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With Facebook constantly evolving, Bayshore Solutions' eMarketer, Jonathan Casella, explains some of the most recent changes Facebook has implemented and how it can impact your company.

Transcript of Facebook Updates

  • 1. Facebook Updates What are Promoted Posts? Jonathan Casella Emarketing Team
  • 2. The Evolution of Facebook53% of Americans 65 orolder are using the internetOf those 53% -- 34% areusing social medianetworking websites, likeFacebook Statistics by Pew Internet & American Life Project (2012)
  • 3. And it keeps growing
  • 4. Timelines, News Feeds, Likes, Oh My
  • 5. Facebook Introduces Promoted Posts Promote your post by paying for your social reach Options: Promote to the users who have already liked your page; or target both your followers and their friends
  • 6. The Power of Infographics Call to Action A screenshot with arrows will help illustrate the desired action
  • 7. Happy Facebook Marketing!For assistance integrating social media into your online marketing strategy,contact the experts at:www.BayshoreSolutions.com