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  • We are pleased to share our Raven Tree Press Catalog. We are committed to providing highquality picture books in a variety of formatsBilingual,Englisho nly, Spanishonly and Wordless. We also offer a variety of storybook and concept board books. (See pages 7 and 9.)

    Variety of Bilingual FormatsBecause we each have our own learning style, Raven Tree Press books offera variety of formats to accommodate different needs. Our bilingual books endwith a keyword vocabulary page to jumpstart learning in either language. Thebilingual formats include:

    Full Text FormatThe full story is told in English and then again in Spanish. (See page 1.)

    Embedded Text FormatThe story is presented primarily in English with Spanish sprinkled within its context. Once the word is presented, it is repeated throughout the story to reinforce learning. (See page 4.)

    Concept FormatThe story is told primarily in English. Spanish is added to the story asit pertains to the concept within the story (such as music). (See page 4.)

    Wordless FormatIllustrations tell the story so the book is limited only by the imagination ofthe reader. We include instructions on how to use a wordless book withyour child for those unfamiliar with this presentation. (See page 7.)

    Fountas and Pinnell LevelsWe have added the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System, aformative reading assessment that measures decoding, fluency, vocabulary,and comprehension skills for students in kindergarten through 8th grade.Most titles now includes an F&P level. For details visit

    Free ActivitiesPlease visit our website,, where youll find FREEdownloadable activities for all of our books. While you are there, sign up forour FREE monthly newsletter, too. Monthly specials are offered to email subscribers.

    Raven Tree Press books are now available in a variety of electronic formatsincluding iPhone apps, eBooks, computer downloads and multimedia devices.

    (See inside back cover.)

    Raven Tree PressA Division of

    Delta Systems Co., Inc.

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    Full TextPage 4

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  • 1Free activities on our website:

    Raven Tree Press HC $14.95PB $7.95

    StinkyKids and the Runaway ScissorsBritt had a secret that she didnt want to tell her mommy and daddy. A secret that could stopher favorite play date from happening! The little stinkers try their best to help but learn thatsometimes secrets need a parents help to solve. Accelerated Reader Quiz #155829English only HC 9781936402021

    StinkyKids See a Full MoonStinkyKids Trey, Johnny, Skye, Billy and Jen are playing flashlight hide-n-seek during anighttime play date in Treys backyard. Skye notices the full moon and tells the others that thefull moon can make you act crazy! But does this full moon create a wild adventure that getsout of hand? Accelerated Reader Quiz #155805English only HC 9781936402038

    StinkyKids Have a HeartBest friends Britt and Jen are having fun at the pool with the other StinkyKids when they heara familiar soundthe ice cream truck! Jen tries bullying Britt into getting the same flavor andBritt doesnt want to play with Jen anymore. Will this spoil their fun or will they all learn alesson about what it means to Have a Heart? Accelerated Reader Quiz #155830English only HC 9781621670735

    A portion of profits for each book goes towards bringing smiles to cancer patients through

    StinkyKids SeriesWritten by Britt Menzies; Illustrated by Greg Hardin and John Trent

    The StinkyKids series helps children learn to make right choices and reminds them to Always Be A Leader Of Good.

    Nathan SeriesWritten by Gerry Renert; Illustrated by Carrie Anne Bradshaw

    Nathan Saves Summer / Nathan rescata el veranoIn Nathan Saves Summer, Nathan, a hippopotamus, has a lifelong dream of becoming thelifeguard for a small pond and the neighboring animals who vacation there each summer. Theother animals come up with an array of excuses why Nathan cant serve as the pond lifeguard.Nathan becomes the local hero when a twist of fate leads the animals to a new, idyllic swim-ming spot. Grade Level: 2 / F&P: J Accelerated Reader Quiz #137502Full Text Bilingual English/Spanish HC 9781934960745 PB 9781934960752English only HC 9781934960769

