Introduction to Entrepreneurship , Entrepreneurship in Action, KTH

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WELCOME 2603 ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2014 Serdar Temiz KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm @serdar_temiz

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Introduction to the Course, and What is Entrepreneurship, Why Entrepreneurship is Important, Why this course is important, Expectations, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Transcript of Introduction to Entrepreneurship , Entrepreneurship in Action, KTH

  • 1. WELCOME2603 ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2014Serdar TemizKTH, Royal Institute of Technology, @serdar_temiz

2. Serdar Temiz (Course Director, Lecturer) serdar_temizPhD Candidate @KTH Indek & @European Institute of Innovation andEntrepreneurship,Previously Software Developer/Business DeveloperKent Thorn (Lecturer), PhD from IndekKTH Professional Education, Previously eBay, Bearing PointAziza Alghafri (Course Assistant), PhD Candidate @KTH IndekMax Mohammadi (Course Assistant)Terrence Brown (Examiner) 3. Course LecturesGradingExamination 4. We will haveAssignmentsLiterature/ReadingsOffline/OnlineActivitiesFinal ExamGuestsLectures 5. Online & OutsideClass Activity(20%)WrittenAssignments(30%)Individualcontribution(10%)Final Exam(40%) 6. Online & Offline Activities Join: KTH Entrepreneurship 2603 2014 LinkedinGroup. Start Blog at Twitter: #ME2603 #entrepreneurship #[email protected]_temiz Collect 5x Feedback for your Idea (individual): Join at least 2x Startup Events: Assignment (individual): Help a Startup (individual) Lesson Learned (individual)Why do I need to be active online? 7. Final Exam The exam includes multiple-choice and open-endedquestions (short answer) No notes or computers, phones, or devices ofany kind are allowed All handbags, backpacks, books, and devicesmust be closed and put away Notice: Final Exercise Date! 8. Individual Contributon Do do you contribute to class learning? Do you help your friends both online andoffline? Do you come prepeared? 9. You need to form a team Diversity is the key! You can steal another team member! You can leave a team any time you want! You can NOT be without a team! Team members will decide which idea tocontinue! 10. Guests Sussan Sjdin TODAY! Gregg Vanourek- Author, Lecturer Karin Nilsdotter-SpaceportswedenCatrhrine Cathrine sklint Faruk ATES- Presentate 11. Lets make list ofwords that arerelated toentrepreneurship 12. Can anyone be entrepreneur?YESNO 13. Entrepreneurs are OptimisticYESNO 14. Example Pessimistic OptimisticZamzamVotkaSodaOrange JuiceEntepreneur 15. Which One is an Entrepreneur?Google Founder Pizza Shop OwnerWHY? 16. Differenceinnovation-driven enterprisesVSsmall medium enterprises 17. * Aulet & Murray, A Tale of TwoEntrepreneurs: Understanding Differences inthe Types of Entrepreneurship in theEconomy, Kauffman Foundation, May 2013* Aulet & Murray, A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs: Understanding Differences in the Types ofEntrepreneurship in the Economy, Kauffman Foundation, May 2013 18. What is Entepreneurship?(one of many definitions)The process of coordinating resources toexploit or take advantage of opportunitiesthat exists in the market or are created byinnovation in an attempt to create value.(Brown, 1994)Serdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 19. Entrepreneurship is about Creating value Finding Opportunity window In current or new markets Providing solution Innovation Market/Customer fitSerdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 20. What Entepreneur Do? Feels / Finds a Pain/ Opportunity window Creates a SolutionCan you tell me something that you own or usebut do not need?Serdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 21. What Entepreneurs do- in detail1-Feels / Finds a Pain/ Opportunity window2-Propose a Hypothesis/ a Value An unproven proposition A possible solution to a problem Guess3-Test it4-iterate to 1 until it proves to meet customerexpectation5-Provide Solution and scale itSerdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 22. Where Entepreneur Jumps in?product /serviceneed/expectation 23. WHY ENTREPRENEURSHIP? 24. Turnover Rate in Fortune 500 Dane Stangler and Sam ArbesmanWHAT DOES FORTUNE 500 TURNOVER MEANSerdar Temiz [email protected] 2013 25. FORTUNE 500 Two thirds of the original 1955 list was gonewithin three decades William Shanklin* The rate at which large American companies leftthe Fortune 500 increased four times between1970 and 1990 a change of almost 50% from the1999 Fortune 500 to the 2009 Fortune 500John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge,* *(cited in Dane Stangler and Sam Arbesman WHAT DOES FORTUNE 500TURNOVER MEAN)Serdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 26. Serdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 27. Serdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 28. EUBAROMETER -Flash Eurobarometer Serdar Temiz [email protected] r2o01p4ean Commission 29. WHY THIS COURSE?Serdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 30. Flash Eurobarometer 354 , SOerEdaDr CTe mCioz [email protected] 2 2010412 31. Percentage of Non Employeers andmicro firmsSerdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 32. I can not be an entrepreneurBECAUSE...Serdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 33. I am too Young!Zach Mark, The 12-year-old, got kicked offFacebook -- twice -- for violating the agerestrictionSerdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 34. Serdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 35. I am too Old !Linkedins Founder was 36 years oldAvarage Age of entepreneurship is: 40!** 36. and in Sweden?EUBAROMETER -Flash Eurobarometer European CommissionSerdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 37. I am not drop out...EUBAROMETER -Flash Eurobarometer European Commission 38. I have no experienceNever worked at a companybeforeJust knew some PHP andMySQLBut founded Facebook!Serdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 39. Entrepreneurdoes not find anyexcuse!Serdar Temiz [email protected] 2014 40. Entrepreneurs Dare to.. Temiz [email protected] 2014 41. THANK YOU!Serdar @serdar_temiz