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  • 1. HIP HOP MUSIC 101BLOG Done by: Tristan Grant Dec. 12th, 2011 MKTG 404 1M

2. The Importance of Internet Marketing Keeping up with the trends New way of doing business If you fail to adapt you will fail Measurable It adds to companies Helps connect with consumers 3. Everyone isonline Even whenaway fromthe pc 24/7 Access 4. An interest of mine Huge following Always trending news Relevant & Exciting Keep peers updated Provide free music 5. Name: Steve BrownAge: 21 (18-35)Job: Works at the local Food Basics Makes min. wageEducation: 2nd year of Fitness & Lifestyle mgt. @ HumberInterests/Hobbies: Soccer and Basketball Surfing the net Clubbing 6. Drake featured in GQ magazine Justin Bieber covers Jay-Z & Kanyes Otis J.Cole gets a verse on Beyoncs new singleParty (remix) Lil Wayne retiring at age 35? T.I another chance RED Album J.Cole Top labels in the industry Album of the year 2011 7. Facebook!/pages/HipHopmusic101blog/203072679766643 Twitter!/Hiphopmusic101b YouTube 8. BEFORE Website grader AFTER Facebook grader Twitter grader Blog grader 364,374 Hub spot rank 375,658 2,832 Ice rocket rank 9. BlogKey LearningsWhere is everyone? Facebook 25 If you build it they The site islikes will come..? Consistency is key up Twitter 239followers Twitter is easier thanyou think YouTube slow All about promotionprogressionActions Use twitter to enhance all other mediums Upload what people want to see Have a schedule Spread the word 10. Found success with Twitter Slow start Snowball effect after getting the hang of things Hash tags, knowing whats trending Follow back 200 followers in 1 month 11. BlogWebsite More Notconsistency needed More media Startcarrying Promotionapparel Opinions Possibledistraction 12. Think like mytarget market Dont be narrow Read othersuccessful blogs Analyze Googleanalytics & icerocket Add labels to allpost 13. Use keywords Think like thetarget market Not too wordy Avg. cost perclick is $0.20 14. Placement ofads Google Yahoo Bing MSN Facebook YouTube Twitter Wikipedia Amazon EBay 15. MY APP 16. Does not apply at the moment I will drive traffic on my own Money is a big issue It is not profitable 17. I have the tools for success Put them to work Consistency & hard workwill pay off