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  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar






    Jammu And Kashm! "an# L$d% CP "!an&h% N'( D')h.


    Dh!u* sa!#a!% En!+))m'n$ N+, C-/0123

    Jiwaji university, Gwalior (M.P.)

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  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar






    Dh!u* sa!#a!% En!+))m'n$ N+, C-/0123

    A re$ort su%&itte' in $artial "ul"ill&ent o" te reuire&ents o" MBA(Business e*ono&i*s) Prora& o" Jiwaji university, Gwalior (M.P.)

    +istri%ution ist-

    Jammu And Kashm! "an# L$d.% CP "!an&h% N'( D')h

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  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


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  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar



    Tis is to *erti"y tat tis is a %ona"i'e $roje*t re$ort su%&itte' in $artial "ul"ill&ent o" tereuire&ents o" MBA(Business E*ono&i*s) $rora& o". Jiwaji university, Gwalior (M.P.)

    Tis re$ort 'o*u&ent title' 0Proje*t A$$raisal o" Ter& oan. A *ase stu'y on $roje*ta$$raisal o" a "res *re'it $ro$osal o" E'u*ation Pvt. t' .1 is a su%&ission o" wor2 'one %y+ruv 3ar2ar.

    Tis re$ort as %een "or&ally su%&itte' to Pro".Bavya &aeswari, 4a*ulty, 3*ool o"

    stu'ies in Business e*ono&i*s, Jiwaji university an' Mr. Ravin'er Gurtoo, 3eniorE5e*utive (A'van*es), J 6 7 %an2 t'.

    Tis re$ort as %een veri"ie' an' autenti*ate' %y-

    Pro". .Bhavya maheshwari4a*ulty Gui'e3*ool o" stu'ies in Business e*ono&i*s,Jiwaji university, Gwalior (M.P.)

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  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar



    9 woul' li2e to e5$ress &y $ro"oun' ratitu'e to all tose wo ave %een instru&ental in te$re$aration o" &y $roje*t re$ort. To start wit, 9 woul' li2e to tan2 Ja&&u An' 7as&ir Ban2t'. "or $rovi'in &e te *an*e to un'erta2e tis internsi$ stu'y an' allowin &e to e5$lorete area o" "inan*e wi* woul' $rove out to %e very %ene"i*ial to &e in &y "uture assin&ents,&y stu'ies an' &y *areer aea'.

    9 woul' li2e to tan2Mr. Jitender Sharma, Assistant V.P& Business Unit Head, JammuAnd Kashmir Bank Ltd. , to ive &e te o$$ortunity to wor2 wit te *o&$any on te$roje*t title' a$$raisal o" a "res *re'it $ro$osal o" E'u*ation Pvt. t'.(na&e *ane').

    9 wis to $la*e on re*or's, &y 'ee$ sense o" ratitu'e an' sin*ere a$$re*iation to &y *o&$anyui'e an' &entor, Mr. Ravinder Gurtoo, 3enior E5e*utive, (a'van*es) wo sueste' an'$re$are' te "ra&e wor2 o" te $roje*t. 9 woul' also li2e to tan2 i& "or is *ontinuoussu$$ort, a'vi*e an' en*ourae&ent, witout wi* tis re$ort *oul' never ave %een*o&$lete'.

    9 a& 'ee$ly rate"ul, to &y "a*ulty ui'e Pro.Bhav!a mahesh"ari "or is invalua%lesuestions,:o&&ents, "ee'%a*2 an' su$$ort trouout te internsi$.

    A tan2;you is also 'eserve' "or te sta o Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd, Advan#es$e%artmentes$e*ially toMr Mehra, Mr Saa'ir Hussain , Mr. A'du( A(eem and Mrs So'iaAshra.

    astly, 9 wis to tan2 &y "a&ily an' "rien's "or teir valua%le el$ an' su$$ort.

    $hruv sarkar

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  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


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    Cha:$'! ; In$!+du&$+n ;-, Proje*t 0APPRA93A O4 A TERM OAN1 ;An Overview ;-

    !.! Proje*ts ?n'erta2en in te Ban2in in'ustry ;-

    !. Pur$ose o" te stu'y ;;

    !./ Meto'oloy ;;

    !.8 i&itations o" te 3tu'y ;8

    !.< iterature review ;9,

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    A"STRACTTe $roje*t 'eals wit te $roje*t a$$raisal o" a "res *re'it $ro$osal o" E'u*ation Pvt. t'.(na&e *ane') "or settin u$ an university *u& Enineerin *ollee at 7ara 'istri*t ,(na&e *ane') Caryana wit annual inta2e *a$a*ity o" =>>> stu'ents. 4res ter& loan"a*ility o" Rs. 8> *rore un'er *onsortiu& is reuire' to $art "inan*e te 'e%t reuire&ent o"Rs. D> *rore, out o" te total $roje*t *ost o" Rs.!> *rore.

    Te $roje*t a$$raisal o" a ter& loan wi* is a *o&$reensive an' syste&ati* review o" allte relate' as$e*ts o" a iven $roje*t wi* *an also %e ter&e' as n'loo2 at te $roje*t'etails %y a $erson wo is no way involve' in te $re$aration o" te sai' 'etails. Teo%je*tive o" tis a$$raisal is to i&$rove an' reva&$ te $roje*t wit te *o;o$eration o" te$ro&oters an' "or a 'etaile' an' &eanin"ul a$$raisal o" te $roje*t te stu'y is un'erta2enin "our as$e*ts. Broa'ly "our a$$raisals ave %een 'one in tis $roje*t %e"ore 'e*i'in toe5ten' te servi*es.

    4irstly te &anaerial a$$raisal as %een loo2e' into. Te *o&$eten*e o" te &anae&entto &anae te enter$rise is a very i&$ortant "a*tor .Te e5$erien*e, te %usiness a*u&eninterity an' resour*e"ulness o" te $ro&oters are te "a*tors, wi* ave 'eter&ine' owsu**ess"ully te *on*erne' %usiness *an %e run. Te $ro&oterFs rou$ "inan*ial stan'inan' %usiness re$utation as also %een "oun' out. :on"i'ential enuiries %y our tea&reveale' all tese "a*ts witout &u* assle an' tese a' a vital in"luen*e on te 'e*ision&a2in on a loan a$$li*ation. Tis was &ore i&$ortant wit rear's to E'u*ation Pvt. t'.as tey are new entre$reneurs sin*e in teir *ase te %an2s &ay not %e avin any 'ata orre*or'.

    3e*on'ly te "inan*ial a$$raisal is 'one. Te &ajor as$e*ts wi* reuire' attention in te"inan*ial a$$raisal were *o&$leteness an' a**ura*y o" te esti&ates o" "un's reuire' "orinvest&ent %y way o" *a$ital *ost an' wor2in *a$ital, sour*es "ro& wi* teses "un'swoul' %e o%taine', *ost o" $ro'u*tion, *as "low "ro& te $roje*t an' te $roje*te' %alan*eseet. Te various *ost o" lan', 'evelo$&ent *ares, *ivil wor2, *ontinen*ies et* [email protected]'. arious ratios are *al*ulate'. Te "inan*ial in'i*ators are *e*2e' an' [email protected]'so as to wat is te $ro&oterFs sta2e in te $roje*t.. Te re$resentation o" te in*o&e as to%e earne' trou te *ollee "ees, ostel "ees an' %an2 4+RFs. Te 4A:R is *al*ulate'an' i&$rove&ent in it is also stu'ie'. Te net $ro"it 'urin te 4Y >!8;!< is stu'ie'. Te'ownwar' tren' o" te 'e%tH euity ratio is also stu'ie'. 3ensitivity analysis as %een 'onere*2onin "ollowin 'e$artures i.e., wen total revenues re'u*e %y < I, e5$en'iture

    in*reases %y < I, rate o" interest in*reases %y ! I .+3:R is also *al*ulate'. Pro"ita%ilityesti&ates are also *al*ulate'. Tis as$e*t ta2es into a**ount te earnin *a$a*ity o" te$roje*t wi* ulti&ately 'eter&ines te via%ility. Earnins 'ire*tly 'e$en' u$on teuantu& o" turnover an' te *ost $attern o" a*ievin su* turnover. Te turnover is te"un*tion o" &ar2et (i.e., 'e&an' an' su$$ly a$ in "avour o" 'e&an') an' te $ro'u*tion"a*ilities. Te assess&ent o" e5istin 'e&an' as %een 'one wit a view to see te e5tent o"

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  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    a$ in te 'e&an' an' su$$ly $osition. Te $roje*tion "or te sales is very *o&$li*ate'issue an' as %een well loo2e' into.

    Tir'ly, te *o&&er*ial a$$raisal as %een 'one. 9n or'er to &a2e $ro$er a$$raisal o" te'e&an' "ore*asts &a'e %y te %orrowers, te a$$raisin tea& reuire' in"or&ation

    rear'in 'e&an', su$$ly, an' 'istri%ution, $ri*in an' e5ternal "or*es. Te &ar2et stu'yas ta2en into a**ount te $ossi%le "uture *anes in te volu&e an' $attern o" su$$ly an''e&an' will ave to %e esti&ate' in or'er to assess te lon ter& $ros$e*ts o" te in'ustryas well as te earnin *a$a*ity o" te unit. Te 'etails a%out te oter units in te in'ustrywit rear' to *a$a*ity, te*noloy a'o$te', $ro"ita%ility an' s*o$e o" e5$ansion ave also%een loo2e' into . Analysis o" &ar2et o$$ortunities an' s$e*i"yin &ar2etin o%je*tives,wi* involve a s*ienti"i* assess&ent o" total [email protected] o" te &ar2et "or te servi*e an' te saretat *oul' %e se*ure' %y te new *o&$any, as %een 'one.

    4ourtly, te te*ni*al a$$raisal is 'one in wi* various ins$e*tions are 'one $ersonally%y te %an2 e&$loyees trou site visit to assure tat wat te*noloy as %een use' in te

    venture. Te $resen*e o" various utilities as %een *e*2e' weter tey see& satis"a*toryor not. ater su$$ly, sewerae syste&, *onstru*tion $ower, ar*ite*t are so&e o" tei&$ortant as$e*ts 'ee$ly loo2e' into sin*e its an e'u*ational in"rastru*ture &an$owerreuire&ents is torouly [email protected]'. +etails o" &an$ower in*lu'in &anaerial,su$ervisory, s2ille' an' uns2ille' an' wat are te %asis o" &an$ower esti&ates. e evenloo2e' into wat is te $osition o" te availa%ility o" te &an$ower lo*ally (in te reion).Te i&$le&entation s*e'ule as %een as %een [email protected]' as to wat is te status o" various&ajor a*tivities, weter te a*uisition o" te lan' as %een *o&$lete', weter te'evelo$&ent wor2 as starte'. 9" so, ow &u* as %een *o&$lete'. eter ar*ite*ta$$ointe', *ontra*t "or *ivil wor2 awar'e', aree&ent "or 2now;ow sine' an' oter ovt;a$$rovals werever ne*essary, as %een o%taine'.

    Alon wit te a%ove a$$raisal te various leal reulations an' A:T3 o" law wi* as to%e &aintaine' wile e5ten'in te servi*e ave also %een ta2en *are o". arious leal'o*u&ents ave %een *e*2e' *on*ernin te venture na&ely, *ane o" lan' use*erti"i*ate, NO: "or esta%lis&ent, *onsent "or a""iliation, a$$li*ation wit A9:TE, %uil'in$lan a$$roval "ro& te 'ire*tor o" Town 6 *ountry $lannin, environ&ental *learan*e*erti"i*ate, a$$roval o" $ower *erti"i*ate, $ollution *erti"i*ate, "ire "itin et*. ave to %eo%taine' or a$$lie' in *ertain *ases to %e elii%le to enjoy te reueste' "a*ilities. Te$roje*t a$$raisal reuire' te e&$loyees to o trou te 'etaile' $ro*e'ure o"

    s*[email protected] ea* an' every "a*t an' "iure an' $resent a $ro$osal wi* woul' %e [email protected]'%y te senior o""i*ial at te *re'it 'e$art&ent o" te %ran* an' te sa&e woul' %e"orwar'e' to te @onal o""i*e "or teir san*tion i" satis"ie'.

