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  • 4pm Wednesday the 15th of October 2014

    Investor Invitation

    New Zealand Angel Investment Showcase

  • Launched by the ICE Angels in 2011,the NZ Angel Investment Showcase isan annual event featuringpresentations by 15 leading kiwistart-ups to New Zealands largestgathering of start-up investors.

    In 2013 the Showcase enabled 97investors to collectively invest $4minto 8 New Zealand start-ups,positioning it as one of the mosteffective events of its kind outside ofSilicon Valley.

    Since 2011, 41 start-ups havepresented to a collective audience ofmore than 1000.


    15 start-ups selected from >100 applicants.

    Showcase investors have injected more than $11m into

    kiwi start-ups.

    Showcase start-ups have gone on to raise more than $45m of

    follow on investment.

  • The Showcase provides a uniqueopportunity for start-up investors togain exposure to a wide variety ofNew Zealands leading start-ups.

    Showcase start-ups represent stagesfrom pre-seed to emerging growthand industries including mobile,medical devices, software, FMCG, andindustrial tech.

    Showcase investors are able to investalongside the ICE Angels, NewZealands most active andexperienced angel network, intovetted and well-shaped investmentopportunities.

    Opportunity Notable Investments

  • Paul Cameron Founder & CEO

    Booktrack offers a new content creation platform that turns reading into an immersive movie-like experience

    Booktrack secured a $1m strategic investor

    from the Showcase.

    Status- Funded by Facebooks Peter Thiel and Wetas Peter Jackson- >1m users in 198 countries- Launched Booktrack Classroom

  • Derek Handley Founder & Chairman

    Snakk Media enables content creators and advertisers to reach a mobile audience.

    Showcase investment seeded the runway for

    a successful listing.

    Status- Raised $6.5m upon listing on NZX- Delivered returns to Showcase investors in excess of 4x

  • 1Above is a flight drink that puts users bodies in the best position to fly well, fight jetlag, and arrive ready to go.

    1Above landed a world-class Chairman on the back of the Showcase.

    Status- Distribution across Australia/NZ- Launched effervescent tablet- Successful VC round led by Movac

  • Mesynthes is revolutionizing healthcare with regenerative healing technology for wound and tissue repair.

    The Showcase brought Mesynthes into New

    Zealands start-up limelight.

    Status- Raised in excess of $10m- FDA 510K clearance awarded- Partnerships with international life-science companies

    Dr. Brian Ward - CEO

  • STQRY is a mobile story-telling platform that helps visitors explore further, engage deeper, and discover more.

    The Showcase positioned Stqry to launch in the US

    and Europe.

    Status- Official App of AMM, the worlds largest museum conference - Platform delivered to marquee museums including the Getty - Launched indoor mapping platform

    Founders Ezel Kokcu & Chris Smith

  • 2014 is poised to be New Zealands largest

    investment event to date

    The launch event of the NZ Angel Associations Annual Summit

    250+ Investors

    15 startups selected from 100+ applicants

    $1m Showcase Fund investing into Showcase companies

    Register Interest to Attend

    Contact: Robbie - 027 265 2977