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Lots of people will tell you how to get what you really want. Not many people have a comprehensive framework to help you make it happen. Get what you REALLY want by sailing the 7CS. Sail7Cs is an integrated suit of principles and practices you can use to get what you really want.

Transcript of How to get what you REALLY want

  • 1. Why are you on the planet?Copyright Sail7Cs

2. Life is a daring adventure or nothing Helen KellerWhat is the gift in you that you bring to your life?Copyright Sail7Cs 3. Sail the 7Cs and Get What you REALLY Want! 4. What does it take to decide? How do we get off the dock and respond to our call for greatness what ever that might be for each of us?Copyright Sail7Cs 5. Copyright Sail7Cs 6. The 7Cs framework of UNcommon Sense The 7Cs are Values and Practices, a mastery framework:7. CompassionUniversal Developmental Appliedconcurrently 4. Capacity 1. Captaincy6. Curiosity5. Companionship 3. CourageCopyright Sail7Cs2. Course 7. Planning is essential a plan is useless Sun Tzu, The Art of WarThe Uncommon Sense of COURSE Copyright Sail7Cs 8. Course Tip # 1: Hold an Audacious VisionCopyright Sail7Cs 9. Course Tip #2: Ready FIRE Aim Common Sense:UNcommon Sense:Set Project GoalsPlan and ImplementVisionSet Sail, LearnCompleteCompleteCourse Tip # 3: Steer by your Values Copyright Sail7Cs 10. Course Tip # 3: Steer by your ValuesCopyright Sail7Cs 11. Course Tip # 4: Sail One Day at a time California3128 Nautical Miles 29 DaysNE Tradewinds DoldrumsIsle de MarquesasSE Tradewinds Copyright Sail7Cs 12. The Uncommon Sense of COURSE Common Sense: Scarcity Scarcity of opportunity Learn before you go Leave when ready Steer straight to goal no waste Big choices most importantSet Project GoalsPlan and ImplementCompleteUNcommon Sense: Abundance Hold an audacious vision Leave before you feel ready Vision Allow course to be a trajectory Steer by your values, purpose Learn and grow as you goCopyright Sail7CsSet Sail, LearnComplete 13. Course Tip #1: Hold an Audacious VisionCourse Tip #2: Ready FIRE Aim Course Tip #3: Steer by your Values Course Tip #4: Sail one day at a timeCopyright Sail7Cs 14. The Uncommon Sense of CAPTAINCYSeptember Slide 15 Cresswell Walker Copyright Sail7Cs 15. Copyright Sail7Cs 16. Captaincy Tip: Be a Response-Ability Warrior Actions Act with CourageChoices FFeelingsDECIDE Align with your CourseA Manage Emotional ReactionThoughts PerceptionsSTObserve yourselfAssumptions Conclusions Judgments` EnvironmentValuesLadder of Choice: How to become your own Captain Copyright Sail7Cs 17. The UNcommon Sense of Captaincy Common Sense: Do the right thing Do what you can Act Outside In Fulfill responsibilities, expectationsEffortResponsibleUNcommon Sense: Act with intention for success Stand beyond your capability Act Inside out Be respond-able with/for everythingAcceptAcknowledge AwareResponse Able Act! AppreciateTime Copyright Sail7Cs 18. The Uncommon Sense of CURIOSITYWhat we know we DONT knowWhat we know we knowWhat we DONT know we DONT knowCopyright Sail7Cs 19. The UNcommon Sense of COURAGEWhat is Courage?Copyright Sail7Cs 20. The UNcommon Sense of CourageWHERE YOU ARE NOWWHAT YOU VALUECourage is: Reaching through your fear for what you value.Copyright Sail7Cs 21. The UNcommon Sense of Courage Common Sense: Vicious cycle of Not get more fear what we Fear means weakness value Risk is bad, foolish, reckless, irresponsible Not develop Less Be afraid of fear, courage Courage, Weaker avoid risk, play safe = Get weaker, less success UNcommon Sense: virtuous cycle of more courage Fear is courage opportunity Develop Fear is normal, natural courage Need not be afraid of fear Take Risks, adventure = Get stronger, more success Copyright Sail7CsMore Courage, StrongerGet what we valueAvoid RiskEmbrace Risk 22. The UNcommon Sense of Courage Courage Value: Embrace risk, accept fear as normal, healthy, and essential in our work to grow as Project Managers. What? Courage is doing what we know needs to be done, even when we are afraid How? Courage is building our capacity and reputation for a leadershipCopyright Sail7CsEmbrace fear Practice right risk. Build courage by stretching our fear envelope a little every day in the choices we make as Project Managers 23. the Heros JourneyWhatCelebration Breakthrough Innocence The CallAlliesInitiationCopyright Sail7Cs 24. The 7Cs framework of UNcommon Sense The 7Cs are Values and Practices, a mastery framework:7. CompassionUniversal Developmental Appliedconcurrently 4. Capacity 1. Captaincy6. Curiosity5. Companionship 3. CourageCopyright Sail7Cs2. Course 25. Thank You!Making a Little Bit of Difference September 26. The Uncommon Sense of CAPTAINCY Captaincy Practice: exercising responseability for everything How? Pay attention to what has our Seeing responsibility as attention practice attention response and ability territoriality. Choosing in accord with Stance: I am in charge of what is important to our how I respond, always! project, and to our team and to us. Be.Do.Have - Dare to stand where we are going but are own it all Act from the not yet Be a response-ability inside out not outside in. warriorWhat?