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  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar



    Te J62 Ban2 "oun'e' O*to%er!st ,!/D un'er letter $atent issue %y te &aaraja

    o" Ja&&u 6 7as&ir Cari sin,te &aaraja 9nvite' to %e*o&e "oun'in'ire*tors 6 sareol'er o" te %an2 nota%le o" wi* were A%'ul [email protected]@ &antoo,$esten jee , te Baat sin "a&ily all o" wo& a*uire' &ajor sareol'inK

    Te J67 %an2 *o&&en*e' Business on July 8t,!/

    Cea' uarter -; 3rinaar, Ja&&u 6 7as&ir, 9n'ia

    Pro'u*t -; !.:re'it *ar's. Mortae lan'

    3ervi*e -; !. :onsu&er, Ban2in. :or$orate

    /. 4inan*ial 3ervi*es 8. Private %an2in .!;!/)

    O$eratin in*o&e-; ,#.## *rore (?3L 8D>&ilion) (>!;!/)

    Net in*o&e -; !,> %illion) (>!;!/)

    Total assets -; #!,#8/ *rore (?3L ! %illion) on &ar* /!st,>!/

    Total euity -; 8,>=> *rore (?3L D8> &illion) E&$loyees -; 8>> as on &ar* /!,>!/

    e%site -;

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  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar



    I. Ls$ +? 7!a:hs

    !. +istri%ution o" Ban2 :re'it (3e*tor ise) . :ross ta%ulation %etween ow lon ave &anaers %een asso*iate'an' i&$ortan*e o" ualitative 'ata


    !!. :ross ta%ulation %etween ow lon ave &anaers %een asso*iate' an'i&$ortan*e o" uantitative 'ata


    !. :ross ta%ulation o" Basi* 4inan*ial 7nowle'e A*uaintan*e witte Ban2 an' its $oli*ies

    !/. Proje*te' Pro"it 6 loss 3tate&ent 23

    !8. Proje*te' Balan*e 3eet 23

    ! o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    III. Ls$ +? F7u!'s

    !. 9&$ortan*e o" :or$orate 9ntera*tion 32

    . Res$onses sowin weter "reuent trans"ers a""e*t te e""i*ien*y o" te

    Ban2in $ro*ess30

    /. Res$onse rear'in %ur'en o" wor2 31

    8. Res$onse rear'in 2ee$in onesel" u$'ate'. 31

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  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar





    )du#ation Pvt. Ltd.$ro$oses to set u$ a ?niversity "or ier e'u*ation in te "iel' o"Enineerin an' Manae&ent *ourses at illae 7ara1 (na&e *ane') state Caryana wit$roje*t *ost o" !> *rore.Te rou$ turnover is &ore tan !>> *rore 'urin 4Y>!>;!! an'PBT was &ore tan Rs !/ *rore. Te rou$ &anaes various s*ools He'u*ationalinstitutions 'etail o" wi* is iven in su%seuent $arara$s.

    :ivil wor2 "or te $roje*t as alrea'y starte'. Total *ost o" te $roje*t is *onsi'ere' at !>*rore wi* is $ro$ose' to %e &et wit +ER o" -!. :o&$any $ro$oses to raise ter& 'e%t o"

    Rs D> *rore an' te a&ount o" Rs 8> *rore is to %e *ontri%ute' %y te $ro&oters in te sa$eo" sare *a$ital an' unse*ure' loans. Te $roje*t woul' %e i&$le&ente' in a $erio' o" .>> stu'ents. :o&$any $ro$ose' to *onstru*t total area o"

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    j. Proje*t *ost esti&ates are realisti*, reasona%le an' are not un'uly e5aerate'2. :olla%orators ave a'euate e5$erien*e an' te units wi* tey ave %een

    asso*iate' earlier, ave %een "un*tionin satis"a*torilyl. Tere is *ertainty a%out te availa%ility o" a'euate raw &aterial on a stea'y %asis

    an' tat o" te utilities li2e $ower, water et*.


    4or &eetin its *or$orate o%je*tive o" len'in *or$orate loan, J6 7 %an2 reuire' tat a stu'y%e &a'e on te various in"or&ation availa%le ("a*ts an' "iures) "or "in'in out te elii%ility o"E'u*ation :o. t'. %e"ore e5ten'in te ter& loan. A re$ort o" te sa&e %e $re$are'ilitin te relative &erits an' 'e&erits o" ea* sour*e an' various oter as$e*ts. 3$e*iale&$asis was reuire' to %e $la*e' on te "inan*ial via%ility o" te $roje*t %y [email protected] te"inan*ial in'i*ators an' un'erstan'in te 'e%t re$ayin *a$a%ility o" E'u*ation :o. t'.Tere"ore, te &ain O%je*tive o" te a%ove sai' stu'y will %e to "o*us on te enuinity o"$roje*t *ost 6 &eans o" "inan*e. Te various $oints to %e ta2en *are wile te stu'yin an'$re$arin te re$ort iven in a nut sell is as "ollows-

    3tu'y an' analysis o" te "inan*ial via%ility o" te $roje*t.

    Analysis o" te te*ni*al "easi%ility o" te $roje*t.

    :riti*ally [email protected] te e*ono&i* via%ility o" te $roje*t an' te $resen*e o"*o&$etitors in te sa&e areas.

    4in'in out any 'is$arities in te "inan*ial state&ents an' te $ro"ile o" te $ro&oters.


    Te *o&%ination o" te "ollowin &eto'oloy as %een a'o$te' wile $re$arin tis re$ort.

    iterature 3urvey

    +ata *olle*tion "ro& te insit re$ort su%&itte' %y te *onsultan*y.

    3tu'y o" te 'ata $rovi'e' %y te lea' %an2.

    +ata *olle*te' %y $ersonal intera*tions wit te %an2 e&$loyees.

    Online *olle*tion o" 'ata.


    A resear* 'esin is a "ra&ewor2 or %lue$rint "or *on'u*tin te resear* $roje*t. 9t 'etails te$ro*e'ures ne*essary "or o%tainin te in"or&ation nee'e' to stru*ture or solve resear*$ro%le&s.4or te *ase stu'y-A *o&%ination o" onitu'inal +es*ri$tive resear* 'esin an' :ausal Resear* 'esin as%een e&$loye'.

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  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    +es*ri$tive resear* 'esin %e*ause in"or&ation in various "or&s li2e :MA 'ata an'istori*al re*or's was $rovi'e', wi* $rovi'e' te %asis "or te resear*. Moreover, te 'atawas *olle*te' "ro& su* availa%le sour*es "or te 'e"inite $ur$ose o" usin it in te $ro*ess o"$ro$osal &a2in. Te resear* 'esin as %een 'es*ri%e' as %ein onitu'inal, sin*e a "i5e'sa&$le o" $o$ulation ele&ents were &easure' re$eate'ly in te "or& o" istori* re*or's o" te

    *o&$any a**ounts &aintaine' %y te %an2 an' *ertain *o&$any 'etails wi* are not su%je*t to*ane over te years.

    :ausal Resear* 'esin as also %een use' in te resear* $ro*ess as tere were varia%les inte stu'y wi* *ause'H'eter&ine' te values o" oter varia%les. arious *on*lusions 'rawn onte %asis o" one varia%le, "or instan*e, *ertain ualitative as well as uantitative $ara&etersa""e*t te :RA ratins o" te *o&$any. Also, te *anes in :re'it li&its o" te Ban2 alsoa""e*ts te $ro$ose' *anes in te *o&$any *re'it li&its.

    R's'a!&h D's7n ?+! u's$+nna!'

    4or avin so&e $ri&ary 2nowle'e o" te :re'it A$$raisal $ro*ess in J67 %an2, a survey in

    te "or& a uestionnaire was un'erta2en witin te Bran*.Resear* +esin use' was E5$loratory Resear* an' Multi;*ross 3e*tional Resear* +esin.As tere was a nee' "or a $reli&inary resear* to %e *on'u*te' to in*rease un'erstan'in o" te*on*e$t an' alrea'y $revalent $ro*ess o" :re'it a$$raisal, in or'er to *lari"y te e5a*t nature o"te $ro%le& to %e solve', an' also i'enti"y i&$ortant varia%les to %e stu'ie'. Te stu'yinvolve' &ulti;*ross se*tional 'esin, as tis $ro*ess involve' te stu'y o" &ore tan twores$on'ents an' in"or&ation trou uestionnaires was *olle*te' "ro& ea* sa&$le only on*e.


    ?se o" *o&$any in"or&ation as $rovi'e' %y te *o&$any, *o&$any intera*tion, istori*al 'atao" te *o&$any wit te %an2. An' a 3tru*ture' Non;'isuise' uestionnaire was also use' "orte sa&e. 4or statisti*al analysis o" te 'ata *olle*te' trou uestionnaires, *rossta%ulation

    as %een use'.


    No&inal , 9nterval an' Or'inal Pri&ary s*ales o" &easure&ent were use' in te uestionnaire&eto'. ?n'er te :o&$arative 3*alin te*niue; Paire' *o&$arison

    Ran2 or'er

    ?n'er te Non;:o&$arative 3*alin; :ontinuous Ratin 3*ale

    i2ert 3*ale un'er te 9te&[email protected]' Ratin 3*alin


    [email protected] S+u!&'s

    Tis resear* wor2 was %ase' on te analysis o" te res$onses o" te res$on'ents i.e. te Ban2&anaers.S'&[email protected] S+u!&'s

    4or te *ase stu'y $ur$ose, te se*on'ary 'ata was use' wi* was availa%le in te "or& o" -

    Pae !8 o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    :o&$any &anuals

    :o&$any a**ount in"or&ation availa%le in te Ban2 'ata%ase

    :o&$any we%site

    4inan*ial re*or's wit te Ban2

    Aen'a letter see2in te reuire' review or renewal.


    3a&$lin in e'u*ational resear* is enerally *on'u*te' in or'er to $er&it te 'etaile' stu'y o"$art, rater tan te wole, o" a $o$ulation. Te in"or&ation 'erive' "ro& te resultin sa&$leis *usto&arily e&$loye' to 'evelo$ use"ul [email protected] a%out te $o$ulation. [email protected] &ay %e in te "or& o" esti&ates o" one or &ore *ara*teristi*s asso*iate' witte $o$ulation, or tey &ay %e *on*erne' wit esti&ates o" te strent o" relationsi$s%etween *ara*teristi*s witin te $o$ulation. Provi'e' tat s*ienti"i* sa&$lin $ro*e'ures areuse', te sele*tion o" a sa&$le o"ten $rovi'es &any a'vantaes *o&$are' wit a *o&$lete

    *overae o" te $o$ulation. My resear* wor2 involve' a sa&$le stu'y o"

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    so&e 'ata is *onsi'ere' to %e too sensitive to %e 'is*lose %y te *o&$any.

    Ceavy relian*e on se*on'ary 'ata &eans tat te in"or&ation atere' is su%je*t to vali'ation.


    A. A Su!**a) Ana)@ss M+d') ?+! C!'d$ Rs# A::!asa) +? C+mm'!&a) "an#s% an

    Em:!&a) [email protected]

    0:re'it Ris2 Pre*aution Mo'el o" Reion Joint;3to*2 :o&&er*e Ban2s in :ina an' it sE&$iri*al 3tu'y, Journal o" Qiantan ?niversity (Piloso$y an' 3o*ial 3*ien*es)>>=;>#1

    Tis $a$er tal2s a%out te situation tat an enter$rise in "inan*ial *risis is una%le to re$ay te'ue loans *onstitutes te &ajor sour*e o" ris2s to *re'it assets o" *o&&er*ial %an2s. Tus it is o"$ara&ount i&$ortan*e "or *o&&er*ial %an2s to $re'i*t a *o&$anys "inan*ial *risis wit ana$$ro$riate *re'it ris2 a$$raisal &o'el as to 2ee$ su* *re'it ris2 at %ay. Tis $a$er stu'iesso&e o" te liste' *o&$anies in :ina an' esta%lises a *re'it ris2 a$$raisal %ase' on survivalanalysis usin +u Pont a$$roa*. Te &o'el $rovi'es D=I, #I an' =DI $re'i*tion*orre*tness res$e*tively "or !, an' / year ran'o&ly sele*te' sa&$les. By *o&$arin witAlt&an &o'el an' Olson &o'el an' trou ro%ustness test, it is "oun' tat tis &o'el wi**an use ti&e seuen*e an' 'e&an's no sa&$le &at* 'e&onstrates i &e'iu& an' lon ter&"ore*ast a%ility an' ro%ustness. Tese *ara*teristi*s $ut *o&&er*ial %an2s in oo' stea' inter&s o" &e'iu&;an';lon ter& *re'it ris2 &anae&ent.

