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  • to be a part of a successful and organic farming community for a day


    or a lifetime.

    Here is an

    Premium Organic Farms

  • Its the dream of any professional or an entreprenuer

    Be one with the nature and

    to take a Holiday and enjoy time with family

    get relieved of the stress

  • and think of becoming an

    by WeekendOrganic Farmer

    Continue to be a business leaderor a professional during the week days

  • luxury, fun and sheer pride

    without the

    pain & struggle of farming !

    Picture the

    of being an organic farmer

  • Imagine the Pride of getting fresh, organic, pesticide-free

    vegetables from your own farm

  • Dream of a sprawling green campus of 200 acres that is a treat to your heart and soul

  • Picture a smart farm housethat is just a drive away from your house

  • Farm Oce

    Retirement Home

    Corporate Guest House

    that is surrounded by organic farms and eco resort. This could be your

    Weekend Home

  • with beautiful and scenic viewof the farm.

  • Enjoy free stay at a green resort of International standards

  • y away from the cacaphony of the city and enjoy

    Natural Healing

  • Fancy a chance to enjoy

    Your Childood with Your Kids

  • pluck and share farm produce proudly Plan to

    with your friends and family

  • Stop Imagining, because you could have all

    So, the next time you think of a Holiday, Just remeber that it is only a drive away from your place

    these and more at Hyderabad.

  • Feel free to call us up and we will assist you in getting

    close to a Dream Destination

  • Call us now on 880 188 9344 to know more

    Premium Organic Farms