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RDO Entrepreneurship in Action


Who We Are?

District 3Our district was established in 1973 Created by law in 1978. State Act 472

Software Division Enterprise FundMyGovernmentOnline Modules Consists of:Integrated GPS SystemPermit SoftwarePlanning and ZoningCode EnforcementGIS IntegrationsAnd much more

Feature Examples24 Hour Customer PortalMobile Field InspectionsDigital Plan ReviewAutomatic Phone AlertsCitizen Solution Center & Complaint ResolutionCustomized ReportsUnlimited Support

Software Division Enterprise FundApproaching 2 million in annual revenue.Partnerships in 5 states.Hundreds of Jurisdictions Departments implemented.

How did this come to be?

Hurricane Katrina (August 29th 2005)In Response State Uniform Construction Code (ACT 12) passed Nov 29th 2005.Jurisdictions had to make a choice of one of three methods to provide enforcement of the emergency code provisions of Act 12:Continue or establish a method of plan review and inspections (Local governments may contract with any other local government), orContract with third-party providers, registered with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety to provide review and inspection services, orContract with the State Fire Marshal to provide review and inspection services.If currently enforcing building codes must enforce the emergency wind and flood provisions by December 29, 2005.If a local government is not currently enforcing building codes, the jurisdiction is required to enforce the emergency wind and flood provisions by February 27, 2006.

District 3 Regionalized

SCPDC was asked to help member jurisdictions meet this unfunded mandate.Provided building officials, plan reviewers and inspectors services to member jurisdictions.SCPDC embraced the opportunity to meet the needs of the jurisdictions that were being vocalized.Created need to facilitate permitting practices across multiple jurisdictions.

Why Build Software?

First, we identified actual needs of jurisdictions.Second we sought a solution in the private sector and identified MANY possible solutions.When we matched up what our true needs were compared to the actual abilities of the software programs available it became clear we were a text book care of a custom software development project.Involved leaders, CEO and commission board in the decision to commit to building vs buying.MyPermitNow and later MyGovernmentOnline were born.


Had a small amount of initial grant moneyCreated Jurisdiction Partnership program that for no upfront money a jurisdiction could receive the software as a service and receive all support and new features for free. Paid monthly fee based on the size of estimated permit volume for the year.Evangelized Software Vision.

Lessons Learned

Identify Jurisdictions actual needs and felt needs. Ex: interface clutter over work order system.Felt needs are often the door to meeting their actual needs.

Lessons Learned

Just because a solution appears to be available carefully consider if it truly meets the real needs.Identify how you can add valuePrice the value you provide. Bringing in more revenue allows to re-invest in yourself which in turn allows you to provide more value.Hire people who bring Intelligence, Integrity and Energy to the job.