    ". E*a)ua$+n +? d'&s+n su::+!$ [email protected]$'ms ?+! &!'d$ mana7'm'n$ d'&s+ns

    3. 7anuno, 3.3ar&a, P.7. Jain "ro& +e$art&ent o" stu'ies, 99T +eli

    A stu'y was *on'u*te' to evaluate te e""i*ien*y o" 'e*ision su$$ort syste& (+33) "or *re'it&anae&ent. Tis stu'y "or&e' a larer initiative to a**ess te e""e*tiveness o" te 9.T %ase'*re'it &anae&ent $ro*ess. 3u* a stu'y was ne*essitate' sin*e *re'it a$$raisal as %e*o&e aninteral su%;"un*tion o" te 9n'ian %an2s in view o" rowin in*i'en*e o" non; $er"or&inassets. Te +33 tey ave assesse' was a *re'it a$$raisal syste& 'evelo$e' %y uuattro $ro at3B9. Tis syste& el$s in analysis o" %alan*e seets, *al*ulation o" "inan*ial ratios, *as "lowanalysis, "uture $roje*tions, sensitivity analysis an' ris2 evaluation as $er 3B9 nor&s. Tey ave

    also use' a stron uassi e5$eri&ental 'esin *alle' 3olo&on s "our rou$ 'esin "or teassess&ent. 9n te e5$eri&ent te &anaers o" 3B9 wo atten'e' te trainin $rora&&e werete su%je*ts, an' te e5$eri&ent *onsiste' o" te &easure&ents tat were ta2en as $re an' $osttests. An e5$eri&ental intervention was a$$lie' %etween te $re;tests an' te $ro;tests. Teintervention or sti&ulus *onsiste' o" +33 trainin an' use. Tere were "our rou$s in tee5$eri&ent. Te sti&ulus re&aine' *onstant as tey too2 *are to ensure tat te *ourse *ontentas well as te instru*tors re&aine' te sa&e 'urin te *ourse o" te e5$eri&ent. Two weree5$eri&ental rou$s an' two were *ontrol rou$s. All "our rou$s un'erwent trainin in *re'it

    Pae != o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    &anae&ent %etween te $re an' te $ost tests. Results "ro& resear* sows tat wile te +33is e""e*tive, i&$rove&ent nee's to %e 'one in te &eto'oloy to assess su* i&$rove&ents.Moreover su* assess&ent "ra&ewor2s wile %ein a'euate "ro& a +33;*entri* view$oint 'onot res$on' to te assess&ent o" +33 in an [email protected] settin. 9n te *on*lu'in se*tion,tey ave 'is*usse' ow tis evaluative "ra&ewor2 *an %e strentene' to initiate an a*tivity

    tat will allow te lon ter& an' $ossi%ly te only &eanin"ul evaluation "ra&ewor2 "or su* asyste&.

    C. A::!asa) +n &+nsum'! &!'d$ Ban#n7 :!+du&$s ($h $h' ass'$ ua)[email protected]

    ?!am' A mu)$:)' &!$'!a a::)&a$+n

    "@Panaiotis Qi'onas, Ale5an'ros 4la&os, 3ortirios 7oussouris, +i&itrious As2ouins 69oannis Psarras "ro& National Te*ni*al ?niversity o" Atens in >>#

    9t says tat Asset uality re"ers to te li2elioo' tat te %an2s earnin assets will *ontinue to$er"or& an' reuires %ot a ualitative an' uantitative assess&ent. +e*ision $ro%le&s li2e teinternal a$$raisal o" %an2in $ro'u*ts, are $ro%le&s wit stron &ulti$le;*riteria *ara*ter

    an' it see&s tat te &eto'oloi*al "ra&ewor2 o" Multi$le :riteria +e*ision Ma2in *oul'$rovi'e a relia%le solution. 9n tis $a$er, te Asset uality %an2in in'i*ators are te, so *alle',*riteria, an' te value o" tese in'i*ators are te, so *alle', s*ores in ea* *riterion an' teP.R.O.METC.E.E. SPre"eren*e Ran2in [email protected] Meto' o" Enri*&ent Evaluations,Brans6in*2e (!D

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    9t 'is*usse' te su%je*t "inan*ial analysis "or %an2 len'in as assu&e' *onsi'era%lei&$ortan*e, $arti*ularly sin*e early !>s wen, li2e &ost o" te *ountries, 9n'ia o$te' "or te$oli*y o" li%eralisation an' lo%alisation a"ter !!.Te $resent volu&e is &eant to %e astan'ar' re"eren*e as well as te5t %oo2 on te varie' "a*ets o" "inan*ial analysis wit re"eren*eto *re'it &anae&ent %y Ban2s an' 4inan*ial 9nstitutions. Te %oo2 *onsists o" tree $arts. Part

    9 'is*usses te *on*e$ts an' tools o" 4inan*ial Analysis Part 99 e5$lains various *on*e$ts o"wor2in *a$ital in its istori*al *onte5t wile Part 999 'e&onstrates te a$$li*ation o" tesetools in te *anin *onte5t o" li%eralise' e*ono&y %y "o*usin on new *on*e$ts li2e :re'itortiness, Ris2;Analysis, :re'it Ratin, Pro'u*ts;+i""erentiation, Pri*in;+i""erentiation,Asset;ia%ility Manae&ent, et*. Te %oo2 *ontains; Ban2 en'in an' 9n'ustrial 4inan*e in9n'ia, Basi* E*ono&i*s "or Ban2ers an' Business Manaers, 9ntro'u*tion to 4un'a&entalA**ountin Prin*i$les, Pro"it an' oss A**ount (O$eratin 3tate&ent), Analysis o" Pro"it an'oss A**ount (O$eratin 3tate&ent), 3tru*ture an' Analysis o" Balan*e 3eet, Ratios as Toolso" 4inan*ial 3tate&ents Analysis, A**ountin 4lows- 9n*o&e, :as an' 4un's ,Brea2;evenAnalysis an' Marin o" 3a"ety, A$$raisal o" :a$ital Proje*ts ,New :on*e$tual 4ra&ewor2 "orAnalysis, i%[email protected]' Era an' New 4o*us o" Ban2 en'in ,Manain or2in :a$ital %y3tratei* :oi*e , 4inan*in or2in :a$ital - :on*e$tual an' Cistori*al E5$osition,

    :re'itwortiness an' :re'it Ratin - At :entre stae Nu*leus o" :re'it A$$raisal, or2in:a$ital Manae&ent;9 - MPB4 3yste& o" A$$raisal an' Bi"ur*ation o" 4un';Base' i&it inTwo :o&$onents or2in :a$ital Manae&ent;99 - Alternative Meto's o" A$$raisal,or2in :a$ital Manae&ent;999 - 4ollow;u$ an' 3u$ervision , A$$raisal o" a New Proje*t9nvolvin Ter& oan , Manae&ent o" Pro%le& A**ounts , Manae&ent o" Non;Per"or&inAssets (NPAs), Rea%ilitation o" 3i*2 9n'ustrial ?nits, or2in # :a$ital Manae&ent -:on*e$ts an' Te*niues , !st :o&&ittee on 4inan*ial 3e*tor Re"or& an' te n' :o&&itteeon Ban2in 3yste& Re"or& (7nown as Narasi&a& :o&&ittee Re$ort,!D).

    F. C+m:'$$*' ana)@ss n Ban#n7 A::!asa) +? $h' m'$h+d+)+7's

    By Ni*ola :etorelli, 3i&&ons an' 3tavins, !D

    Tis resear* $a$er as 'is*usse' a%out te ?.3. %an2in in'ustry as e5$erien*e' sini"i*antstru*tural *anes as te result o" an intense $ro*ess o" *onsoli'ation. 4ro& !#< to !#, tenu&%er o" *o&&er*ial %an2s 'e*rease' %y a%out /< $er*ent "ro&!8,/!D to ,!s, tere as %een an averae o" &ore tan 8>> &erers $er year. Te rela5ation o"intrastate %ran*in restri*tions, e""e*tive to 'i""erin 'erees in all states %y !, an' te$assae in !8 o" te 9nterstate Ban2in an' Bran*in E""i*ien*y A*t, wi* allows %an2ol'in *o&$anies to a*uire %an2s in any state an', sin*e June !, !#, to o$en interstate%ran*es, is *ertainly a**eleratin te $ro*ess o" *onsoli'ation. Tese sini"i*ant *anes raisei&$ortant $oli*y *on*erns. On te one an', one *oul' arue tat %an2s are &erin to "ullye5$loit $otential e*ono&ies o" s*ale an'Hor s*o$e. Te $ossi%le i&$rove&ents in e""i*ien*y &ay

    translate into wel"are ains "or te e*ono&y, to te e5tent tat *usto&ers $ay lower $ri*es "or%an2s servi*es or are a%le to o%tain ier uality servi*es or servi*es tat *oul' not ave %eeno""ere' %e"ore.On te oter an', "ro& te $oint o" view o" $u%li* $oli*y it is eually i&$ortant to "o*us on tee""e*t o" tis restru*turin $ro*ess on te *o&$etitive *on'itions o" te %an2in in'ustry. +o%an2s ain &ar2et $ower "ro& &erinU 9" so, tey will %e a%le to *are ier tan*o&$etitive $ri*es "or teir $ro'u*ts, tus in"li*tin wel"are *osts tat *oul' &ore tan o""setany $resu&e' %ene"it asso*iate' wit &erers. 9n tis arti*le, analysis o" *o&$etition in te

    Pae !D o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    %an2in in'ustry is 'one ilitin a very "un'a&ental issue- Cow &ar2et $ower is &easure'an' ow 'o reulators rely on a**urate an' e""e*tive $ro*e'ures to evaluate te *o&$etitivee""e*ts o" a &erer.

    6. Pa!$a) &!'d$ 7ua!an$''s P!n&:)'s and :!a&$&'

    Journal O" 4inan*ial 3ta%ilityPatri*2 Conoan, Trinity :ollee +u%lin, 9relan'

    Partial *re'it uarantee s*e&es ave e5$erien*e' renewe' interest "ro& overn&ents 2een to$ro&ote "inan*ial a**ess "or s&all enter$rises, not least as a res$onse to te *re'it *run* ina'van*e' e*ono&ies. ile te &ar2et *an "in' uses "or $artial *re'it uarantees, teattra*tions "or $u%li* $oli*y *an %e illusory, in'ee' teir &ost attra*tive "eature "or &yo$i*$oliti*ians &ay %e te ease wit wi* te true *ost o" uarantees *an %e un'erstate', at least atte outset. 9n $ra*ti*e, te a*tual "is*al *ost o" e5istin s*e&es as varie' wi'ely a*ross*ountries an' as re$resente' a i $er 'ollar su%si'y in so&e *ases. +es$ite te re*enta$$li*ation o" so&e innovative te*niues, te so*ial %ene"it o" su* s*e&es as $rove'

    'i""i*ult to esti&ate, not %e*ause teir oals ave %een vaue. O$erational 'esin as in"luen*e'te *ost an' a$$arent e""e*tiveness o" 'i""erent s*e&es an' as also varie' wi'ely. :lear an'$re*ise oals, aainst wi* $er"or&an*e is reularly &onitore', realisti* $ri*in veri"ie' %y*onsistent an' trans$arent a**ountin, an' attention to te in*entive "eatures o" o$erational'esin, es$e*ially "or te inter&e'iaries, are a&on te $rereuisites "or su* s*e&es to ave aoo' *an*e o" truly a*ievin i&$rove&ents in so*ial wel"are.

