How to Write Awesome Facebook Status Updates

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Facebook traffic potential is incredible. However, without Facebook status updates that stand out and draw in fans and readers, your efforts might be a doozy. Learn how to write awesome Facebook status updates, what kind, how long, and more. Be sure to like Traffic Generation Café on Facebook to see how to use Facebook status updates to drive traffic back to your site. See you there! Known image sources:

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  • 1. How to WriteFacebook StatusUpdates

2. Be short and to the point 3. 225 characters = sweet spot 4. (over 33% of Facebook users seeyour status update via a mobile device) 5. What can you say in 225 characters? 6. 1. Share your life 7. Even if its your business page, yourfans want to know your about YOU. 8. Personal updates receive247% more comments 9. 2. Advice 10. ...shared 522% more than statusupdates that arent advice related 11. Who doest love to be told what to do,right? 12. 3. Share content link to interestingarticles that you find on the web 13. (even Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg aresharing and playing nicely - end of cold war?) 14. 4. Quotes 15. I always have a quotation for everything - itsaves original thinking. - Dorothy L. Sayers 16. 5. Entertainment 17. Somebody... Tell a joke! 18. Your goal should be to create updatesthat get shares, likes, and comments. 19. But what about status updates thatcontain links? 20. Dont we want to bring facebook traffic back to our sites? 21. DEFINITELY - share away! 22. Status updates with links always getfewer likes, shares, and comments... 23. ...and thats good news! 24. That means that your fans are off toread your blog post 25. Rule of thumb: make sure that at least 2/3 ofyour updates dont contain links 26. Rotate them up with quotes, personal stories, pictures, and business tips 27. And there you have it - Facebookstatus updates on your speed dial 28. See Facebook statusupdates in actionLike Traffic Generation Caf on Facebook 29. Presented by Ana Hoffman *** Based on Neil Patels findings at ***To learn more about driving traffic throughsocial media, click on: