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Transcript of Inclinometer With digital Sensor - Pizzi Instruments · Inclinometer With digital Sensor...

  • www.pizzi-instruments.itInstruments and Systems for Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring


    InclinometerWith digitalSensor

  • LEA_EN_INC1001001

    InclinometerWith digitalSensor

    Instruments and Systems for Geotechnical and Structural

    Applications _This inclinometer system is used in particular for monitoring earth movements surrounding drilling or excavation areas (construction of underground galleries and large earthworks)Also used in:


    Road or rail embankments






    The inclinometer system is used to monitor the movement of large land masses.The system consists of an inclinometer probe equipped with servo accelerometer sensors with MEMS technology, a metered cable of appropriate length with special cable reel, a readout unit and data storage.

    Other accessories:Inclinometer grooved tubes of different diameters and materials, dummy probe, suspension probe and self-centering cable pulley.

    Description _

  • Inclinometer with digital sensor > LEA_EN_INC1001001

    Instruments and Systems for Geotechnical and Structural

    Features and benefits _The inclinometer system with MEMS technology accelerometer sensor provides:

    Good resolution and accuracy

    Excellent repeatability

    Strength and reliability

    Long system life

    Ease of use

    Immediate response

    Cable Signal/power, graduated every 50cm

    Further healthy characteristics due to:

    Fixed aluminum fasteners on the measuring cable in a stable manner for better and more correct and easier positioning of the probe in the borehole.

    Presence of an inertial biaxial servo inclinometer with accuracy of 2 mm per 25 m, protected by cylindrical stainless steel casing.

    Systems available for applications in vertical and horizontal columns (or inclined)

    Measurement principle _Present on the market for a long time, the MEMS inclinometer system we offer enable very precise measurements of the ground, acquired in boreholes, which allow the monitoring of micro-displacements of the ground and of structures.This technology is ideal for use in the monitoring of landslides, stability of dams, embankments, excavations, retaining structures and buildings.The digital MEMS inclinometer utilizes wireless monitoring technology which represents an evolution of classical inclinometer systems. This system allows, in particular, the acquisition of high precision measurements in reduced time, with graphic real-time rendering.

    The use of an extremely thin and light connection cable to the probe, its weight, bulk and Kevlar reinforcement wire ensure durability and practicality.Connection of the probe to the handheld unit, operating in WINDOWS environment through bluetooth wireless connection, allows the acquisition of readings in the two axes (A and B) in order to obtain estimates of the movements in real time.Specific analysis and processing software allows rapid and effective management of measurements. Data are analyzed quickly on site.

    Technical assitance

    If you have any requests or questions about our instruments or if you have special needs that require different solutions from the standard, please contact us. Our team will provide all the necessary information and will be very happy to work with you to study, develop and customize instruments and solutions suitable for your specific needs.

  • Inclinometer with digital sensor > LEA_EN_INC1001001 Instruments and Systems for Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring

    Technical specifications


    Wheel base 500 mm

    Diameter of the probe 25,4 mm

    Length of the probe 710 mm

    Weight of the probe 1,2 kg

    Made of probe Stainless steel

    Range 30

    Resolution 0,005 mm @ 500 mm

    Memory >1.000.000 measures

    Repeatability 0,002

    System accuracy 2 mm @ 25 m

    Working temperature -40C +70C

    Type of the sensor MEMS Accelerometer, biaxial type


    Diameter 6,40 mm

    Weight 2,3 Kg / 50 m

    Resistance 5,5 KN

    Armor Kevlar

    Coating Polyurethane

    Flexibility(suspended in 50 meters of dry downhole)

    7,0 mm

    Cable reel


    Up to 75 m 310 mm

    From 100 to 200 m 380 mm

    > 225 m 460 mm

    Weight of the reel with 50 meters of cable 4,7 Kg

  • LEA_EN_INC1001001

    InclinometerWith digitalSensor

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