    H. A::)&a$+n +? O:$+n n #nd n P!+='&$ C!'d$ A::!asa)

    Yan Cui Resear* o" te a&[email protected] 'e*ision; &a2in %ase' on o$tion $ri*in &o'el, Journalo" Ce%ei ?niversity o" Enineerin (Natural 3*ien*e E'ition) >>;>

    A lot o" resear* wor2 as %een 'one a%out o$tion in 2in' %y s*olars in te $ast > years witte *on*lusion tat "le5i%ility in 'e*ision &a2in 'oes a'' value to overall a$$raisal o" a$roje*t. Cowever, su* resear* is *on'u*te' %asi*ally "ro& te $oint o" view o" $roje*t&anae&ent. 9n tis $a$er, te %ul2 o" attention is lai' on te role o" o$tion in 2in' in *re'ita$$raisal. 4in'ins sow tat- wen o$tion in 2in' is in*or$orate' in te tra'itional $roje*ta$$raisal "eaturin 'is*ounte' *as "low, i;te* $roje*t a$$raisal will %e*o&e &ore "a*tual an'in*lusive. Analysis o" 'e*ision;&a2in o$tion in $roje*t invest&ent will el$ to i&$rove tea%ility o" loan o""i*ers to "oresee ris2 ten'en*ies, evaluate un*ertainties in "uture o$erations an'turn $roje*t rits into %an2in rits %y a''in %in'in *lauses in *ontra*ts to lower %an2in*re'it ris2s.

    I. C+!:+!a$' Fnan&n7 and n*'s$m'n$ d'&s+ns (h'n ?!ms ha*' n?+!ma$+n $ha$n*'s$+!s d+ n+$ ha*'.

    3tewart :.Myers , M9THNBER, :a&%ri'e, MA >!/,?3ANi*olas 3.Majlu", >>

    Tis $a$er 'raws on Majlu" (!#D) an' an earlier (!#D) joint wor2in $a$er, %ut it asun'erone several &ajor revisions an' e5$ansions. 9t *onsi'ers a "ir& tat &ust issue *o&&on

    Pae ! o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    sto*2 to raise *as to un'erta2e a valua%le invest&ent o$$ortunity. Manae&ent is assu&e' to2now &ore a%out te "ir&s value tan $otential investors. 9nvestors inter$ret te "ir& s a*tionrationally. An euili%riu& &o'el o" te issue;invest 'e*ision is 'evelo$e' un'er teseassu&$tions. Te &o'el sows tat "ir&s &ay re"use to issue sto*2, an' tere"ore &ay $ass u$valua%le invest&ent o$$ortunities. Te &o'el suests e5$lanations "or several as$e*ts o"

    *or$orate "inan*in %eavior, in*lu'in te ten'en*y to rely on internal sour*es o" "un's, an' to$re"er 'e%t to euity i" e5ternal "inan*in is reuire'. E5tensions an' a$$li*ations o" te &o'elare 'is*usse'.

    J. "an#n7 S$!a$'[email protected]% C!'d$ A::!asa)% and L'ndn7 D'&s+ns

    A Ris2; Return 4ra&ewor2Batta*arya, Crisi2es

    Ban2s an' "inan*ial institutions are "a*e' wit two a$$arently *on"li*tin $eno&ena; interestrate 'ereulation on te one an' an' *a$ital a'eua*y reuire&ents an' $ru'ential nor&s onte oter. 9n su* a situation, tese institutions nee' to wor2 out a stratei* "ra&ewor2 wi*

    &ust evolve aroun' te $ro"it o%je*tive so as to %uil' u$ uality loan;assets $ort"olios an' toensure a'euate *a$ital rowt. Tis %oo2 as $rovi'e' a *o&$reensive analysis o" len'instrateies, *re'it a$$raisal, ris2 analysis, an' len'in 'e*isions witin te overall o%je*tives o" alen'in [email protected] 9t ta2es into a**ount re*ent lo%al 'evelo$&ents in te %an2in se*tor aswell as *anes in te notion o" %an2in. 9t in*lu'es *a$ters wi* 'is*uss to$i*al issues su*as te i&$a*t o" *a$ital reulation on te ris2 attitu'e an' $ro"ita%ility o" %an2s, strateies to$rote*t %an2s "ro& a liui'ity *risis, an' te nee' o" a $ort"olio a$$roa* in 'evelo$in &o'els"or *re'it e5$osure an' loan &anae&ent witin a ris2;return "ra&ewor2. 9t $rovi'es tene*essary 'etails to 'evelo$ te e5$ertise nee'e' to &anae "inan*e an' *re'it in %an2in an'elsewere in te "inan*ial se*tor.

    K. 0C!'d$ Rs# and C+mm'!&a) "an#:'!?+!man&' n N7'!a A :an') m+d') a::!+a&h

    By 7ola$o ,T.4onso an' O7E, M. Ojo, +e$art&ent o" Ban2in an' 4inan*e, 4a*ulty o"Manae&ent 3*ien*es, E2iti 3tate ?niversity, A'o;E2iti, NieriaAn' Ayeni R. 7ola'e (P.+), +e$art&ent o" E*ono&i*s, 4a*ulty o" 3o*ial 3*ien*es

    Te stu'y *arrie' out an e&$iri*al investiation into te uantitative e""e*t o" *re'it ris2 on te$er"or&an*e o" *o&&er*ial %an2s in Nieria over te $erio' o" !! years (>>>;>!>). 4ive*o&&er*ial %an2in "ir&s were sele*te' on a *ross se*tional %asis "or eleven years. Tetra'itional $ro"it teory was e&$loye' to "or&ulate $ro"it, &easure' %y Return on Asset (ROA),as a "un*tion o" te ratio o" Non;$er"or&in loan to loan 6 A'van*es (NPHA), ratio o" Totalloan 6 A'van*es to Total 'e$osit (AHT+) an' te ratio o" loan loss $rovision to *lassi"ie'

    loans (PH:) as &easures o" *re'it ris2. Panel &o'el analysis was use' to esti&ate te'eter&inants o" te $ro"it "un*tion. Te results sowe' tat te e""e*t o" *re'it ris2 on %an2$er"or&an*e &easure' %y te Return on Assets o" %an2s is *ross;se*tional invariant. Tat is tee""e*t is si&ilar a*ross %an2s in Nieria, tou te 'eree to wi* in'ivi'ual %an2s area""e*te' is not *a$ture' %y te &eto' o" analysis e&$loye' in te stu'y. A !>> $er*entin*rease in non;$er"or&in loan re'u*es $ro"ita%ility (ROA) %y a%out =. $er*ent, a !>> $er*entin*rease in loan loss $rovision also re'u*es $ro"ita%ility %y a%out >.=>$er*ent in*rease in total loan an' a'van*es in*rease $ro"ita%ility %y a%out .= $er*ent. Base' on

    Pae > o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    "in'ins, it was re*o&&en'e' tat %an2s in Nieria soul' enan*e teir *a$a*ity in *re'itanalysis an' loan a'&inistration wile te reulatory autority soul' $ay &ore attention to%an2s*o&$lian*e to relevant $rovisions o" te Ban2 an' oter 4inan*ial 9nstitutions A*t(!) an' $ru'ential ui'elines.

    L. An In*'s$7a$+n n$+ $h' P!a&$&' +? and E:'!'n&' n E$'ndn7 C!'d$ $+ Sma)) andM'dum,SG'd En$'!:!s's n H+n7 K+n7,,On Th'! Da$a $+ In)and "an#n7 [email protected]

    By :en Jian:re'it sortae in*urre' %y 3M3 enter$rises is a ar' nut aroun' te lo%e. at as %eena*ieve' %y %an2s in Con 7on in tis res$e*t $rovi'es oo' e5$erien*e to teir inlan'*ounter$arts. 4ro& &a*roe*ono&i* $ers$e*tive, oo' &ar2et environ&ent $lus a 'own;to;eartattitu'e is wat &a2es *re'it %usiness to 3M3 enter$rises in Con 7on a su**ess. At te sa&eti&e, teir "le5i%le %usiness stru*ture, s*ienti"i* *re'it a$$raisal syste&, es$e*ially wi'ely use'anti*i$atory 'e"ault rate, &o'erate e*ono&i* s*ale, stri*t syste& *ontrol, &a5i&u& *usto&ervalue, &ulti;&o'e uarantee a$$roa*es an' sustaina%le %usiness innovation are all areas wort

    learnin. 9nlan' %an2s will un'ero a lon an' ra'ual $ro*ess %e"ore tey are rea'y to o$en*re'it %usiness to 3M3 enter$rises. But now te "o*us soul' %e on &a2in %rea2trous insu* %asi* "iel's as [email protected] stru*ture 'esin, &ar2et se&entation, te*ni*al $re$arationan' in'ustrial analysis so as to ain e5$erien*e "or a &assive entry into te *re'it &ar2et "or3M3 enter$rises in "uture.

    M. Im:a&$ +? C!'d$ Rs# +n $h' P!+?$aB)[email protected] +? N7'!an "an#s

    By 7ari (>!!)

    4inan*ial ratios as &easures o" %an2 $er"or&an*e an' *re'it ris2 were *olle*te' "ro& te annual

    re$orts an' a**ounts o" sa&$le' %an2s "ro& >>8;>>D an' [email protected]' usin 'es*ri$tive,*orrelation an' reression te*niues. Te "in'ins reveale' tat *re'it ris2 &anae&ent as asini"i*ant i&$a*t on te $ro"ita%ility o" Nierian %an2s. 9t *on*lu'e' tat %an2s $ro"ita%ilityis inversely in"luen*e' %y te levels o" loans an' a'van*es, non;$er"or&in loans an' 'e$ositstere%y e5$osin te& to reat ris2 o" illiui'ity an' 'istress. E$ure an' a"uente (>!)e5a&ine' %an2 $er"or&an*e in te $resen*e o" ris2 "or :osta;Ri*an %an2in in'ustry 'urin!D;>>#. Te results sowe' tat $er"or&an*e i&$rove&ents "ollow reulatory *anes an'tat ris2 e5$lains 'i""eren*es in %an2s an' non;$er"or&in loans neatively a""e*t e""i*ien*yan' return on assets wile te *a$ital a'eua*y ratio as a $ositive i&$a*t on te net interest&arin.

    N. E*a)ua$+n +? $h' R')a$+nsh: B'$(''n "an# :'!?+!man&' and &!'d$ !s# mana7'm'n$

    By 4eli5 an' :lau'ine (>>D)

    9t *oul' %e in"erre' "ro& teir "in'ins tat return on euity (ROE) an' return on assets (ROA)%ot &easurin $ro"ita%ility were inversely relate' to te ratio o" non;$er"or&in loan to totalloan o" "inan*ial institutions tere%y lea'in to a 'e*line in $ro"ita%ility. A&a' an' Ari""(>>#) e5a&ine' te 2ey 'eter&inants o" *re'it ris2 o" *o&&er*ial %an2s on e&erin e*ono&y%an2in syste&s *o&$are' wit te 'evelo$e' e*ono&ies. Te stu'y "oun' tat reulation is

    Pae ! o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    i&$ortant "or %an2in syste&s tat o""er &ulti;$ro'u*ts an' servi*es &anae&ent uality is*riti*al in te *ases o" loan;'o&inant %an2s in e&erin e*ono&ies. An in*rease in loan loss$rovision is also *onsi'ere' to %e a sini"i*ant 'eter&inant o" $otential *re'it ris2. Te stu'y"urter ilite' tat *re'it ris2 in e&erin e*ono&y %an2s is ier tan tat in 'evelo$e'e*ono&ies.

    O. Im:a&$ +? "an#s s:'&?& !s# &ha!a&$'!s$&s and $h' +*'!a)) "an#n7 En*!+nm'n$

    By Al;7ouri (>!!)

