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  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)



    An Automated System Support has been created by DFCCIL to encourage its

    workers to know the status of their requests submitted to DFCCIL for acquirement.

    The framework is work process based and has been composed and created to work

    on the web. It may please try to remain noted here that for another worker to make a

    request, he must be enlisted in the framework database. For this, a client need to

    sign up through the application. Receipt of request is gotten to the concerning office

    in DFCCIL, its recorded into the framework, and afterward sending it to the IT dept.

    for further fundamental activity. Taking after method ought to be embraced by the

    concerned arranging division. Transforming of request by the General Manager of

    his specialty will then send it to the Assistant Manager of IT Department.


  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd.

    1.1 Overview

    Committed Freight Corridor Corporation of India (DFCCIL) is a Special Purpose Vehicle set

    up under the managerial control of Ministry of Railways to attempt arranging &

    advancement, preparation of monetary assets and development, support and operation of the

    Dedicated Freight Corridors. DFCCIL was joined in October 2006 under Indian Companies

    Act 1956.

    The Indian Railways' quadrilateral joining the four metropolitan urban areas of Delhi,

    Mumbai, Chennai and Howrah, and its two diagonals (Delhi-Chennai and Mumbai-Howrah),

    signifying an aggregate course length of 10,122 km conveys more than 55% of income

    winning cargo activity of IR. The current trunk courses of Howrah-Delhi on the Eastern

    Corridor and Mumbai-Delhi on the Western Corridor are exceedingly soaked, line limit usage

    changing between 115% to 150%. The surging power needs obliging overwhelming coaldevelopment, blasting base development and developing universal exchange has prompted

    the origination of the Dedicated Freight Corridors along the Eastern and Western Routes.

    Once finished, the committed cargo hallways will empower Indian Railways to enhance its

    client introduction and help all the more successfully. Formation of rail base on such a scale -

    extraordinary in free Indiais likewise anticipated that will drive the foundation of modern

    passageways and logistic stops along its arrangement.

    1.2 About the Department

    Information and Technology Departmenthas shaped into a channel of authentic

    and reliable information flow throughout the company. In other words, it has become

    the backbone of information management in the organization. It is at the forefront in

    applying advanced IT tools to define, design and deliver technology-enabled

    business solutions to our internal business departments as well as External Clients.

    It has built up the networking infrastructure and hardware setup for creating, storing,

    processing and communication of information throughout the company. Connectivity

    of HO to ROs & Site Offices (through VPN) has bridged the gap of distance and time

    of information flow. It provides 24X7 availability of IT Infrastructure in terms of

    Hardware & Software. Information Security is also ensured at DFCCIL through

    various means like Perimeter Security, Network Security, LAN Server Security and

    Anti-virus measures.

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)



  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    An Automated System Support has been developed by DFCCIL to facilitate its

    employees to check the status of their order submitted to the IT department, for the

    procurement of the same.

    The system is workflow based and runs as a web service, making it accessible to

    everyone in the local network. The system, to start with, will be used by the

    employees of HO to make new or replacement orders for computer hardware.

    The entire process has been divided into different processes:-

    Create new Order

    View Orders History

    Manage Order status

    Update the Order status, after desired procurement


    The system will be available to in-house Intranet users who are receiving the

    orders and managing order status.

    It provides workflow based order status reporting to concerned department

    inside the office.

    Users and concerned Officer(s) are kept informed about the new received and

    forwarded to IT Dept., using three-Mail System.

    Once the order processing is completed and payment is made, the system will

    automatically conclude the process.

    No special software is required on a user PC except the LAN connectivity and

    browser IE 5.0 / Netscape 4.7 or above in order to access the software.

    The system maintains its own database, adding and updating new records as

    per changes.

    Integrity and consistency of data is maintained.

    The scopes which are taken in our website:

    Employee Login

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    Employee Registration

    New Order entry

    View existing Order

    View Order history

    Set Order status

    The scopes which are not taken in our website:

    Print Order records

    Currently works only on Local Network

    File Uploading

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)



    2.1 Requirement Analysis

    It results in the specification of softwares operational characteristics, indicates

    softwares interface with other system elements and establishes constraints that

    software must meet. The aim of analysis is to understand the problem with a view to

    eliminate any deficiencies in the requirement specification such as incompleteness,

    inconsistencies etc.

    2.2 System Requirements:-


    System: Intel Dual Core and above, RAM: 2GB and above, Hard Disk:

    500GB and above.

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP and above


    System: Intel Core2 Duo or above,Main Memory: Recommended 512MB,

    Hard Disk: Recommended 40GB.

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP and above.

    Browser:Microsoft Internet Explorer, Version 8 or higher.

    Back end:MySQL

    Tools:Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, WAMPSERVER

    Software platform:Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System

    Programming languages:HTML/CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    2.3 Overview of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

    Dreamweaver is a web outline and improvement application that gives a visual

    WYSIWYG supervisor (casually alluded to as the Design perspective) and a code

    editorial manager with standard gimmicks, for example, linguistic use highlighting,

    code fulfillment, and code caving in and additionally more complex peculiarities, for

    example, constant language structure checking and code thoughtfulness for

    producing code indications to aid the client in composing code. The Design

    perspective encourages fast format plan and code era as it permits clients to rapidly

    make and control the design of HTML components. We can utilize it to compose

    HTML, CSS, JSP, XML, PHP, Javascript, and that's just the beginning.

    Dreamweaver can utilize outsider "Enlargements" to broaden center usefulness of

    the application, which any web engineer can compose (to a great extent in HTML

    and Javascript). Dreamweaver, in the same way as other HTML editors, alters

    documents by regional standards then transfers them to the remote web server

    utilizing FTP, SFTP, or Webdav.

    2.4 Overview of WAMPSERVER

    The acronym WAMP alludes to first letters of the four parts of a solution stack, madealtogether out of free and open-source programming, suitable for building high-

    accessibility substantial obligation element sites, and fit for serving a huge number of

    appeals at the same time.

    The importance of the WAMP acronym relies on upon which particular parts are

    utilized as a major aspect of the real package:

    Windows, the working framework,

    Apache HTTP Server, the web server,

    Mysql, the database administration framework

    PHP, Perl, or Python, the scripting dialects utilized for element site pages

    and web improvement.

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    2.5 Introduction to HTML & CSS

    HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language used to

    make pages. HTML components structure the building squares of all sites. HTML

    permits pictures and articles to be implanted and might be utilized to make intelligent

    structures. It gives an intend to make organized archives by indicating structural

    semantics for content, for example, headings, sections, records, connections, quotes

    and different things. It can install scripts composed in languages, for example,

    Javascript which influence the conduct of HTML website pages.

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a template language utilized for depicting the lookand organizing of an archive composed in a markup language. While frequently used

    to style website pages and interfaces composed in HTML and XHTML. CSS is

    outlined fundamentally to empower the partition of archive substance from record

    presentation, including components, for example, the design, colors, and fonts. This

    division can enhance content openness, give more adaptability and control in the

    detail of presentation attributes, empower various pages to impart arranging, and

    decrease many-sided quality and reiteration in the structural substance, (for

    example, by taking into account tableless web design).

    2.6 Introduction to JavaScript

    Javascript is a simple to-utilize programming language that might be implanted in the

    header of your pages. It can upgrade the elements and intelligent gimmicks of your

    page by permitting you to perform estimations, check structures, compose intuitive

    diversions, include enhanced appearances, modify representation choices, make

    security passwords and the sky is the limit from there. Javascript is most usually

    utilized as a customer side scripting language. This implies that Javascript code is

    built into a HTML page. At the point when a client asks for a HTML page with

    Javascript in it, the script is sent to the program and its dependent upon the program

    to do something with it.

