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  • F O C U S O N A P P S


  • Companies are transforming the way they engage customers

    Apps are Transformative

  • Customers seek brands that deliver innovative experiences

    Apps are Transformative

  • Delivering innovation demands a workflow and platform with a focus on apps

    Apps are Transformative

  • Dynos Deploy and run

    virtually any language at scale

    Database Enterprise-grade

    Postgres, optimized for app developers

    Add-ons Extend apps with logging,

    payments and 150+ integrated services

    Heroku provides everything you need to build, deploy and focus on apps

  • Developer experience designed for innovation, focus, and flow

    Heroku DX

    $ heroku create

    Creating sushi... done, stack is cedar-14

    http://sushi.herokuapp.com/ | https://git.heroku.com/sushi.git

    Git remote heroku added

    $ git push heroku master

  • Database as a service optimized for developers and built to keep your data safe

    Heroku Postgres

  • Real-time visualization of app performance and errors

    Heroku Application Metrics

  • Seamless two-way sync between your customer-facing apps and Salesforce data

    Heroku Connect

    Employee AppsCustomer Apps

  • 800 apps, components and patterns

    ready to deploy

    Heroku Buttonbuttons.heroku.com

    One click to clone, config,

    scale, and deploy an app

    or template

  • Heroku is proven and trusted

    4+ Million Apps Created

    150+ Add-on Services

    6.5 Billion Requests per day

  • We chose Heroku because they enable our development team to focus on new innovations. The platform gives the ability to move quickly by

    pushing app improvements fast in a secure environment!

    Thiago Figueiro, VP Engineering & Production Operations, Westfield Labs

    Heroku is proven and trusted

  • heroku.com/customers/macys

    The flexibility and scalability of Heroku enabled Macys to test, learn, and move forward quickly with their

    ideas. Macys built an experience that makes shopping more convenient and

    fun for their customers.

  • Heroku gives us a powerful, flexible platform that enables us to test, learn and

    proceed aggressively with new mobile ideas that excite our customers, making

    shopping more convenient and fun. Shawn L. Morrissey, VP, Mobile Engineering,

    Macys.com & bloomingdales.com


  • heroku.com/customers/westfieldlabs

    Westfield Labs is a global digital lab for Westfield focused on innovating

    the retail ecosystem. Heroku enables Westfield to develop an idea, and

    scale to meet the demand of the 85 Westfield locations around the world.

  • With the help of Heroku, were able to provide our food retailers with a valuable technology platform that helps them stay

    competitive, improve and grow their existing business, delight existing customers, and attract new ones.

    Kevin McKenzie, Global Chief Digital Officer, Westfield Labs


  • heroku.com/customers/lutron

    Lutron turned to Heroku Partner, LogMeIn, and Heroku to make their

    connected home solutions more accessible and to provide a superior,

    real-time experience through a smartphone app. Lutrons new remote technology system built on Heroku and

    Xively accelerated Lutron's time to market by 50%.

  • We went from concept to field-ready product twice as fast as normal.

    Development was faster and lower cost from before, and these savings could be passed on to the consumer, expanding the markets that Lutron could enter.

    Matt Swatsky, Product Manager, Casta Wireless, Lutron


  • heroku.com/customers/scootnetworks

    Heroku's flexible, polyglot platform enabled Scoots development

    team of four to decrease time to market for its iOS app and deploy

    enhancements iteratively.

  • Heroku allows us to focus on changing the way people commute,

    not patching servers. Daniel Riegel, CTO, Scoot Networks


  • F O C U S O N A P P S