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You know we're the solution to your archiving needs. Now find out how our system works! From data upload to image manipulation, Hosted PACS Solutions provides the support you need so you can focus on your patients.

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2. GE Centricity PACS IW 3. Step 1 4. Step 2 5. Immediately Begin Sending StudiesEasy ConnectX-RayUSCTMRINMWireless, Cable, DSL, T-1, 3G 6. Call Back Studies for: 7. Now It s Easier To: 8. Manage Details and Manipulate Images 9. Leave Notes for Other Physicians 10. View Past and Current Studies Side By Side 11. Use Simple or Advanced Search to Locate Patient Files 12. X-RayUSEasy ConnectEasy ViewingCTWireless, Cable, DSL, T-1, 3GWindows PC or LaptopJust SendCDScanAnd ViewMRI PrintNM 13. We Are The Solution 14. Contact Us to Start Your Trial