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My GTA financial cluster blog PowerPoint

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  • 1. GTA Financial Cluster MRK625 Dave Hochman

2. What Is A Cluster

  • The definition of a cluster according to states the definition to be
  • 1) A number of things of the same sort gathered together or growing together; bunch
  • 2) A number of persons, animals, or things grouped together

3. Other Toronto Clusters

  • Film & Television Cluster
  • Automotive
  • Financial
  • Music

4. Banks Within Cluster 5. Location Of Toronto Financial Cluster Located in downtown Toronto at King & Bay 6. TSX

  • The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) buys and sells stocks throughout Toronto and the world
  • The TSX creates cluster innovation with new and updated technologies

7. Competing Cluster Location Chicago

  • The Chicago Financial cluster is located in beautiful downtown Chicago

8. New York Financial Cluster

  • The New York cluster is located in downtown NYC. With the NYSE innovating the cluster

9. Cluster Innovation

  • CIBC recently announced a smart phone application for the Blackberry and I-Phone

10. ING Mortgage Smart Phone

  • ING bank recently came out with a smartphone application to calculate mortgage rates and speak directly with ING bank representatives.

11. Bank Of Canada

  • The Bank Of Canada is changing interest rates creating a shift in the financial cluster and the way it operates within Toronto.This will shift the TSX and national banking systems.

12. Thank You!!!!