    Te i&$a*t o" %an2s s$e*i"i* ris2 *ara*teristi*s, an' te overall %an2in environ&ent on te$er"or&an*e o" 8/ *o&&er*ial %an2s o$eratin in = o" te Gul" :oo$eration :oun*il (G::)*ountries over te $erio' !D;>>D was assesse'. ?sin "i5e' e""e*t reression analysis,results sowe' tat *re'it ris2, liui'ity ris2 an' *a$ital ris2 are te &ajor "a*tors tat a""e*t%an2 $er"or&an*e wen $ro"ita%ility is &easure' %y return on assets wile te only ris2 tata""e*ts $ro"ita%ility wen &easure' %y return on euity is liui'ity ris2. Ben;Na*eur an' O&ran(>>D) in atte&$t to e5a&ine te in"luen*e o" %an2 reulations, *on*entration, "inan*ial an'

    institutional 'evelo$&ent on *o&&er*ial %an2Fs &arin an' $ro"ita%ility in Mi''le East an'Nort A"ri*a (MENA) *ountries "ro& !D;>>< "oun' tat %an2 *[email protected] an' *re'it ris2ave $ositive an' sini"i*ant i&$a*t on %an2Fs net interest &arin, *ost e""i*ien*y an'$ro"ita%ility.

    P. L+an L+ss :!+*s+n [email protected]

    A&e', Ta2e'a an' 3awn (!D)

    9t was *on*lu'e' in teir stu'y tat loan loss $rovision as a sini"i*ant $ositive in"luen*e onnon;$er"or&in loans. Tere"ore, an in*rease in loan loss $rovision in'i*ates an in*rease in*re'it ris2 an' 'eterioration in te uality o" loans *onseuently a""e*tin %an2 $er"or&an*ea'versely.


    Te results o" te stu'y are $resente' in tis re$ort *o&&en*in wit a %rie" 'es*ri$tion o" testru*ture an' sini"i*an*e o" Proje*t A$$raisal in te ensuin :a$ter 99. Tis *a$ter alsoin*lu'es a 'etaile' stu'y o" te $roje*t wi* woul' serve as n'loo2 at te $roje*t 'etails %y a$erson wo is in no way involve' in te $re$aration o" te sai' 'etails. Analysis o" te %an2inin'ustry "ro& lo%al an' 9n'ian $ers$e*tives an' te :o&$any an' Proje*t $ro"iles is *arrie'out in :a$ter 999 wit a view to ju'in wat level o" *on"i'en*e *oul' %e atta*e' to teProje*t *as "lows an' via%ility. 9n te ensuin *a$ter 9, 'etaile' analysis on various "ronts

    li2e te "inan*ial analysis, ris2 analysis, $eer rou$ analysis an' te 3OT analysis as %een$resente' wit a view to ju'in te ro%ustness o" te $roje*t via%ility an' its *as "lows wi*investors an' len'ers woul' nor&ally loo2 to %e"ore $uttin in teir &oney. As it was reuire'to $la*e s$e*ial e&$asis on te leal re&e'ies "or te re*overy te loan, an overview an'*ertain s$e*ial "eatures asso*iate' wit tis sour*e o" Proje*t are %rout out in :a$ter .Base' on te a"oresai' $resentation an' analyses, *ertain "in'ins an' *on*lusions ave %een'rawn an' re*o&&en'ations &a'e "or sueste' "inan*ial stru*tures wi* are $resente' in:a$ter 9.

    Pae o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar



    PROJE:T APPRA93A; 3TR?:T?RE 6 39GN949:AN:E

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    "or %orrowers wo are enae' in &anu"a*turin, servi*es an' tra'in a*tivities an' woreuire "un' %ase' : "inan*e o" a%ove Rs.< *rores.

    :as %u'et &eto' is use' "or assessin : "inan*e "or seasonal in'ustries li2e suar, tea an'*onstru*tion a*tivity. Tis &eto' is use' "or san*tion o" a' o* : li&its. 9n tese *ases, te

    reuire' "inan*e is uanti"ie' "ro& te $roje*te' *as "lows an' not "ro& te $roje*te' valueso" *urrent assets an' *urrent lia%ilities. Oter as$e*ts o" assess&ent li2e e5a&ination o" "un's"low, $ro"ita%ility, "inan*ial $ara&eters, et*. are also *arrie' out.?n'er te turnover &eto', wor2in *a$ital reuire&ent is *o&$ute' at a &ini&u&

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar





    8.;.; 6LO"AL SCENARIO

    9n its &ost re*ent stu'y o" te lo%al %an2in in'ustry, u*intelFs resear* in'i*ates tat [email protected] soverein 'e%t *risis is li2ely to i&$a*t te rate o" sort;ter& rowt in telo%al %an2in in'ustry. Total in'ustry assets, owever, are "ore*ast to rea* an esti&ate'?3 L!=/,>!# wit a :AGR o" DI over te ne5t "ive years.

    u*intel, a lea'in lo%al Manae&ent :onsultinan' &ar2et resear* "ir&, as [email protected]'te lo%al %an2in in'ustry an' $resents its "in'ins in 6)+Ba) "an#n7 [email protected])@ss !! an' as e5*ellent $otential to row ra$i'ly 'urin te"ore*ast $erio'. Euro$e 'o&inates te lo%al %an2in in'ustry wit 8/I o" total &ar2etsare. Te Asia Pa*i"i* %an2in in'ustry, owever, rew &u* "aster tan %ot teEuro$ean an' Nort A&eri*an reions 'urin >>=;>!!. Asia Pa*i"i* *ontinues to $ossessue o$$ortunity "or in'ustry rowt. Risin $er *a$ita in*o&e in te reion is e5$e*te' to'rive *onsu&er savins an' invest&ent in %an2in se*tor. Te &assive un%an2e'$o$ulation in 9n'ia an' :ina o""ers i&&ense o$$ortunity "or %an2in *o&$anies. TeNort A&eri*an %an2in in'ustry is anti*i$ate' to row &o'estly in te near ter&. Te Rest

    o" orl'Fs in'ustry rowt traje*tory o""ers o$$ortunity "or *o&$anies to e5$an' teir%usiness in tose nations.

    Euro$eFs 'e%t *risis an' te lare overn&ent %u'et 'e"i*it in te ?3 are e5$e*te' tore'u*e overn&ent s$en'in, resultin in sluis sort;ter& e*ono&i* rowt in %otreions. Risin &i''le *lass $o$ulations an' es*alatin ouseol' in*o&es in e&erin&ar2ets $rovi'e su%stantial o$$ortunity "or lo%al %an2s. Ra$i' te*noloi*al a'van*es arelea'in to 'ra&ati* si"ts in te %an2in in'ustry as te $ro*essin *ost $er transa*tion is

    Pae # o" #!
  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    a$$roa*in @ero wile si&ultaneously i&$rovin e""i*ien*y. Tese a'vantaes are li2ely toin*rease tra'in volu&es at te institutional level.

    u*intelFs resear* in'i*ates tat 'es$ite te *o&%ination o" &arin $ressure, sluisrowt in new assets an' 'e*line in "ee in*o&e, retail %an2in revenue woul' re&ain

    relatively &ore sta%le. Peo$le will always nee' %asi* %an2in servi*es an' te retailse&ent is tra'itionally less volatile ten *or$orate an' invest&ent %an2in se&ent.

    Tis stu'y $rovi'es a *on*ise overview o" te lo%al %an2in in'ustry. Te re$ort tra*2stree in'ustry se&ents "or "our reions tus, it tra*2s ! se&ents o" te lo%al %an2inin'ustry. Te stu'yFs s*o$e is li&ite' to annual tren's "or te $ast "ive years an' "ore*asts"or te ne5t si5 years, el$in e5e*utives $lan "or teir inventory an' resour*es. Tis re$ortin*lu'es "ee in*o&e earne' %y %an2s "ro& %an2 assuran*e, %ut e5*lu'es te $re&iu&in*o&e "ro& insuran*e.


    K'@ P+n$s


    Ja&&u An' 7as&ir Ban2 i&ite' (J 6 7) was in*or$orate' in !st O*to%er o" te year!/D an' *o&&en*e' its %usiness "ro& 8t July o" te year !/ at in 7as&ir (9n'ia). TeBan2 was te "irst in te *ountry as a state owne' %an2. 9t o""ers %an2in servi*es un'er tetree &ajor 'ivisions as 3u$$ort servi*es, +e$ository servi*es an' Tir' $arty servi*es.Presently, te %an2 as &ore tan %ran*es un'er its *ontrol to serve te *usto&ersa*ross te *ountry. A**or'in to te e5ten'e' :entral laws o" te state, Ja&&u 6 7as&irBan2 was 'e"ine' as a overn&ent o" *o&$any as $er te $rovision o" 9n'ian *o&$anies a*t!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    te year >>8, J67 Ban2 aree' wit 9:9:9 Ban2 to sare te ATM networ2. 9n te sa&eyear te %an2 a' re*eive' te Asian Ban2in Awar' >>8 in Manila "or its *usto&er*onvenien*e $rora&&e. 3ine' Mo? wit Bajaj Te&$o in te year o" >>8. +urin teyear >>=, J67 o$ene' its %ran*es in :ennai, 7an$ur, Ara an' 7ol2ata. Also in tesa&e year intro'u*e' new $ro'u*t an' servi*es "or rural "inan*e. +urin te $erio' o" >>=;

    >>#, te %an2 intro'u*e' various i;te* an' *usto&er "rien'ly $ro'u*ts. Te Ban2 an'TATA :onsultan*y 3ervi*es (T:3), Asias larest 9T *o&$any sine' a Me&oran'u& o"?n'erstan'in (Mo?) to sinal teir intent to wor2 toeter to *reate an 9T %lue;$rint "orte %an2. Goin "orwar' wit its renewe' %usiness stratey, J 6 7 Ban2 a' o$ene' its

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    J67 Ban2Fs *ontinue' "o*us on all areas o" %an2in 'urin te $ast two years aswon te %an2 "our national awar's ; 0Te 3un'ay 3tan'ar' 49N9W;>! BestBan2ersF Awar's1.

    J67 Ban2 as %een awar'e' as te %est Ban2 in te $restiious Dun & Bradstreet

    (D&B) Polaris Software Bankin !wards "#$$. Te awar' was *on"erre' in te*ateory "or 0Rural Rea*; Private 3e*tor1.

    Te Ban2 was awar'e' Best Ban2er in 4inan*ial 9n*lusion an' :usto&er4rien'linessF an' 'e*lare' runner u$ "or Best Ban2er in Priority 3e*tor Growt an'Ari*ultural :re'itF.

    9n re*onition o" its $er"or&an*e an' initiatives, J67 Ban2 as e&ere' as te 0BestBan21 in te 0Ol' Private 3e*tor Ban21 *ateory at te :NB: T!D 9n'ia Best Ban2an' 4inan*ial 9nstitution Awar's "or 4Y!

    J67 Ban2Fs Annual Re$ort >>D;> as won tree awar's at te $restiious A:P>> ision Awar's X te worl'Fs larest awar' $rora&&e "or Annual Re$orts,[email protected]' %y :ali"ornia;%ase' eaue o" A&eri*an :o&&uni*ations Pro"essionals(A:P), ?3A.



    9. MAIN TET

    Te E'u*ation Grou$ was esta%lise' in !. E'u*ation Pvt. t'. was involve' intra'itional %usiness o" BesanHri*eHoil et*. Grou$ a' e5$ort %usiness o" ri*e 'urin te$erio' !;/ to !D;. Te rou$ *o&&en*e' e5$ort %usiness o" rea'y&a'e ar&ents

    'urin >>!;> an' "urter entere' in e'u*ational se&ent in >>8;>> *rore 'urin 4Y>!>;!! an' PBT was &ore tan Rs !/ *rore. Te rou$&anaes various s*ools He'u*ational institutions 'etail o" wi* is iven in su%seuent$arara$s.

    Now te rou$ $ro$oses to set u$ a ?niversity "or ier e'u*ation in te "iel' o"Enineerin an' Manae&ent *ourses at illae 7ara1 (na&e *ane') state Caryana wit$roje*t *ost o" !> *rore.

