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  • With this skincare survival guide, youll be well equipped to handle whatever the season throws your way. Skinits a beautiful thing. Wear it well this winter.

    Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields

    HOW TO defy dull skin. With dryness and weather, your skins natural shedding process is more visible. If dry, flaky skin is getting you down, try gentle exfoliation to clear the clutter and reveal a younger-looking complexion. Expert tip: Not all skin is created equally. Use a

    combination of macro- and micro-exfoliation tools, along with gentle exfoliating skincare products targeted for specific areas of skin, including lips, face and body, and leave the dullness to your kitchen knives. If, in addition to dullness, your skin has you seeing red, try a moisturizer with peptides to build up your skins barrier.

    HOW TO prevent raccoon eyes. Raccoon eyes can be the unfortunate consequence of ski goggles and high-altitude sun exposure. Seasoned skiers come prepared with a generous amount of broad spectrum sunscreen over all exposed skin. Dont forget to repeat throughout the day. Expert tip: To make reapplication easier, be like MacGyver and use a sunscreen stick on the face and neck, so you can keep your gloves onand the sun off.

    HOW TO lock in moisture.Taking long showers and soaking in hot tubs wont hydrate your skin. Instead, take quick, lukewarm

    showers and apply a heavy moisturizer to damp skin immediately afterwards. Maintain a skin-friendly environment indoors by using a humidifier to keep the humidity around 50%. If winter dryness still tries to make its mark, outwit your environment by applying a moisture replenishing cream in the cover of night.

    HOW TO beat winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D. Syndrome) is a form of depression that often occurs in the winter. It affects up to 20% of people and is four times more common in women. Because skin is a reflection of your inner health, when youre depressed, it often shows on your face. Beat the winter blues with non-UV blue light therapy for 30 minutes a day to replicate the suns mood boost.

    HOW TO toast to your health. Ski slopes and sleigh rides invite toasts with hot toddies and spiced cider, but dry-air-induced dehydration and sensitivity make drinking alcohol a risky choice. Outsmart facial redness by sipping only one glass of red wine before

    calling it a day. If you have imbibed, halt the telltale inflammatory cascade with a soothing lotion powered by peptides to calm inflammation and reduce redness.





    Noticing a few changes to your complexion this time of year? Youre not alone. Skin is hydrated primarily from the outside rather than the inside, which means climate plays an important role. Fight back against winter skin woes with a few simple changes to your routine; use this handy how-to survival guide to combat some of the seasons worst-case scenarios. Mother Nature has officially met her match.




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    With common assumptions often shared as fact, its no wonder we often get confused. Heres the skin-friendly truth behind some of the most common skin-fictions.

    Sun exposure is the best way to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

    Get vitamin D from fortified milk, orange juice, fatty fish or a weekly multivitamin containing 10,000 IU of vitamin D3.

    Sunlight does stimulate vitamin D production, but the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends getting it from non-sun sources to reduce risk of skin cancer.

    You need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep skin hydrated.

    Skin is hydrated from the outside in, not the inside out. You need only 91 ounces of fluids a day to get your fill and much of that comes from foods like fruits and vegetables. Use a moisturizer and a humidifier to prevent skin dehydration.

    You can stay hydrated with your daily food and drinks. By overhydrating, you could flush out critical vitamins and electrolytes.

    Tanning beds are safe because they filter out most of the UVB burning rays.

    Getting your glow from a bottle, tube or handheld spray is the safest way to simulate a tan.

    Sun lamps emit significantly greater quantities of aging UVA rays, contributing to premature skin aging and increasing the incidence of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers.