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Folk in Galicia, Spain

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2. The womans costume It is comprised of... Shirt (Camisa) Vest (Xustillo) Long panties/pantaloo ns (Calzns) A pair of stockings Shoes 3. The womans costume Underskirt Petticoat(Enaguas) 4. The womans costume Skirts (Faldas) A special kind of apron (Mantelo) 5. The womans costume Jacket (Chaquetilla) 6. The Womans costume Dengue____________ 7. The womans costume Waistcoat (Chaleco) Large silk scarf(Pano) Jewels (Xoias) 8. The mans costume It is comprised of... Shirt (Camisa) Long underwear(Calzn) 9. The mans costume Trousers (Pantalns) Gaiters (polainas) Shoes 10. The mans costume Waistcoat (Chaleco) Wide belt (Faixa) 11. The mans costume Jacket (Chaqueta) Silk scarf (Pana de namorar) 12. The mans costume Cloak (Capa) Hat (Monteira) 13. Traditional working dress 14. Traditional working dress 15. Galician Music Piper s Drums AccordionBass-Drums Revilla 16. Galician Folk