    Pae /> o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    :ivil wor2 "or te $roje*t as alrea'y starte'. Total *ost o" te $roje*t is *onsi'ere' at !>*rore wi* is $ro$ose' to %e &et wit +ER o" -!. :o&$any $ro$oses to raise ter& 'e%t o"Rs D> *rore an' te a&ount o" Rs 8> *rore is to %e *ontri%ute' %y te $ro&oters in te sa$eo" sare *a$ital an' unse*ure' loans. Te $roje*t woul' %e i&$le&ente' in a $erio' o" .>> stu'ents. :o&$any $ro$ose' to *onstru*t total area o"

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    o" enineerin, s*ien*e, &e'i*al, *o&&er*e, arts, &anae&ent an' any "a*ulty o" e'u*ationto run &anae&ent 6 *o&$uter trainin institutions not wit te &otive o" $ro"it.


    D 3e*urity +e$osits >.!>ran& To'a( )%**


    :ost o" *ontinen*y is *onsi'ere' at 8.=> :rs > I o" ar' *ost o" te $roje*t wi* is



    Te $roje*t woul' %e i&$le&ente' in a $erio' o" .< years an' *o&$any $ro$oses to raise'e%t o" Rs.D> *rore. 9nterest 'urin *onstru*tion as %een assu&e' at Rs.!8.#= *rore at rateo" interest o" !/.#.>> *rore as sare *a$ital an'

    Rs.>.>> *rore as unse*ure' loans "ro& $ro&oters. Pro&oters ave alrea'y *ontri%ute'a&ount o" Rs.!>.< *rore as sare *a$ital 6 Rs.!8.8 *rores as unse*ure' loan u$ to D t

    4e%ruary >!/ as $er :.A *erti"i*ate. Pro&oters ave interest in several rou$ *o&$anies an'annual turnover o" rou$ *o&$anies ave re&aine' at Rs.!8! *rore an' reistere' $ro"ita"ter ta5 o" Rs.!.# *rore in >!>;!!.

    ?nse*ure' loan will %e interest "ree an' will %e ta2en "ro& *o&$any 'ire*tors, sareol'ers,teir "a&ily &e&%ers, *lose relatives an' "rien's. 7ee$in in view te $ast tra*2 re*or', [email protected]

    Pae /8 o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    o" te rou$, net wort o" te $ro&otersH uarantors an' rou$ e5$ort turnover e5*ee'in Rs.!8! :rs. 'urin >!>;!!, te $ro&oters o" *o&$any will %e a%le to %rin its *ontri%ution inte $roje*t witout any 'i""i*ulty. Ban2 &ay "urter sti$ulate to %rin I u$"ront*ontri%ution %e"ore release o" ter& loan.

    T'!m L+an:o&$any as envisae' availin ter& loan o" Rs.D>.>> *rore wit +ER o" -! "ori&$le&entation o" te $roje*t.

    Nature o" te 4a*ility Ter& oan

    oan A&ount Rs.D>.>> *rore

    +e%t Euity Ratio -!

    Rate o" 9nterest Base Rate Z /I wit annual reset

    9&$le&entation $erio' . years

    Moratoriu& $erio' years

    Re$ay&ent $erio' D stru*ture' uarterly install&ents

    +oor;to;'oor tenor !!. years

    3e*urity O""ere' Euita%le Mortae o" lan' 6 Buil'in o" te $roje*t at illae7ara +istri*t an' y$ote*ation o" te entire "i5e' assets o" te*o&$any(&ova%le an' i&&ova%le) o" te $roje*t

    :entral Ban2 o" 9n'ia as un'erwritten entire ter& loan "a*ility o" Rs.D>.>> *rore, out o"wi* :B9 will %e retainin Rs.8>.>> *rore an' %alan*e to %e 'own sol' to Ban2s. As $erte last :.A. *erti"i*ate, :B9 as 'is%urse' an a&ount o" Rs./#.D *rore u$ to D.>.>!/


    .Rs% Crore

    Year I Year II Year III Year IV Year V Year VI Year VII Year VIII Year IX

    2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23



    0.23 13.72 24.66 34.11 36.63 37.73 37.66 38.04 38.56Equity infused by company to meet out cash losses

    INTEREST ON TERM LOAN11.00 11.00 10.73 9.90 8.53 6.88 5.23 3.30 1.10

    T!a" I#$"%11.23 24.72 35.38 44.01 45.15 44.60 42.88 41.34 39.66

    INTEREST ON TERM LOAN11.00 11.00 10.73 9.90 8.53 6.88 5.23 3.30 1.10

    INSTALMENT ON TERM LOAN 4.00 8.00 12.00 12.00 12.00 16.00 16.00

    Pae /< o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    T!a" &!$"%11.00 11.00 14.73 17.90 20.53 18.88 17.23 19.30 17.10

    '( S( C( R(1.02 2.25 2.40 2.46 2.20 2.36 2.49 2.14 2.32

    A)era*e '( S( C( R( 2(11

    Te +e%t 3ervi*e :overae Ratio (+3:R) wor2s out to %e .!! (wit &ini&u& o" !.>)wi* is *onsi'ere' to %e reasona%le an' satis"a*tory. Cowever +3:R 'urin te "irst yearo" o$erations is low as inta2e o" stu'ents woul' %e "or te "irst year o" res$e*tive estee&only. Cen*e Ban2 sall sti$ulate tat $ro&otersH*o&$any to in'u*t "un's in *ase o" sort"all in revenues "ro& its resour*es.

    ,%-%-%, RATIOS



    Pa!$&u)a!s FY .# 8>.= 8.#D 8/.#>

    3 E"IDTA !!./ 8.# /! 8

    2 N'$ P!+?$

    B'?+!' Ta

    ;!!.D /.D8 !D =./8

    Cash A&&!ua)s >./ !/.# 8.== /8.!! /=.=/ /#.#/

    ;- 6!+ss P!+?$


    !>..DI #>.D< I

    ;; N'$ P!+?$


    ;#>.>! I !!.D8I /8.DI 8I .DI



    o Pro&oters sta2e in te $roje*t is 8> *rore out o" te total $roje*t *ost o" Rs !> *rore

    out o" wi* *o&$any sall %rin > *rore ( sare *a$ital ) > *rore ( unse*ure' loans"ro& $ro&oters).

    o :o&$any is $resently 'e%t "ree.

    Pae /= o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    o 9n*o&e re$resents te in*o&e earne' trou *ollee "ees "ro& stu'ents, Costel 'ues

    Mis* "ees 6 in*o&e "ro& %an2 4+RFs.o 4A:R a"ter *o&$letion o" $roje*t *o&es out to !.8< %y ta2in %oo2 value o" lan'

    wi* is Rs /.= *rore. Cowever, te 4A:R i&$roves to .>8 %y *onsi'erin te$resent [email protected]%le value o" lan' at Rs .=# *rore as $er valuation %y MHs PR

    asso*iates.o Te net $ro"it 'urin 4Y >!8;!< is neative *onsi'erin tat it will %e "irst year o"

    o$eration an' less no. o" stu'ents a'&itte'. Te *as a**ruals owever are $ositive"ro& !styear o" o$erations 'ue to i 'e$re*iation. Te *o. esti&ates to earn te net$ro"it "ro& 4Y >!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    ; A&&+un$n7 !a$' +? !'$u!n +n &a:$a) +! n*'s$m'n$X Tis is *al*ulate' as a $er*entaeo" o$eratin $ro"it on total invest&ent an' is a *ru'e &eto' o" esti&atin "inan*ialvia%ility o" te $roje*t an' su""ers "ro& "ollowin-

    A. Te $er*entae in'i*ator will vary "ro& year to year in view o" te variations ino$eratin $ro"it. 9t &ay %e 'i""i*ult to i'enti"y one "iure wi* *orre*tly re$resentste return on te total *a$ital e&$loye'.

    B. Te ter& *a$ital is vaue an' is su%je*t to &ore tan one inter$retation. 9t is not *learweter te return soul' %e *al*ulate' on te euity *a$ital or total e*ono&i* li"e o"te $roje*t in tis te*niue.

    :. 9t is not *lear as to wat soul' %e o$eratin $erio' o" te $roje*t on wi* te returnon *a$ital soul' %e *al*ulate'. Tere is no %asi* assu&$tion rear'in te totale*ono&i* li"e o" te $roje*t in tis te*niue.

    +. 9t inores te ti&e value o" &oney *on*e$t . a ru$ee earne' to&orrow is wort less

    tan a ru$ee in an' to'ay. Earlier we et te return, it *arries reater value to us.

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    ') An a**e$ta%le $ri*e earnins ratio "or euity sares an'e) Te in'ustrial rowt rate assu&$tion a**e$te' %y te overn&ent or

    $lannin autorities.

    9 In$'!na) Ra$' +? R'$u!n, IRR is te rate o" 'is*ount tat &a2es te 'is*ounte' value o"te net *as "low "ro& a $roje*t just eual to te a&ount wi* as to %e investe' too%tain tat net *as "low. 9t is also tat rate o" 'is*ount wi* ives te $roje*t an NPeual to @ero an' te *ost %ene"it ratio eual to one.

    Te "irst a$$ro5i&ation &ay %e o%taine' %y 'ivi'in te invest&ent %y te averae annual*as "low over te li"e o" $roje*t an' ten loo2in at te *o&$oun' interest ta%les to "in' wi**o&$oun' rate o" interest in te last year o" te $roje*t li"e euals te result o%taine' %y 'ivision.

    9.>=;>#. Caryana also to$$e'

    Pae / o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    te list in ter&s o" $er *a$ita invest&ent in te "is*al year >># wit an invest&ent o" rs.!, D=,>8>>>*rore , te $roje*t will %e 9n'iaFs larest3EW s$rea' over >> a*res. Te state as a 'evelo$e' %an2in syste& wit over 8> %an2

    %ran*es. Te two worl' *lass "inan*ial u%s o" Caryana, Guraon an' 4ari'a%a' lie on te soutwest o" te state Caryana.

    C+mmun&a$+n and M'da

    Caryana as a state;wi'e networ2 o" ily e""i*ient tele*o&&uni*ation "a*ilities. Barat 3an*arNia& i&ite' (B3N) an' &ost o" te lea'in $rivate se*tor $layers (su* as Relian*e 9n"o*o&,Tata Teleservi*es, Barti Tele*o&, 9'ea an' o'a"one Essar) ave o$erations in te state.9&$ortant areas aroun' +eli are also an interal $art o" te lo*al +eli Mo%ileTele*o&&uni*ation 3yste&. Tis networ2 syste& woul' easily *over &ajor towns li2e 4ari'a%a',Guraon, Baa'urar an' 7un'li.

    E&+n+m& R'?+!ms

    Te e*ono&i* re"or&s initiate' in te *ountry in !! %rout a%out a $ara'i& si"t in tea$$roa* to e*ono&i* rowt, in'[email protected] an' in*o&e 'istri%ution. Guraon %ein anu$*o&in u% o" %usiness *enter as a&$le s*o$e "or te 'evelo$&ent o" servi*e in'ustry,te*ni*al,trainin,resear*,event &anae&ent an' Retail Manae&ent, wi* reuires teservi*es o" well;traine' an' uali"ie' $ro"essionals in various "iel's. As state' earlier te rou$itsel" reuires tousan's o" "ully traine' Manae&ent an' oter $ro"essional witin te Grou$ inte ne5t two to tree years. Te overn&entFs li%[email protected] an' e*ono&i* re"or&s $rora& ai&sat ra$i' an' su%stantial e*ono&i* rowt an' a ar&[email protected]' interation wit te lo%al e*ono&y.Te *anin lo%al an' 'o&esti* environ&ent reuires reorientation o" te 'evelo$&ent vision

    in re*onition o" te new $ara'i&s tat $ut te in'ustrial $oli*y initiatives in te *onte5t o" anoverar*in e*ono&i* 'evelo$&ent $oli*y. Tis in'ustrial $oli*y initiative see2s to *onsoli'atete $ast $roress an' lay te "oun'ation o" a vi%rant e*ono&y tat "o*uses on i&$rovin teuality o" li"e o" its resi'ents . 9t ai&s at $ro&otin in'ustrial rowt in te *onte5t o" overalle*ono&i* 'evelo$&ent o" te 3tate %y *reatin an investor "rien'ly ena%lin environ&ent tat"a*ilities te in'ustry to &ove stronly to te "ront ran2s o" lo%al *o&$etition. Te $oli*y "urtersee2s to $ro&ote interation o" $rivate initiative in te 'evelo$&ental $ro*ess o" te 3tate. Te*urrents "o*us o" te 3tate Govern&ent as also %een tat "or e*ono&i* 'evelo$&ent, te*noloyis te vei*le.

