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Snapshot Presentation for:. HYROLLERS HYBRID FSAE DRIVETRAIN. Why H-FSAE?. NIATT seeks to be a leader in “Green Vehicle” technologies Hybrid Technologies can improve performance as well as efficiency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




1Why H-FSAE?NIATT seeks to be a leader in Green Vehicle technologiesHybrid Technologies can improve performance as well as efficiencyThe Hybrid FSAE competition will provide experience to young engineers in this emerging fieldThe Hybrid FSAE competition provides an engaging project for students to participate in

HFSAE competition gets us in the game and will be an engaging project for students.

2Competition highlights:Static EventsPointsPresentation100Engineering Design200Dynamic EventsAcceleration (Electric only)75Acceleration (Unrestricted)75Autocross150Efficiency and Endurance400Total points1000This is the point break-down and represents the research that we did on the competition itself.We discovered that the track, to date, has not been very aggressive, but that harder corners are being added so that be the time we compete, regenerative breaking will be necessary to be competitive.3

McGill University- Placed First, Series Hybrid SystemEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University- Parallel Hybrid System, electronically actuated CVTIllinois Institute of Technology- Parallel Hybrid (shaft coupled through electronic controlled clutch)Dartmouth College- Series Hybrid System, Fuzzy Logic throttle control system

Competition to date has had high-speed corners, which favors the milder series style hybrids.

Future tracks will be modified to compel teams to use Regen Braking and allow the fast response of electrical motors to have a bigger effect on the race.

We determined that a drivetrain that has a moderate top speed, with good mid-range acceleration will be best suited for this type of track layout.

4Hybrid System ConfigurationsHow Hybrids work

http://www.hybridcenter.org/hybrid-center-how-hybrid-cars-work-under-the-hood-2.htmlSeries HybridParallel HybridComplex HybridConclusion of findings5Conclusion of how to design a Hybrid FSAE car:

Single motor evaluationBehavior of dual input to power differential

Evaluation and selection of hybrid solution to implement

Evaluation of actual engine to be used

Previous U of I FSAE competition knowledgeDevelopment of electronic power-management systemIncluding component selection

Frame development and packaging team that accommodates new components

Suspension / Brakes / Final designCOMPETITION

After a semester of determining design parameters and investigating solutions, the following project path became clear. 6Miniature Hybrid Test Platform:

Our Solution: A design based on the Prius Synergy driveltrain as discussed by Jason Sagen, a UofI masters student, in his thesis.

The opportunity requires that we model...7Phase 1 : Completion of the DynamometerThe Water-brake dyno was reverse engineered by last years ME 301 class (of which three of our team members were in)

It was built in our machine shop by students under the direction (and with substantial personal investment) of Russ Porter

Our team had to install seals, check bearing speeds, specify a force transducer, determine how to monitor RPM, and develop the data acquisition strategy

Shorten Bullet points8Phase 2: Modifications to Planetary Differential

New spacers had to be machined to provide proper spacing within the differential to prevent binding.

A new needle bearing was added to the planet gear shaft to provide support

Replaced low speed rated bearings with high speed ones.9Phase 3: Single Motor TestingEvaluate the motor characteristics to determine if selected brushless DC motor is right for competition.Provide an intermediary step to completion:1. Allows parallel paths for data aquisition and full build2. Tests most major components so that problems can be identified early-on.

Load Cell Calibration

Complete Single Motor Test Setup

Solid Model of Single Motor Test SetupRIPThese motor controllers gave their life so that the H-FSAE team could know more. May they rest in peace.

But it rose again the next day11Phase 4: Dual Input PrepAllows future teams to develop a comprehensive control strategy for the racecar on a smaller model (less expensive mistakes)Demonstrates the interaction of two-power sources to the planetary drive. Will serve as a learning platform for future teams to get up to speed on the advantages of the planetary drive.Is a great demonstration piece for the U of I

Future WorkCompletion of the test platform so that more reliable data can be collected. This includes:Using faster data processing to be able to measure high motor speeds.Finalizing Data Acquisition and making the test stand more user-friendly.Development of a control system and simulation of road loadingEngine characteristics of the YZ 250FPUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER for competition!!!

13Questions / Comments? Team can be contacted by email at [email protected]

Team website is located at: http://seniordesign.engr.uidaho.edu/2008_2009/hyrollers/Index.html