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Fall / Winter fashion 2012-2013 learn what the essentials are these season and create new looks utilizing your clothes.!

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2. FALL / WINTER 2012 - 2013,WOMENS CONTEMPORARY COLORTRENDS Black Gold Grey Chocolate Brown Olive Green Pole Orange Dramatic Deep Blue Turquoise Deep Plum Peal Rose pink Metallic Accents 3. POLE ORANGE, CHOCOLATEBROWN, PAIL PINK ROSE, GREY 4. DEEP PLUM, METALLIC 5. OLIVE GREEN, PEAL ROSE PINK 6. DRAMATIC DEEP BLUE,TURQUOISE 7. F/W 2012-2013 FASHION ESSENTIALS #1 Leather Jacket- Leather is huge this season. Make anappearance as detailing either as pockets, collars, lapels,sleeves and accessories. Leather gloves are a must. 8. F/W 2012-2013 FASHION ESSENTIALS #2 Knee-Length Pencil Skirt The sophisticated 1940 -50sSilhouette makes reappearance this year with waistaccentuated using skinny and wide statement belts. Peplumsare a must. 9. F/W 2012-2013 FASHION ESSENTIALS #3 Military Garments with epaulettes and statement brassbuttons are also huge this season. 10. F/W 2012-2013 FASHION ESSENTIALS #4 Animal Prints Leopard print, zebra and snakeskin prints area hot trend to look out for this season. 11. F/W 2012-2013 FASHION ESSENTIALS #5 Metallic Accents This trend is huge this season a pair ofmetallic trousers are a must. 12. F/W 2012-2013 FASHION ESSENTIALS #6 Flower Power Floral trend is morphing from S/S into the fallwith over size prints, darker hues rich fabrics and embroidery. 13. F/W 2012-2013 FASHION ESSENTIALS #7 Under the Weather This season make sure to be prepare forthose unexpected rainy days with style. 14. F/W 2012-2013 FASHION ESSENTIALS #8 Equestrian Fashion This trend is been around for a whilenow, riding boots and plaid jackets with elbow patches arestill going strong this season. 15. F/W 2012-2013FASHION ESSENTIALS #9Shoes 16. F/W 2012-2013FASHION ESSENTIALS #10 Accessories 17. RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CLOSET #1 For a trendy touch fold yourjeans inside out once. Add a black blazer if heweather permits it! 18. RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CLOSET #2 Add a long necklace with orwithout the scarf Feel free to wear your choiceof shoes. Remember to fold arm sleevesfor a trendy touch! You can add a pair of blackleggings if wanted! 19. RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CLOSET #3 Accessorize this look with gold pieces Feel free to choose between the blackor tan booties depending on your moodof choice. 20. RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CLOSET #4 Keep this look very chic andcasual by adding a scarf. Black, silver or gold accessorieslook great! 21. RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CLOSET #5 Add silver jewelry to this look. Fold the bottom of your pants inside out for a little touch of trend 22. RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CLOSET #6 Feel free to add a scarf to your look. If need it add a black or tan tank top under. A gold long necklace looks perfect with this outfit 23. RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CLOSET #7 If the weather permits it scarfare always a great accessory Add silver accessories to thislook. Keep it simple! 24. RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CLOSET #8 Fold the sleeves on the jacket and letthe shirt sleeves show under. Add gold accessories but keep itsimple, a pair of earrings will due it. Keep it casual with a pair of boots orbooties. 25. RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CLOSET #9 Wear it with or without the scarf. Add silver accessories, a long necklace works perfect. Remember to fold the sleeves on the from the blazer. 26. RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CLOSET #10 Add long necklace gold or silverlooks great. Keep it simple with some earringstuds. 27. INTOUCH CHICTRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN Great working with you, See you Soon!!! For the maintenance program contact me:(954)552-8607 Intouchchic@gmail.comFor Tips and new trends: Follow me on twitter @ InTouchchic Like on facebook