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Influencing the Influencers. Joanne Jacobs Technology Strategist and Interaction Designer. Presentation for Alphaversion, 28 July 2011. Scope of the presentation. Social media and influencers What makes an influencer? Why focus on influencers? How should you engage influencers? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Influencing the Influencers

  • Influencing the InfluencersJoanne JacobsTechnology Strategist and Interaction Designer

    Presentation for Alphaversion, 28 July 2011

  • Scope of the presentationSocial media and influencersWhat makes an influencer?Why focus on influencers?How should you engage influencers?How do you find influencers?How do you measure value of influencer engagement? Q&A

  • Social media and influencersFocus on influencers 2010-2011

    Based on need for performance measurement

    Premise that influencers = audience numbers

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  • Some perspectives 1SOURCE: Mashable guest post, April 2010: HOW TO: Target Social Media Influencers to Boost Traffic and SalesIf your data does indeed show that your influentials are more motivated by fame rather than fortune, then its time to recognize and reward them with incentives that are aligned with this motivation. Image source:

  • Some perspectives 2SOURCE: Molly Flatt on Influencers last week: Rethinking the Influencer

    Stop thinking about influencers. Start thinking aboutpeople.

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  • State of the InfluencerInfluencers getting sick of targeting

    Influence of some influencers waning

    Changes in the social media landscape = changes in influencers

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  • What makes an influencer?Authority/ExpertiseHonestyReliabilityCurrency/TimelinessWillingness to engagePassionHard work

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  • What makes an influencer? (2) Influencers are NOT mouthpieces for brands.

    And they (mostly) dont want to be seen as such. Image source:

  • Why focus on influencers?Corporate brand voices not seen as reliable

    Influencers provide useful feedbackImage source: Alterian Report: Your Brand, At Risk, 2010.

  • Why focus on influencers? (2)Need to improve client understanding

    Need to show evidence of communication benefits to clients

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  • How should you engage influencers?Respond to their work

    Acknowledge their expertise

    Ask questions

    Arrange to meet

    Turn up

    Dont annoy them

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  • How do you find influencers?Research



    in that order.

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  • ResearchBlog search, social network searches and news search on subjects of interest influencers frequently interviewed or comment on subject areas. Image source:

  • Research example: NFC

  • AskUsing social networks, put out a call for advice on who knows about subject area, or who is a useful speaker on a subject matter. Image source:

  • Tools: demonstrationAddict-o-maticTribe MonitorTraackrFacebook Grader / Tweet GraderResearch.lyDaylifeTweetlevelSocialSeekPulse of the TweetersKloutPeer Index and of course Lithium & Radian 6Image source:

  • Measuring value of influencer engagementBEFORE YOU START MEASURING:

    Measurement MUST align with objectives for engagement

    Value is not based on easily quantifiable evidenceImage source:

  • Measuring value of influencer engagement (2)Measure cost of customer acquisition following influencer engagement

    Measure staff time spent in customer service activities following influencer engagement

    Measure product design/development/logistics changes in the firmImage source:

  • Questions?Joanne JacobsTech Strategy | Interaction DesignEmail: joanne@joannejacobs.netBlog: @joannejacobsSkype: bgsbjjSkype-in: (+44) 0208 144 9348Mob: (+44) 07948 318 298