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Transcript of Evaluating Picture Story Books

Evaluating Picture Story BooksA PPPD Production by Karin Perry & Teri Lesesne

Picture Book or Picture Story Book? Does it matter?

picture books might include: concept books (color, shape, etc.), controlled vocabulary or limited vocabulary bookspicture story books use both text and illustration to tell a story.

Is something of significance said to the child? What is the theme?

Can the youngster who cannot read tell the story through the illustrations?

Is the audience understood and respected or does the book condescend?

Do pictures develop and enhance character development?

How is mood developed through illustrations and text?

Everything physical about the book

coverend paperscase

title page

size and spacing of illustrations

text placementspinegutter

type face and fonts


Has there been a quality review of the book?Horn BookSchool Library JournalBooklist

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