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    2.7 Introduction to PHP

    PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web improvement additionally

    utilized as a broadly useful programming language. PHP code could be essentially

    blended with HTML code, or it might be utilized within mix with different templating

    motors and web schemas. PHP code is normally transformed by a PHP mediator,

    which is typically executed as a web server's local module or a Common Gateway

    Interface (CGI) executable. After the PHP code is deciphered and executed, the web

    server sends results to its customer, typically in manifestation of a piece of the

    created site page

    2.8 Introduction to MySQL

    MySQL is a quick, multi-threaded, multi-user, and powerful SQL (Structured Query

    Language) database server. MySQL is free software. It is authorized with the GNU

    GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. MySQL is a relational database administration

    framework. A relational database saves information in independent tables as

    opposed to putting all the information in one major storeroom. This adds speed and

    adaptability. The tables are interfaced by characterized relations making itconceivable to consolidate information from a few tables on solicitation. The SQL

    part of MySQL stands for "Structured Query Language" - the most widely recognized

    standardized language used to get to databases.

    3.1 Working of Project

    The whole working of the project can be divided in different modules.

    1. Create new Order: Enables user to enter information regarding the order, like

    A. Requisition No.

    B. Requisition Date

    C. Select Hardware

    D. Description

    E. Quantity

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    2. Review Order: Enables user to view the current status of his order, and can track

    the periodic updates.

    A. Requisition No.

    B. Requisition Date

    C. Select Hardware

    D. Description

    E. Quantity

    F. Status

    3.2Goal of implementations-

    The primary goal of this application is to enable the employee to create and view

    orders specific to his computer hardware requirements. It provides the necessary

    facilities to the employees and higher managements as per their authorized levels.

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)



    3.1 Result

    All modules of the application have been coded and programmed successfully as per

    the original idea in mind. The same have also been combined together on a single

    platform as per the original concept.

    Screenshots and glimpses of the entire application are shown in detail below.

    3.2 Screenshots

    Fig 1. Login Page

    Here, the user is greeted with the login page, to verify his identity and display

    information specific to him.

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    Fig 2. Index page allows users to create and view orders

    Once the user logs in, he has an option to create a new order or view the status of

    the pending orders.

    User can create new a order, by entering the Requisition No., Date, Specific Article,

    its description and the quantity.

    Fig.3 Index page for the GM of the same deptt as of the user

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    Website looks similar for everyone to provide a sense of continuity and maintain its

    operability throughout the application. Here, only the General Manager can view all

    different orders of employees within his department avoiding illegal access to others.

    The General Manager has the authority to approve these order after verifying them

    manually, once approved these orders are forwarded to the concerned people in IT


    Fig 4. Index page for Assistant Manager of IT deptt

    New order requests which are approved by the General Manager of any department

    are displayed to the Assistant Manager of the IT department, who does the actual

    work by placing orders to the vendor, and can change the order status to Received.

    So, the user who actually posted an order, will be able to see current status of his

    particular order and thus can track it. The AM can only view those orders whom are

    approved by the GMs.

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    Fig 5. User can track the status of his orders, as it changes from Approved to Under Procurement

    The user can now view the updated status of his latest order, as it changes from

    Approved to Under Procurement.

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    Fig 6. New users are required to register themselves in order to use the web services

    Employees who are using the web service for the first time are required to sign up for

    the website, in order to save their personal information onto the database.

    This allows them to login successfully later on, in order to use the application.

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)



    Automated System Support for Dedicate Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd. is

    designed to provide the facility of adding, updating, viewing and managing the orders

    for the employees of Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd. The

    application is designed as a desktop based application for the intranet of the

    DFCCIL. A user is required to open his browser IE 4.0 or above/Netscape 4.7 or

    above on his PC.

    Users are informed about the updated bills, received and forwarded bills to Accounts

    Dept., using the e-mail System. The system has been interfaced with its own

    database for Order details and registered employees details. Integrity and

    consistency of data is maintained.

    On the completion of this application, we predict the marginal errors that might be

    encountered within the tolerance limits. During the design phase, all encountered

    problems had been taken care of.


    The Automated System Support can be taken up later with the following areas of


    Taking print-outs of the order details, to maintain a hard copy of the records.

  • 8/11/2019 Project Report (Dhruv)


    Adding file upload functionality

    Providing the facility to user to change the account password

    It is currently available to employees in the same network, it can made

    accessible to others by making it a public website




    Head First PHP and MySQL by Michael Morrison and Lynn Beighley

    HTML And CSS - Design And Build Websites by Jon Duckett