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Brochure trimmedFEBRUARY 1 • 2 • 3
Tecnoesis, the annual techno-management fest of NIT Silchar, is the result of the sincere and wholehearted involvement of student fraternity of NIT Silchar. Tecnoesis paves a platform for all the yearlong efforts made by cerebrums to transform their technical innovations into a reality. The successive chapters of this mega event has seen a exponential increase in the people it serves to. Over several years it has managed to stand in the pinnacle among all its peer techno-management festivals and is crown of all the techno-management fests in the northeast.
Tecnoesis ‘20 promises to be bigger and better while being centered on the theme “A saga of intergalactic ventures”. So, get ready to explore the infinite universe and dive into the world of space exploration with us.
Tecnoesis, one of the most recognized Techno-Management fests in India, prioritizes social responsibility with several of its self-initiated collaborations with bodies such as Gyansagar, Children of Hope, etc. Tecnoesis extends an enriching hand towards a number of causes, thereby spreading the message of welfare and love.
Associating yourself to Tecnoesis will ensure that the potential spectators link your organisation to these heart-warming initiatives thereby providing a huge increment to your corporate social responsibilities.
To top it all off, Tecnoesis comes with a lavish addition in the form of Spark Night which appeals to optimum media coverage from various local and national media. The prominent artists attract a huge audience, both at the venue and through the official YouTube channel. The dopamine and oxytocin you are about to release will be enough to make an entire village happy!
Buckle up for several events based on robotics, designing, exhibitions, gaming, expos and many more exciting stuffs.
TIE-UPS What’s in for you?
Ekta daud – run for unity
On the occasion of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, NIT SILCHAR organises run for unity on 31st October to encourage the youth, preaching them about unity and prosperity.
Spic Macay is one of kind cultural festival. It unfolds a magnificent exhibit diverse culture and talents in the form of workshops, competitions and soulful musical evening.
Blood Donation Camp
Perhaps, the most noble of all deeds a person can do during his life is to save another. We welcome companies to serve this motto.
Eco Club, NIT Silchar
Various initiatives like tree plantation, conservation of energy by using solar panels etc are undertaken by this club, promising us a better future. With this in mind, we call for aids to help its wonderful drives take on Tecnoesis.
Kalpana Cycle Marathon
A cycle marathon organised in the beloved memory of the late Kalpana Chawla by the Tecnoesis fraternity. It is solely dedicated to the woman and is being taken up as an initiative for the greater good.
Nukkad Natak
This initiative comprises of short dramas, which highlights the social problems of the society, thus increasing the awareness among the people.
Ek prayas - Gyansagar
An initiative accomplished by the members of Gyansagar for betterment of the underprivileged students by providing them education through free tuitions.
INITIATIVES ...for the greater good
You could be the next person to succeed if you choose to learn from successful people instead of being envious of them. Moreover, aren't they successful because they learned and continue to learn from others? Decently, no concern anymore! We have an array of protagonists from around the country under our event “Conferenza”.
Conferenza has been blessed with the presence of personalities like Padma Shri Uddhab Kumar Bharali and Ex-IAS Vivek Atray for the past few years. Uddhab Kumar Bharali is credited with about 118 innovations, starting from the late 1980s. This year too be ready to witness precious moments with guests and get a beautiful memory for lifetime in Conferenza.
The gift of distinct vision and the art of portraying it through your lens is what photography is all about. In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.
Pixelate is a hunt for all those visionaries who can keep us stunned with their lenses. Under the themes; Patterns, Urban and Seasons; we welcome every photographer through this online contest to let us witness a glimpse of their talent. With exciting prizes and many other opportunities lined up come, join us in losing a hobby and gaining a passion.
Robotron, as the name suggests revolves around the fascinating world of robots and has successfully managed to incorporate the ideals of various fields of engineering to tackle the ever evolving innovative challenges.
The event has always been a crowd favourite and the tally of its enormity rises every year, thereby providing a great opportunity for the sponsors to get maximum exposure.
" Curiousum Technology " - Curious about technology.
We have it all. Giving you and your mind all the chow it needs. Workshops including cyber security, open source etc. will make you go sane. Who knows deep down inside you a technical - nerd is breathing. Unleash your beast and gain every bit of knowledge passed on.
They say stories that can't be put into words can be explained by photographs. This is what the exhibition event in Tecnoesis tries to achieve.
Not only does it provides an exciting for budding photographers to showcase their skills, but also the visitors, a pathway to escape to a moment in time and at a place you weren’t a part of, to relive it from your perspective and reinterpret it to your imagination.
Ever desired to experience the joy when you set forth the lurking innovative freak inside you?
