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Transcript of Gta Film & Clusters

  • 1.GTA Film & TV Clusters Web Sharma

2. Current Situation

  • This cluster contributes $1.1 million to the local economy.
  • $949 million was spent on film and television productions shot in Toronto in 2004; including $801.6 million on major productions; $133.8 million on commercials; and $13.65 million on music videos.
  • In 2004, the City's Film and Television Office issued 4,302 location filming permits for 1,502 projects, totaling 7,743 days of shooting.
  • Toronto was rated one of the top 10 North American cities for independent productions by MovieMaker

3. Events & Festivals

  • Toronto After Dark Film Festival
  • Toronto Reel Asian International FilmFestival

4. Support Structures

  • Toronto Film School
  • Digital Film Academy of Toronto
  • Toronto Media & Film College
  • York Department of Film

5. New Developments

  • Censorship Charges Fly as Canada Moves to Cut Film TaxCredit.
  • Producers to help draft guidelines, ministersays
  • Castlepoint to proceed with Toronto studiosite.
  • CRTC hearings must keep strong Canadian programming rules inplace.

6. New Developments

  • CFC Sends Canadian Filmmaking Talent to NewYork
  • CBCs cancellations another devastating blow to Canadian TVDrama.
  • Funding Support for 48 filmsAnnounced.

7. Film Members

  • NABET 700CEP Union of film and TV technicians.
  • CCAU Coalition of Canadian Audio-visual Unions.
  • CRTC -Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
  • CFC Canadian Film Centre
  • ACTRA A membership based group for professional performers.

8. Similar/Competing Clusters

  • San-Francisco, U.S
  • Skane, Sweden
  • Rhone-Alpes

9. Future Growth - Summarization Toronto is the 3 rdlargest production centre in North America behind NY and LA and continues to grow because of the tax breaks and attractive locations.The number of businesses has grown to 16,500 by 50% from 1998 to 2002. These businesses are active in all aspects of film & television. 10. Conclusion

  • Torontos Film & TV cluster is a strong and
  • growing cluster and is well known all
  • around the world with famous events,
  • cutting edge technology, a large number of
  • productions.