Group H: Haunted House

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Group H: Haunted House. Palak Desai Brian Rourke Milton Campbell Connie Pan Nick Mariani. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Group H: Haunted House

Group H: Haunted House

Group H: Haunted HousePalak DesaiBrian RourkeMilton CampbellConnie PanNick MarianiResearch and BrainstormingWe all basically pitched in many ideas, and after voting on the decision matrix, we came to a decision that our theme is going to be Haunted House. For brainstorming, we all just thought of haunted things that we could possibly put on a golf course. Decision Matrix

Course Layout

Gantt Chart

Palak Desai: Parts List

Palak Desai: Multiview

Palak Desai: Score Table

Palak Desai: Tee Box

Palak Desai: Final Assembly

Palak Desai: Exploded View

Brian Rourke: Multiview

Brian Rourke: Score Table

Brian Rourke: Tee Box

Brian Rourke: Final Assembly

Milton Campbell : Multiview

Milton Campbell : Multiview

Milton Campbell: Multiview

Milton Campbell: Score Table

Milton Campbell: Tee Box

Milton Campbell: Final Assembly

Milton Campbell: Exploded View

Connie Pan: Parts List

Connie Pan: Blade Multiview

Connie Pan: Handle Multiview

Connie Pan: Multiview

Connie Pan: Score Table

Connie Pan: Tee Box

Connie Pan: Handle

Connie Pan: Scythe

Connie Pan: Blade

Connie Pan: Final Assembly

Connie Pan: Exploded View

Nick Mariani: Gravestone Multiview

Nick Mariani: Grass Multiview

Nick Mariani: Bumper Multiview

Nick Mariani: Exit Sign Multiview

Nick Mariani: Hole Guard Multiview

Nick Mariani: Multiview

Nick Mariani: Base

Nick Mariani: Bumper

Nick Mariani: Exit Sign

Nick Mariani: Grass

Nick Mariani: Grave Stone

Nick Mariani: Hole Guard

Nick Mariani: Path

Nick Mariani: Tee Box

Nick Mariani: Score Table

Nick Mariani: Staircase

Nick Mariani: Final Assembly

Nick Mariani: Exploded View

Group H Final Assembly