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scrumlink is Internet Marketing Companies USA promoting business, brands, product, and website on online platform and generates leads, traffic and sales using SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM, email marketing, SEM, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing techniques and so on for low prices with latest techniques. Our clients are located across globe in all continents. We have long experience and dedicated team for this services. We solve any problems quickly in short time. We also offer Mobile Application Development Services, Internet Marketing services, Data Ware House, Business Intelligence and many more services. Call us: 818-627-2786, 408-498-1365

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Dedicated and affordable internet marketing companies

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Internet marketing is crucial part for those kinds of business no matter whether its a small or big

business. To run successful live or physical business, internet marketing is an excellent way to promote business online through affordable

online marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization SEO begins in the design and planning phase - focus on content, usability and link structure. The more complex your website is the more time you should spend planning your site. Your web design architecture should match your goals, objectives and offerings.

•Organize your information into cohesive structures

•Design your navigation to support your site structure

•Reinforce your page topics

•Conveys relevance to the search engines

With this SEO proposal, your website’s pages will attract visitors who are searching on specific keywords and keyword phrases. This is what targeted traffic means – getting people to view your website that want to see the content.

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When you create a business, you have to tell people about it. You don’t just open shop and hope people find out about you. A website is the same thing. You need exposure, and since there are millions of people online, you especially need targeted exposure. Help our clients increase their web traffic and sales which will help them grow their business.

Over the years we have developed a proven Search Engine Optimization Methodology that gives us edge in terms of achieving good results. Our SEO Processes follows the Google SEO guidelines resulting in higher search engine ranking and growth in online visitors.

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SEO Techniques

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Before • Become only a SHOWPIECE • Only an invited visitor can enjoy the services of the website • NO RE-SALE value • Services and product CANNOT be sold to an unknown visitor • NEGLIGIBLE visitor participation & presence

After • Become a REVENUE generation model • An unknown visitor can also benefit with the website. • HIGH RESALE Value • Services and product can also be sold to an unknown visitor to maximize PROFITS. • UNLIMITED visitors participation & presence


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