion. Reply promptly, within a day or two after receiving the invitation.

RSVP and no-response card Make a hand-written response to the return address. Response card Fill in and reply at the indicated date and return in the enclosed envelope. RSVP with telephone number Telephone and speak to the person directly. RSVP with email Accept or decline electronically. Regrets only Reply only if you cannot attend.

Fill in the blanks with suitable words! Mr & Mrs. Setiawan would like you to ..............(1) to dinner ..............(2) their 25th wedding ..............(3) Date: Monday, 4 August 2011 Time: 8 p.m. 10 p.m. Place: Gallery Restaurant Jl. Diponegoro 45 Solo We are looking ..............(4) to meeting you. RSVP to Mr. Setiawan at (0271) 764325. * Dress ..............(5): Back to 70sForward come code annuversary celebrate

Arrange these jumbled words to make a good invitation latter! Please join us for our ------------Jalan Mawar 100----------Weve finally settled in -------------- Timika ------- on July 10th at 1:00 p.m. ------------ House-

Warming Party

Arrange these jumbled words to make a good invitation latter! At the Indie Golf Club ----- Semarang, Central Java ---- Jalan Bukit Golf ---- Dinner immediately following ---- for Cocktails and Hors doeuvres --- on Saturday, June 15th ---- at six oclock in the

evening ---- The honor of your presence isrequested ---- Rudi and Laura Handoyo

Arrange these jumbled words to make a good invitation latter! Class of 2007 ---- Graduation Party ---- Jalan Sam Ratulangi 3 ---- Dinner and Dancing will follow --- Senior Celebration ---- at 5:00 p.m. ---- on June 12, 2011 ---- Manado ---- You are cordially invited

to ---- at Sam Ratulangi High School

Write an invitation letter to a friend The program is your birthday party Set the date, time, and place Set special instruction, such as dress code Use decoration to make it nice and sweet