    9.> enineerin *ollees o" 9n'ia *urn out 8.< la2 enineerin ra'uates everyyear. Not &ore tan < I o" tese are e&$loya%le . O" te !>.< &illion stu'ents in ier

    Pae 8> o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    e'u*ation, only >,>>> to 8>,>>> o" our enineers ave worl' *lass talent. O" te !>.< &illionstu'ents in ier e'u*ation , only !# I $ursue $ro"essional *ourses wile te %alan*e D/ I arein tra'itional 'eree $rora&&es. O" tis entire yout "or*e $ursuin 'eree $rora&&es only!>;!< I $ossess te a%ility to et sele*te' in suita%le jo%s. 9n a%solute nu&%ers, 9n'iaFswor2"or*e $ool &ay loo2 i&$ressive %ut only > I o" tis is oo' enou "or &a2in any

    *ontri%ution to te *ountryFs $roress. Tis soul' %e a &atter o" rave *on*ern to te entire$eo$le *onne*te' wit te 9n'ian E'u*ation 3yste&. Tere ia a serious an' ines*a$a%le nee' toreverse tese $er*entaes. Te e'u*ational stru*ture in 9n'ia nee's to %e inverte'.ile a''ressin te National :onvention o" i*e :an*ellors o" all te 9n'ian ?niversities inMu&%ai, Mr. 7arni2 sai', you are *reatin ra'uates %ut tey are not e&$loya%le. Peo$le investti&e an' &oney in e'u*ation e5$e*tin a return, te yout $assin out eiter nee' to et a jo% ortey &ust %e a%le to *reate jo%s.


    7ee$in te a%ove reasons an' s*enario in &in' we *an *on*lu'e tat te *ollee as te$otential to sustain its %usiness in te $revalent e*ono&y. Moreover, te $ro&oters are runnin

    various s*ools an' so tey ave a$t nu&%er o" stu'ents wo woul' %e willin to join te *olleeun'er sa&e te %anner as teir s*ools.


  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar



    :erti"i*ate 3tatus

    ! :? O%taine'

    NO: "or esta%lis&ent A$$lie'

    / :onsent "or a""iliation Not a$$li*a%le

    8 A$$li*ation wit A9:TE NOT APP9:ABE

    < Buil'in Plan o" En. :ollee Wonin $lan a$$rove' %y te+ire*tor Town 6 :ountry Plannin.

    = A$$roval o" Power :onne*tion A$$lie' "or

    # Environ&ent *learan*e o%taine'

    D :erti"i*ate "ro& $ollution :ontrol%oar'

    Reuire' at *o&$letion stae

    4ire "itin To %e a$$rove'


    Pae 8 o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar



    Sensitivity analysis is an e5a&ination o" te e""e*t on te $roje*t $ro"ita%ility esti&ates 'ueto variations or errors in te "ore*ast o" *as "low $re'i*tionsH$roje*tions. 9n oter wor's,te te*niue o" loo2in at te rane o" values witin wi* te esti&ates relatin to a$roje*t &ay vary or "all an' e5a&inin te e""e*t o" tese variations , on te via%ility o" te$roje*t , is *alle' sensitivity analysis.

    3ensitivity analysis enlitens te &anae&ent a%out te various ris2s involve' in tea*ieve&ent o" $roje*te' returns. Tou te analysis is not te ulti&ate &easure&ent o"ris2, it is a use"ul te*niue in te an's o" &anae&ent. 9t *an also ta2en u$ "or*o&$arison o" various $roje*ts, a$$arently wortwile in ter&s o" return in te %asi*wor2ins.

    Te esti&ates o" $ro"ita%ility o" a $roje*t 'e$en' u$ on te $re*ision o" te *as "low 'ata.Any *ane in sales [email protected], *onversion *osts, *a$ital *ost o" asset or in"lation, ave atellin i&$a*t on te $roje*t $ro"ita%ility in 'i""erent s*enario. To aue te e""e*t on te$ro"ita%ility in 'i""erent s*enarios, te sensitivity analysis is a use"ul te*niue.


    Th'results o" a sensitivity analysis are o"ten $resente' in a ta%ular "or&. Te analysis is'one %y varyin one or oter i&$ortant $ara&eter, 2ee$in te re&ainin $ara&eters

    Pae 8/ o" #!


    Goo' rou$ $ro&oters

    9nternational Air$ort witin one our.


    Cue 'e&an' "or e'u*ational"a*ilities in te area.

    Govt o" Caryana stress on $ro&otion

    o" e'u*ational in"rastru*ture.


    on i&$le&entation 6 estation$erio'.

    9n'ustry is su%je*t to so*io;$oliti*al*anes.

    No. o" $rivate *olleesHinstitutions*o&in wi* &ay i&$a*t on su$$ly.

    a*2 o" "ull "le'e' Pla*e&ent :ell


    E*ono&i* slow'own 6 $oliti*alinsta%ility in te state are 'a&$eners"or te in'ustry. Altou tese

    "a*tors are a$$li*a%le "or entirein'ustry a well &anae' to i&$le&entte $roje*t 6 $la*e te a$$rovals inti&e.

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    *onstant an' ten to aue te i&$a*t o" su* *ane. Th' :+s$+n s &)a!?'d [email protected] $h'?+))+(n7 (+!#n7s +? Edu&a$+n P*$. L$d.

    S'ns$*[email protected] ana)@ss as %een *arrie' out re*2onin "ollowin 'e$artures-

    Total revenues re'u*e' %y < I

    E5$en'iture in*reases %y < I Bot o" te a%ove

    Rate o" interest in*reases %y ! I

    As seen %elow, te Proje*t is a%le to witstan' te o$erations at various levels an' its 'e%tservi*in *a$a*ity e5*e$t in "irst year o" o$erations. ile +3:R levels are &aintaine' at*o&"orta%le levels "or s*enarios outline' a%ove, it *an also %e seen tat +3:R is witina**e$ta%le li&its e5*e$t in "irst year o" o$erations in te worst;*ase s*enario were all te$ara&eters are *ane' a'versely, si&ultaneously. Tere is sort "all in te "irst year o"o$erations as inta2e o" stu'ents woul' %e "or te "irst year o" res$e*tive estee& only.

    9.9.< D'$a)'d S'ns$*[email protected] Ana)@ss

    S'ns$*[email protected]

    Ana)@ss , 3 R'du&$+n n


    >!8;!< >!!=;!# >!#;!D >!D;! >!;> >>;! >!; >;/A**ruals Z 9nt onTer& oan As $er+3:R *art

    !!./ 8.# /! 8 8.DD 8!./8 /.==

    ess < I "ees (>.D8) (!.=) (.#) (.D#) (/.>!) (/.>D) (/.>D) (/.>D) (/.>D)Re*ei$ts a"ter < Ire'u*tion

    !>./D /.!> //.! 8!.!/ 8.!8 8!. /D.= /=..#/ .> D.

    9N3TAMENTON TERM OAN ; ; 8 D ! ! ! != !=

    Total !! !! !8.#/ !#.> >. !#.!>

    +3:R >.8 .!> .< ./> .>< .> ./! !.D .!8Av +3:R

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar



    >!8;!< >!!=;!# >!#;!D >!D;! >!;> >>;! >!; >;/

    A**ruals Z 9nton Ter& oanAs $er +3:R*art

    !!./ 8.# /! 8 8.DD 8!./8 /.==

    ess < Iin*rease ine5$enses

    (>.D/) (>.8) (!.>/) (!.!#) (!.!D) (!.>) (!.>) (!.!D) (!.!=)


    !! !! !>.#/ .> D.


    ; ; 8 D ! ! ! != !=

    Total !! !! !8.#/ !#.> >. !#.!>

    +3:R >.< .!= .// ./ .!8 ./> .8 .>D .88











    I res$on'ents A7!'' tat stu'ents learn a lot "ro& su* trainins.

    #I res$on'ents A7!'' tat tey *reate "rien'ly wor2 environ&ent.

    Pae =! o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    #=I "elt tat tey %rin;in "res i'eas an' 2nowle'e.

    88I "elt tat tey esta%lis oo' *or$orate relations.

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar




    i2e every %an2, J62 Ban2 t' as in $la*e a well; "or&ulate' $ro*ess o" a$$raisin *re'it.

    :re'it Ris2 &itiation is a very i&$ortant as$e*t o" te wole *re'it a$$raisal $ro*ess.

    Te *ontents o" a $ro$osal "or loan san*tion &ust %e in*lu'e' very *are"ully an' not anyoneite& soul' %e &isse' out.

    ?n*over sour*es o" un*ertainty %y *o&$anies, i.e. te *o&$anies soul' ta2e &easures to%ein %y 'eter&inin wat new an' e5istin ris2s tey "a*e an' 'eter&ine ow tese ris2s willi&$a*t 'e&an's on wor2in *a$ital.

    Early i'enti"i*ation an' torou assess&ent o" a $ro%le& *o&%ine' wit ui*2 res$onse arene*essary "or %usiness survival an' rowt.

    :re'it ratins $lay a sini"i*ant role in 'eter&inin a %orrowerFs re$ayin *a$a%ility.

    Re*ent "inan*ial restate&ents or alleations o" "rau' *ause len'er "atiue, en*e a %orrowerFs%a*2roun' *e*2 is *onsi'ere' very essential %e"ore a loan is san*tione' in "avour o" te%orrower.

    Trainin an' 'evelo$&ent "or &anaers &ust %e *oor'inate' "ro& te start, as it is %etter toerr on te si'e o" too &u* rater ten too little in te %einnin.

    :o&$lete an' torou 'o*u&entation &ust %e &aintaine' to &eet te %an2Fs internal'o*u&entation stan'ar's as well as to a%i'e %y te reuire&ents o" te Anti;&oney laun'erin(AM) $rora& an' "ile sus$i*ious a*tivity re$orts (3ARs) on sus$i*ious or $otential illeal



    J67 Ban2 soul' enan*e its*a$a*ity in *re'it analysis an' loan a'&inistration wile tereulatory autority soul' $ay &ore attention to %an2Fs *o&$lian*e to relevant $rovisions.

    Enan*e&ent o" te *re'it stratey, in*lu'in a*tive $ort"olio stratey &onitorin an'$roa*tive an' *onsistent *o&&uni*ation.

    Enan*e&ent o" *re'it *a$ital o$ti&[email protected] strateies an' analysis.

    3trentenin an' %uil';out o" te *re'it [email protected] stru*ture an' re$ortin lines.

    +evelo$&ent o" &ulti$le layers o" *on*ise an' "orwar';loo2in *re'it ris2 re$ortin tailore'to its au'ien*e.

    A ris2;%ase', "le5i%le, sustaina%le an' *ontinuous *re'it &onitorin "un*tion will not onlyel$ &itiate *re'it ris2s, %ut it will also $osition te [email protected] to [email protected] &ar2et$la*eo$$ortunities e""e*tively.

    Pae =/ o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    Man$ower $lannin an' 'evelo$&ent &ust %e in $a*e wit te rowt o" %ran*es, to avoi''eteriorate' *usto&er servi*e an' availa%ility o" s2ille' wor2"or*e at all %ran* levels.

    3i&$li"i*ation o" 'o*u&entation $ro*e'ures to &a2e te& &ore *usto&er;"rien'ly.

    J67 %an2 nee's to %uil' on its strents an' re*ti"y teir wea2nesses to $re$are an'

    a'a$t itsel" to te *allenes wi* &ay arise in "uture.

