Hashoo Foundation Annual Report 2008-09

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Transcript of Hashoo Foundation Annual Report 2008-09

Annual Report 2008-09Hashoo Foundation Pakistan House #7-A, St #65, F-8/3 Islamabad, Pakistan Tel: +92 51 2287712-16 Fax: +92 51 2287718 [email protected] Hashoo Foundation UK 1,Berkeley Street London W1J 8DJ [email protected] Hashoo Foundation USA Three Allen Center 333 Clay Suite 4980 Houston, TX 77002 Tel: +1 (713) 483-4990 Fax:+1 (713) 759-0112




Mission Statement

2009Message from the Patron in Chief and Chairperson Message from the Chief Executive Officer Hashoo Foundation Overview Core Program Areas Economic DevelopmentHoney Bee Farming Expended Dairy Development Project Marble Shine Associates 15 20 21

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Mission StatementWe envisage an ethical, equitable, inclusive and progressive society in which people live with dignity and have power over their own lives. We achieve this by creating opportunities for vulnerable communities to be economically independent and to improve their quality of life.

Special NeedsUmeed-e-Noor Hunza Homes 25 28


Education & Skills developmentEducation Hashoo Foundaton Schools Early Childhood Development Skills Development Human Development Resource Centers Professional Skills Development Youth Development Centers Employment and Placement Bureau 31 31 32 33 35 37 38 38


Social Welfare & Emergency ReliefSocial Welfare Sahara Fund Child Education Support Program (CESP) Scholarship Emergency Relief Basic Health Units Assistance to IDPs Spinal Cord Injury Project for Pakistan Earthquake Rehabilitation (SCIPPER), Pakistan 41 43 44 45 46 46 50 51


Hashoo Foundation USA Our Patners Hashoo Foundation Offices Hashoo Foundation Boards Financial Statements

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Message from the Patron in Chief and Chairperson

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Dear Friends of Hashoo Foundation, We are delighted to share with you our extraordinary progress with a great sense of humility. After the consolidation of the three charitable organization of our family we have developed a Charter for the Hashoo Foundation which outlines its values and strategic direction. This was an important process for the family to undergo, as it moves us towards our aspiration to institutionalize into a world-class international development organization, with a key focus on obtaining sustainable results. Our vision is an ethical, equitable, inclusive and progressive society in which people live with dignity and have power over their own lives. We are committed to serve humanity by undertaking the challenges that our world is facing; suffering keeps increasing day by day, poverty is on the rise, global turmoil, and natural and man-made disasters taking precedent. Under such huge disturbances, there is an increased need for civil society organizations to take additional responsibilities and strive to improve governance to ensure transparency and benefit from the funds available globally both privately and publicly. Hashoo Foundation has designed innovative and empowering programs to further the cause of improving the quality of peoples life, so they can live in peace. We achieve this by creating opportunities for communities to become economically independent. Yet, these improvements rely on developing synergies between partners and stakeholders with a key focus on obtaining sustainable results and a quality benchmark. We also continued our projects in the United States, working on policy issues with other philanthropic partners. Building on the success of the BBC world challenge award winning Honey bee farming social enterprise project, the Foundation is partnering with several US micro-credit University programs to explore growing the project through the extension of micro-loans. The Foundation is also diligently working to export the produce of its social enterprise projects into the international market and is expanding the project across Pakistan and into Afghanistan and Tajikistan. We are happy to share that our new center for special needs people, Umeed-e-Noor, moved to its new premises in Islamabad opening its doors to over 300 children offering education and therapy services. The center is also providing vocational and technical training for adults with physical and mental challenges. We are very thankful to the Board of Directors for their guidance and support, to all our donors for their trust and confidence and to the management team and volunteers for their noble work. This service to humanity connects us together and collectively our efforts can bring smiles to many around the world. We would like to leave you with a message of hope and pray for peace in the world. We look forward to continuing our long journey together in the years ahead. God bless you all. 3 Sadruddin Hashwani Patron in Chief Sarah Hashwani Chairperson

Message from the CEO On the following pages of this Annual Report you will see and read about the many achievements of Hashoo Foundation (HF) and learn more about our continuing efforts to assist vulnerable and marginalized communities. Although there are many achievements to report this year, one of our main successes was winning the BBC World Challenge 2008 for our 'Women Empowerment through Honey Bee Farming' project. This is the first time Pakistan has ever won this prestigious global competition, so the acknowledgement of our work is even more rewarding. In 2008/09 Hashoo Foundation greatly increased its efforts in the core areas of our programming interest: (1) Economic Development; (2) Special Needs; (3) Education and Skills Development and; (4) Social Welfare and Emergency Relief. These ongoing social and economic development programs empower girls and women, increase household incomes, help develop skills for employability and provide emergency care and assistance to the needy and less able. Without disruption to our core programs, we also provided emergency health services to more than 12,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) by opening a health facility in Palusa Camp (Charasadda District); and under the Sahara Fund continued providing housing support, food, children's education and medical treatment to 52 families, who were victims of the Islamabad Marriott bomb blast on September 20, 2008. It has been a remarkable year for Hashoo Foundation with many positive accomplishments. These results reflect the sincerity and hard work of our team, the trust of our donors and support from the Board of Trustees. Ultimately, the Hashoo Foundation has been offered partnership by national and international development organizations, donors and government departments, not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan and Tajikistan. As we continue to move forward in the coming year please remember Together We Make a Difference! Dr. Imam Yar Baig Chief Executive Officer



Hashoo FoundationAmong the notable highlights of Hashoo Foundation in 2008/09 was the ability to replicate the BBC award winning honey bee farming project to other parts of the country including AJK and NWFP and to expand the Chitral and Gilgit bee keeping activities to other communities in the region. During the year honey production increased from 5 tons to more than 30 tons. This pure, natural honey is now being actively marketed countrywide. The model dairy farm in Balakot, Mansehra District (Expanded Dairy Development Project) has already increased its milk production by more than 10% in the first year, through improved breeding and improved livestock management and has trained more than 180 women in the making of butter, cheese and yoghurt. The Skills Development Program enlarged its training capabilities in the regions, broadened its services to include training in professional skills and has continued to strengthen the employment potential for the youth. The health program provided services and out-patient treatment to more than 120,000 people in Talhata, Balakot with emphasis on maternal child healthcare. Through this program HF also supported 34 Spinal Cord injury patients by providing treatment and rehabilitation services. During this year patient care was expanded to include new health facilities in Karachi.

2008-2009Educational support to young and talented girls and boys continued in Gilgit, Chitral and Rawalpindi including shelter, scholarships and provision of skills training. Formal educational support continued and is provided through the 13 HF primary schools operating in all 4 provinces of the country. Umeed-e-Noor, the 'Center of Excellence' for children with special needs moved into its own building in sector H-8/1 Islamabad. The basement and ground floors are nearly complete and upon completion will accommodate more than 300 children as day students, and 40 resident boarders. Hashoo Foundation USA successfully implemented the Expectation Graduation Room Pilot Project that has received broad recognition.



Core Program Area

Hashoo Foundation

at a Glance7 8

Hashoo Foundation has 4 core program areas which are as follows:

Economic DevelopmentThe Hashoo Foundation's programs in this area aim to achieve greater financial independence and self-reliance of individuals, families, and communities. Economic development will in turn lead to improved social development. Partnering with communities at the grass roots level and exploring issues of socio-economic development, our economic development projects enhance the basic earning capacity of the community partners while improving access to existing health, education, and nutrition services.

Special NeedsPeople living with disabilities face severe stigma and discrimination in Pakistan. Within this population - estimated to reach 10% of Pakistan's overall population - children are par