Ignite the fire of reinvention and broaden your horizons as Cyberwarp brings to you a manifold of invigorating events ranging from puzzles, riddles and mind boggling stuff. So, dive straight into the diverse world of Cyberwarp and ignite the spark of creativity inside you.
What has racing hearts, clicking pens and genius minds pitted against each other? The only answer fit will be ‘Myndsnare’.
‘Myndsnare’ is the inter-college quizzing event where students from across the coun- try compete for exciting prizes. Watch in awe as the quizzers battle it out in a bid for the ultimate glory.
This Tecnoesis, prepare yourselves to get marvelled by the charisma of various mind-numbing events that will be organized by ASME, NIT Silchar.
The events organized under this module will definitely force you to don your thinking cap and put your logical skills to test. Be it designing or simulation or making simple automobile objects and much more, ASME will provide you a chance to prove your matte in the prominent aspects of Mechanical Engineering. So, do participate and avail this opportunity for yourselves.
Do the curvaceous metal bodies fascinate you and blow your mind? Does the showcase of automotive engineering prowess fill you with sheer wonder? Do you watch endless episodes of Top Gear and The Grand Tour at one go?
If yes, Tecnoesis presents, Auto Expo, an exhilarating display of cars. Let us together, go on a ride where we witness the best in the automotive world, in terms of products, technologies, concepts and trends, and appreciate the wonder machines we call ‘cars’.
Every being in this world their unique capabilities and ideas. Who knows if one among these ignited minds might become mankind’s invaluable treasure. TechZenith provides the perfect opportunity to school students to sharpen their minds and showcase their logical & reasoning skills. With the rise of mankind’s never ending problem, our Earth needs these ignited minds to protect herself as well our upcoming generations and to boost the rate of progress. Come forward, participate and discover the hidden Elon Musk in you.
As the world leaps forward to a new era of gaming, humans get to witness jaw-dropping skills and take perilous decisions. Get ready for an amaranthine adrenaline rush and a steampunk chaos as Tecnoesis brings you the ultimate gaming battle : V-Warz.
Join hands with your allies and face the most formidable foes. Prepare your game-plan as the most lethal gaming battle awaits the best gamers fighting for glory. Every second matters! Wage a war against fate, turn the tables and be the last one standing!
Tecnoesis ‘20 presents Archinova, the event where engineering skills intersect with innovation to bring forth the finest ideas that have immense capability of transforming our surroundings.
The event develops a significant channel between construction and tackling nature’s worst behaviour.
Empressario is a relatively new module that aims to put forth one’s management and entrepreneurship skills into action.
With events ranging from “If I were the CEO”, “Plantastic” to “Bech Ke Dikhao” and “Pitch Please”, the module promises to carve out a distinct identity for itself.
The coup de grace event of the annual techno-management festivals. Culminating the end of festivities in form of a musical extravaganza, Spark is the spectacle to behold. From EDM artists to classical artists, from rock bands to solo singers, the Spark night truly covers the art of production and provides the drive to feature the elite artists of the present generation. This event is surely a one-stop store for the musical exhilaration and melody!
Rob & Jack came to Silchar all the way from Sweden to rock the stage!
Featuring deliciously dark vocals from the hugely talented Sanjin, 'Badgal' won spins from some of the biggest names including Axwell Ingrosso, Martin Garrix, Harwelland Steve Angello.
This Nagaland based band fuses traditional Naga Folk with Rock instruments to create a captivating atmosphere of trance. With their frequent dabbles in Jazz, Blues and Funk, they always keep their fans on their toes and is the only band from Northeast India to have performed at IIFI (International Film Festival Of India).
Nalayak, a rising four piece indie rock band from Chandigarh, is known for their explosive live acts and pumping music. They have been making waves with their amazing tracks that's grabbing the-then bollywood lovers by the gut and refusing to let go. They have performed many live shows across the country, especially in reputed educational institutions. Giving the stereotypical indie a pinch of their own rocking style, they are on their way to dethrone other bands and prove their worth.
Underground Authority is an alternative rock / rap rock band from India.
Formed in early 2010, in Kolkata, their music is flavoured by a blend of protest poetry, reggae, alternative rock, rap rock and hard rock. The band is noted for their socio-political messages / anti-capitalism agenda in their song lyrics and also for their music to express and not impress quote.
Divine Connection is a multifaceted band which experiments Rock, Blues, Funkjazz, Hindi and Contemporary gospel music. They released their Debut Album El-Roi in 2008 in Dream Cafe Kohima. They are also the winners of the second edition of MTV's Rock in 2010. Besides being adjusted first runner up at the First National Hornbill Rock Contest 2006 & also clinching "Best Vocals" at the same time. The band has performed on stage in all districts of Nagaland and various Rock capital's of the country including Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Shillong and featured in Pattayapraise 2009 at Pattaya, Thailand.
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