GAI -Flatness Issue15.07.2015

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Transcript of GAI -Flatness Issue15.07.2015

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DATE2015.07.17VENUEMIDC-ChakanObservation & DetailsMODEL-SPEC:PART NAMEWheel RimCOIL SIZE (mm)MATERIAL REF:HR-SAPH370COIL NO.SHIP DATE-SHIP WEIGHTPersons MetKLLPOSCO-IPPC:POSCO-India,TSC: MR.GEUM JU CHUNMR. RAHUL SRIVASTAVA,Observation:This is second time complaint raised by Gestamp for flatness issue observed after blanking. Previsiouly similar issue raised in 28.11.2014.Material Consumption details:

No deviation in material properties has been observed.Customer has already processed approx. 30% of material for blanking to resolved flatness issue with adjustment in line parameter but unable to control the flatness issue.During field survey at Gestamp maximum flatness lift observed on drive side along transverse direction (head end and tail end of blank). maximum lift observed at tail end was 22-23mm & head end was 12-14mm. No Buckling & Coil set issue observed in inspected blanks.Customer is unable to pressed blanks with flatness more than 3mm, due to limited gap between roller in washer may damaged roller during feeding blanks into pressing line.Slight burr issue observed at the head & tail end edges at drive side,IPPC QC & POSCO-India, TSC will do the joint line inspection for rest of coil, after getting confirmation from customer.To check the flatness before leveller & after blanking is required to find the root cause.Coil No.Supplied Size (mm)GradeTotal Coil WeightQty (Kg)No. of blanksproduceNo. of blanks consumedHold Nos of BlanksHold Coil Wt, KgsCQKC145A0.73X1564XCGI14,770215-21510,799Total14,770--21510,79912015-07-21Material Picture Field Survey on 15.07.2015 by POSCO-India, TSC Material Flow:POSCO-HQ IPPC Gestamp(Blanking & Pressing)


Coil No.CQKC145A, Wt-10.799MTBlanks-215 Nos Wt-Approx:4MTCoil No.CQKC145A, Material Picture Field Survey on 28.11.2014 by POSCO India, TSC & IPPCField Survey on 15.07.2015 by POSCO-India, TSC Coil No. CQJ7412

Coil No.CQKC145A

No evidence of buckling or coil set observedSame phenomenal flatness issue observed as occurred in previous one, at same location & place.Point 2 & 3 having flatness issue in inspected blanks.Its observed after reversing the blanks from top to bottom at drive side only.


No Flatness issue at Tail EndDrive SideRolling Dir.Lift up- 2-3mm.Width = 1564length = 1.5Head endTop Side


Lift up-:13-14mm.2

Top SideBottom SideD/SW/S Lift up-:22-23mm.3

Bottom SideHead end of coilTail EndRDD/SW/S D/STail EndBottom SideRDD/SW/S 3


Head endTail End Coil No.CQKC145ACHEMICAL COMPOSITIONCSiMnPSNbSol-ALTiGestamp TDC, Max., Wt-%~0.1 ~0.5~0.70~0.060~0.025~0.090.015~~0.12POSCOCQKC145A0.00160.0260.1460.01680.0088---MECHANICAL PROPERTIES-HX180BDThickYp,MPaTS, MPaEl,%BH2,MPaGestamp TDC0.73180~240290~3603435POSCOCQKC145A0.731983094158

FLATNESS ISSUE - GI-MATERIAL(P-HQ)-GESTAMP-INDIA,(MIDC-CHAKAN)-250SURFACE PROPERTIES-HX180BDCoefficientRoughnessCoating, Zn(g/m2)rnRaUpperLowerGestamp TDC1.5160.6~1.91.0~1.9POSCOCQKC145A1.80.211.3761.761.7