    E&erin e""e*tive te*noloy, in*lu'in ui*2 an' a'van*e' a**ess to 'ata wareouses willel$ in &a2in te $ro*ess in te Ban2 "ar &ore si&$ler.

    :ontinuous &onitorin o" newly oriinate' *re'its an' $ort"olio tren's $lay a 2ey role in*or$orate "inan*in.

    9n*reasin NPAs as %een a *ause "or *on*ern, en*e to *ur% tat &ore liui'ity in"usion %yte :entral %an2 will el$ te Ban2s.

    Te Ban2 &ust strive to re'u*e te a$ %etween san*tione' a&ount an' reueste' a&ount %y&aintainin a'euate liui'ity an' en*e esta%lis *usto&er "rien'liness

    Pae =8 o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar



    I% Finan1ia( Pro2e1'ion


    PARTICULARS 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23

    Year+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9



    1/200 2/400 3/600 4/800 4/800 4/800 4/800 4/800 4/800

    2 MA 150 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300

    3 - P,'M 150 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300

    4 MCA 150 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300

    5 - !e" Ma#a*ee#!MCT

    150 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300

    TOTAL SEATS 1/800 3/600 4/800 6/000 6/000 6/000 6/000 6/000 6/000E$$e!)e S!re#*! 1/080 2/340 3/420 4/440 4/680 4/800 4/800 4/800 4/800

    C""e*e ee $r S!&e#!+ 11(37 24(64 35(61 45(89 48(28 49(48 49(48 49(48 49(48

    +!e" '&e+ 3(30 3(30 3(30 3(30 3(30 3(30 3(30 3(30 3(30

    M+ ee+ 1(94 4(21 6(16 7(99 8(42 8(64 8(64 8(64 8(64

    I#e $r a#: ('(R(;S9(00

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    C&&"a!)e Pr$! 11(82 7(98 7(84 34(04 63(59 94(98 126(96 159(91 193(91


    PARTICULARS 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23

    Sare Ca?!a" 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00

    U#+e&re La#+> D&a+a?!a" 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00 20(00

    P . L A! 11(82 7(98 7(84 34(04 63(59 94(98 126(96 159(91 193(91

    Ter La# $r a#: 80(00 80(00 76(00 68(00 56(00 44(00 32(00 16(00 -

    Se&r!= S!&e#! 0(54 1(17 1(71 2(22 2(34 2(40 2(40 2(40 2(40

    C&rre#! [email protected]"!e+ 0(05 0(15 0(25 0(35 0(45 0(55 0(65 0(75 0(85

    TOTAL 108(77 113(34 125(80 144(61 162(38 181(93 202(01 219(06 237(16


    ,r++ ": 116(35 116(35 116(35 116(35 116(35 116(35 116(35 116(35 116(35

    Le++ 'e?rea!# 12(05 21(93 30(77 38(67 45(75 52(09 57(77 62(86 67(42

    Ne! ": 104(30 94(42 85(58 77(68 70(60 64(26 58(58 53(49 48(93

    Ca+ a# a#: a"a#e 1(26 15(71 37(01 63(73 88(57 114(46 140(22 162(36 185(02

    E#%e#! 3(00 3(00 3(00 3(00 3(00 3(00 3(00 3(00 3(00I#!ere+! Ar&e # 'R 0(05 0(05 0(05 0(05 0(05 0(05 0(05 0(05 0(05

    Se&r!= 'e?+! 0(15 0(15 0(15 0(15 0(15 0(15 0(15 0(15 0(15

    TOTAL 108(77 113(34 125(80 144(61 162(38 181(93 202(01 219(06 237(16


    PARTICULARS I?"ee#!a!# ?er 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    10-11 11-12 12-13 13-14 14-15 15-16 16-17 17-18 18-19 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23


    Sare Ca?!a" 3(03 3(97 5(00 8(00 - - - - - - - - -

    U#+e&re La#+ 2(61 4(03 5(00 8(36 - - - - - - -

    Ter La# $ra#:

    12(00 32(00 36(00 - -

    'e?rea!# - - 12(05 9(88 8(84 7(90 7(08 6(34 5(68 5(09 4(56

    I#!er#a" Ar&a"- - 11(82

    3(84 15(82 26(21 29(55 31(39 31(98 32(95 34(0


    Se&r!= $rS!&e#!+

    - - 0(54 0(63 0(54 0(51 0(12 0(06 - - -

    I#!ere+! # TerLa#

    C&rre#! [email protected]"!e+ - - 0(05 0(10 0(10 0(10 0(10 0(10 0(10 0(10 0(10

    TOTAL5(64 20(00 42(00 52(36 0(82 14(45 25(30 34(72 36(85 37(89 37(76 38(14 38(6



    La# $r C""e*e

    O!er e A++e!+ 5(15 19(95 41(95 49(31 - - - - - - - - -

    I#!ere+! # 'R - - - 0(05 - - - - - - - -

    I#+!a""e#! $ TerLa#

    - - - - - 4(00 8(00 12(00 12(00 12(00 16(00 16(00

    Pae == o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    E#%e#! -'R


    Se&r!= 'e?+! 0(05 0(05 0(05 - - - - - - - - -

    Fr:#* Ca?!a" 0(49 - - 0(01

    TOTAL5(64 20(00 42(00 52(37 0(05 - 4(00 8(00 12(00 12(00 12(00 16(00 16(0


    O?e##* Ca+ a"a#e 0(49 0(49 0(50 0(49 1(26 15(71 37(01 63(72 88(57 114(46 140(21 162(36S&r?"&+ 0(00 0(00 0(01 0(77 14(45 21(30 26(72 24(85 25(89 25(76 22(14 22(66

    C"+#* Ca+ a"a#e 0(49 0(49 0(49 1(26 15(71 37(01 63(72 88(57 114(46 140(21 162(36 185(01

    II% Repa5men' S16e&7(eTerm loan is envisaged to be repaid in 28 quarterly structured installments starting from June2016. The detailed repayment schedule is as under: .Rs% 1rore

    Sr% No Perio& Amo7n' Sr% No Perio& Amo7n'

    1 Jun16 1.00 1! "ec1# $.00

    2 %ep16 1.00 16 &ar20 $.00

    $ "ec16 1.00 1' Jun20 $.00( &ar1' 1.00 18 %ep20 $.00

    ! Jun1' 2.00 1# "ec20 $.00

    6 %ep1' 2.00 20 &ar21 $.00

    ' "ec1' 2.00 21 Jun21 (.00

    8 &ar18 2.00 22 %ep21 (.00

    # Jun18 $.00 2$ "ec21 (.00

    10 %ep18 $.00 2( &ar22 (.00

    11 "ec18 $.00 2! Jun22 (.00

    12 &ar1# $.00 26 %ep22 (.00

    1$ Jun1# $.00 2' "ec22 (.00

    1( %ep1# $.00 28 &ar2$ (.00

    To'a( 8*%**

    Pae =# o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar



    +ear 3irH Ma&,Tis uestionnaire as %een 'esine' to ave so&e oo' 2nowle'e o" te :re'it A$$raisal$ro*ess an' te relate' 4As tat we as MBA ("inan*e) stu'ents ave in &in' rear'in tesa&e in a re$ute' %an2, li2e J67 Ban2 t'.Tese uestions ave %een "ra&e' 2ee$in in view te a"oresai' $ur$ose as $art o" &y 3u&&er9nternsi$ trainin Prora& wit te Ban2 an' tis in no &anner sall lea' to violation o" teBan2s res$e*tive $oli*ies in any &anner, watsoever.Your onesty an' *oo$eration will %e ily a$$re*iate'.

    Tan2 you,Paluni 3ina(9n"or&ation $rovi'e' to te res$on'ents ver%ally)

    .; F+! h+( )+n7 ha*' @+u B''n ass+&a$'d ($h $h' JK "an#

    a. ess tan ! year%. More tan ! year*. /;< years'. More tan < years


  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    .3 A::!asn7 a &!'d$ :!+:+sa) s a mana7'!a) $'&hnu' !'u!n7 &+nsd'!aB)' d'7!''

    +? mana7'!a) '??&'n&@. Ra$' $h' ?+))+(n7 :a!am'$'!s +n a s&a)' +? ; > 3 Bas'd +n $h'

    m:+!$an&' +? $h' 'a&h. ; B'n7 m+s$ m:. and 3 B'n7 $h' )'as$ m:

    Basi* 4inan*ial 2nowle'e

    :o&$uter 7nowle'e

    4inan*ial e5$ertise

    A*uaintan*e wit te Ban2 an' its $oli*ies

    Asso*iation o" te Ban2 wit te %orrower

    .2 H+( mu&h s $h' &+!:+!a$' n$'!a&$+n n'&'[email protected] (h)' a::!asn7 $h' :!+='&$ +? $h'

    B+!!+('!Ra$' +n a s&a)' +? ; $+ 3

    -6 'ein3 the most im%ortant and + (east im%ortant

    ; < 8 9 3

    .0 D+'s ?!'u'n$ $!ans?'!s +? mana7'!s ha::'n a$ $h' B!an&h

    a. Yes%. No

    .1 I? @'s% d+'s $ a??'&$ $h' '??&'n&@ +? $h' "an#n7 :!+&'ss

    a. Yes%. No

    :o&&ents, i" any -;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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    &+!:+!a$' ?nan&'

    a. 3tronly Aree%. Aree*. Neutral'. +isareee. 3tronly +isaree

    Pae = o" #!

  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar


    .;- D+ @+u s$)) !'?'! $+ $'$ B++#s +! !'ad !')a$'d a!$&)'s $+ #'': @+u!s')? u:da$'d

    !'7a!dn7 $h' &+n&'!n'd =+B a$ $h' +!7ansa$+n

    a. 3tronly Aree%. Aree

    *. Neutral'. +isareee. 3tronly +isaree

    .;; Kn+(n7 $ha$ $h' "an# has $s +(n !'&!u$m'n$ :!+&'ss 'amna$+n :!+&'ss

    ?+))+('d [email protected] $h' "an#n7 [email protected] [email protected] (h&h $ !'&!u$s $s 'm:)[email protected]''s. D+ @+u ?'') $ha$

    JK "an# sh+u)d $a#' an n$a$*'% ? :+ssB)'% n s')'&$n7 s$ud'n$s $h!+u7h &am:us

    !'&!u$m'n$ +! :!+*dn7 PPOs P!' :)a&'m'n$ +??'!s $+ n$'!ns

    a. 3tronly Aree%. Aree

    *. Neutral'. +isareee. 3tronly +isaree


  • 7/27/2019 Final Project Dhruv Sarkar



    (a) 3TM 49NAN:9A :ON3?TAN:Y 3ER9:E3 PT T+. >!!. 'ehnoEonomi*easi+ility%eport for Eduation Pvt ,imitedNew +eli.

    (%) AB: 49NAN:9A 3ER9:E3.>!/.Pro-et .nformation /emorandum. Mu&%ai.

    (*) Boo2s

    , Yes*o&%e E.R., >>. Prinipals of Pro-et *inane. ?3A-

    A*a'e&i* Press

    , 7an M.Y. an' Jain, >!. *inanial /anaement0 te1t0

    pro+lems and ases. 3i5t E'ition. New +eli- Tata M*Graw Cill

    E'u*ation Private i&ite'.

    , TOOR N.3., >!. 2redit /anaement. New +eli- 32ylar2Pu%li*ations.

    , PATAR+CAN, >!. !dvaned Bank /anaement Guraon-

    Ma*&illan Pu%lisers

    (') 9nternet Re"eren*es

    !. Availa%le "ro& - tt$-HHwww.*a*lu%in'ia.*o&Harti*lesHvarious;&eto's;o";$roje*t;"inan*e;!/.as$S A**esse' !>t A$ril >!/

    . Availa%le "ro& - tt$-HHwww.ei%.orHe$e*HHanne5H!;$roje*t;"inan*eH S A**esse' !!tA$ril >!/

    /. tt$-HHwww.euity&aster.*o&Hresear*;itHse*tor;in"oH%an2HBan2in;3e*tor;Analysis;Re$$

    8. tt$*intel.*o&H$ressHlo%al]%an2in]in'ustry]analysis]>!]>!$5