I universal counter-timer - EvonetI 500~ universal counter-timer I u I • Measures 0.1Hz to 10MHz...

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Transcript of I universal counter-timer - EvonetI 500~ universal counter-timer I u I • Measures 0.1Hz to 10MHz...

  • I 500~ universal counter-timerI u


    • Measures 0.1Hz to 10 MHz

    • Versatile and easy to use

    • Measures frequency, period,interval and counted events

    • Full signal conditioning on both inputs

    • Variable to 7.5 s delay between measurement cycles

    The Model 5001 Universal Counter Timer is designedfor the electronic measurement and display offrequency, period, interval and counted events. Thetwo input channels have full signal conditioning,including attenuators, slope selection and variabletrigger level. Measurement capabilities of the 5001make it the ideal instrument for a broad list of applica-tions in industry, laboratories, education, processcontrol and production.Frequency. Measures to 10 MHz in four ranges. Select-able gate times of .01 , 0.1, 1.0 or 10 seconds. Displayindicates frequency at A input in kilohertz.Period. Measures period of signal at A input, 400 nsto 10 s. Measures single cycle or averages over10,100 or 1000 cycles. Display indicates time in micro-seconds.Frequency Ratio. Counts number of cycles occur-ring at A input (to 10 MHz) during 1 cycle at B input(2 MHz), or averages the ratio over 10,100 or 1000cycles at B. Useful for scaling measurements. Displayindicates ratio FA/FB.Time Interval. Measures time between selected signaledge occurring at A input (starts measurement) andselected edge occurring at B input (ends measure-ment), up to 10 s. May average over 1, 10,100 or 1000 intervals.Event Count. Counts up to 99,999,999 events at up to10 MHz. "Run" push button enables counter, withrunning count continuously displayed; when "Hold"button is pushed, displayed count is frozen while count-ing continues. Returns to continuous display ofaccumulated count with "Run". Reset zeros count.Delay. Variable control causes 75 ms to 7.5 sdelay between measurement cycles to facilitateviewing, recording of displayed readings. Detentposition freezes display indefinitely following nextmeasurement cycle.Full signal conditioning on both inputs. Both inputsincorporate x1 , x10, x100 selectable attenuator, + I -slope selector, variable trigger level control. Both are1MD @ 25pF, DC coupled.Bright B-digit display. 0.43-inch LED displays, drivenfor high visibility. Decimal point position gives frequencymeasurements in kHz, time measurements in micro-seconds. Discrete LED indicators show overflow (countexceeds 99,999,999) and gate-open conditions.

    SpecificationsINPUTS2 inputs. A and B, DC coupled, BNC connectorImpedance 1MU @ 25pFResponse 10 MHz at A, 2 MHz at B maximum, maximumSensitivity 20 mVRMsMaximum Input Voltages21 0 V pkx1, x10, x100, < 200 kHz; 40 V pkx1,200 kHz - 1 MHz, 105 V pk,x10, x100, 200 kHz - 1 MHz; 17 Vpkx 1, x 10, x1001 MHz - 10 MHzControls x1 , x 10, x 100, Attenuators, Slope Select, variable Trigger LevelREFERENCETlmebase 10 MHz crystal oscillator, ± 4 ppm from 5-35°CACCURACY± 1 count, ± time base error

    MODESFrequency 10 MHz maximum, 4 ranges with gate times of .01; 0.1; 1.0;10 s display in kHz, A input only. Hesolution: 100 Hz, 10Hz, 1 Hz, 0.1HzPeriod 400 ns to 10 s, 4 ranges with 1, 10; 100; 1000 cycle average,display in microseconds, A input only. Resolution: 100ns, 10ns, 1ns,0.1nsFrequency Ratio 10 MHz maximum at A. 2 MHz maximum at B, 4ranges, counts cycles at A during 1, 10, 100, 1000 cycles at BTime Interval up to 10 s. 4 ranges, measurement starts with signal atA. ends on 1st, 10th, 100th, 1OOOthsignal at B. Resolution: 100ns, IOns,lns,O.lnsUnit Count maximum count 108, maximum frequency 10 MHz, A inputonly, 1 range, Run button starts and displays running count or returnsdisplay to running count, Hold button freezes display while running countcontinues, Reset button zeros countCONTROLSPower, 5 Mode selector switches, 4 Range selector switches, Run, Ho/d,Reset, Display Delay, plus Trigger Level, Slope Select and Attenuator forboth A and B input channels-DISPLAY8-digit 7-segment 0.43-inch LED display, decimal point indicates time inmicroseconds, frequency in kHz; discrete LEDs indicate Overflow(counter overflow) and Gate (gate open); Delay feature varies periodbetween measurement cycles from 75 ms to 7.5 s with De/ay control,detent position holds next measurement reading indefinitely

    POWER105-135 VAC, 57-63 Hz, 10 VA maximum (215-250 VAC, 50-60 Hzversion available)DIMENSIONS WEIGHT3x 10x 7 inches H xWx 0 (76 x254 x 178mm) 3.0 Ibs (1.4 kg)

    OPTEMP0-40°C, calibrated at 25°C ± 5%INCLUDESInstruction manual

    STOCK NO05-5001

    OPTIONAL TIMEBASE UNIT 10 MHz crystal oven oscillator, ± 0.5 ppmfrom 0-50°C ambient, oven temp 55°C Aging ±4 ppm/year.STOCK NO05-5501

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