    Nathan and the Really Big Bully / Nathan y el gran abusadorIn Nathan and the Really Big Bully, penguin is bullied by hyena and turns to Nathan for advice. Nathan tells penguin not to strike back as two wrong never make a right. Nathan ischallenged to follow his own advice when an elephant sprays a huge stream of water at himand he is tempted to retaliate. Grade Level: 2 / F&P: JFull Text Bilingual English/Spanish HC 9781621670728


  • 2 Free activities on our website:

    Raven Tree PressHC $14.95PB $7.95Marco SeriesWritten and Illustrated by Sheila Jarkins

    Marco Flamingo / Marco FlamencoMeet Marco. Hes just a regular flamingo with regular flamingo friends. Theres just one prob-lem. Marco wants to be a winter bird. Watch what happens when he travels north for the winter.Grade Level: 12 / F&P: H Accelerated Reader Quiz #126186Full Text Bilingual English/Spanish PB 9780979446269English only HC 9781932748536 PB 9781932748574Spanish only HC 9780979446276 PB 9780979446283

    The Adventures of Marco Flamingo Under the Sea / Las aventuras submarinas de Marco FlamencoMarco explores the open seas and finds himself in humorous situations. In the end he is con-vinced that there is no place like home. Grade Level: 12 / F&P: L Accelerated Reader Quiz #136541Full Text Bilingual English/Spanish HC 9781934960660 PB 9781934960677English only HC 9781934960684 PB 9781934960691

    The Adventures of Marco Flamingo in the JungleIts Marcos birthday and he receives an invitation from his friend, E. E. Elephant, to visit himin the jungle. Marco has a great time laughing with hyena, finding buried treasure with ostrichand even roaring with lion. A birthday wish comes true for Marco. Grade Level: 2 / F&P: K Accelerated Reader Quiz #144209English only HC 9781936299225

    Mr. Biggs SeriesWritten and Illustrated by Kevin Bloomfield

    Mr. Biggs in the City / El Sr. Grande en la ciudadMr. Biggs, a very curious Sasquatch who has huge feet and an even bigger heart, sets off todiscover all of the curious adventures a city has to offer, with hilarious results. Grade Level: 12 / F&P: I Accelerated Reader Quiz #144205Full Text Bilingual English/Spanish HC 9781936299249 English only HC 9781936299263

    Mr. Biggs at the Circus / El Sr. Grande en el circoIn this second book, Mr. Biggs finds a bright and colorful circus poster and sets off to dis-cover all of the exciting adventures the circus has to offer. Will the giant Mr. Biggs fit in?Grade Level 12 / F&P: HFull Text Bilingual English/Spanish HC 9781936299980English only HC 9781936299997

  • 3Free activities on our website:

    Raven Tree Press HC $14.95PB $7.95

    The Rain Forest Party / Fiesta en el bosque tropicalWritten and Illustrated by Lorraine DeyHectorArmando, a little Armadillo, wanted to find his special talent that he could share with hisfriends at the big Rain Forest party. He tried, but failed, to do what the others were doing. Disap-pointed and sad, he curled up to hide. Suddenly he became aware of a hidden talent that was thereall along. Something Mother Nature gave him. Grade Level: 2 / F&P: JFull Text Bilingual English/Spanish HC 9781936299287

    Pedro the PirateWritten by Tim Hoppey; Illustrated by Dianna BonderPedro, a cabin boy on Captain Crossbones ship, daydreams about becoming a pirate. When thechance finally comes, he steals a captive mermaids gold locket. He regrets his actions and endsup freeing the mermaid and returning her locket. He learns a pirates life is not for him. Grade Level: 2 / F&P: KEnglish (with clues in Spanish) HC 9781936299188

    Amazingly Wonderful ThingsWritten by Marla J. Hohmeier; Illustrated by Penny WeberA childs fantasy takes her on a delightful journey across a sea of pink and blue cotton candy to the topof a Ferris wheel made of diamonds and up a rainbow in a new pair of jellybean shoes. Grade Level: 2 / F&P: K Accelerated Reader Quiz #144203English only HC 9781936299102

    The Park Our Town Built / El parque que nuestro pueblo constuyWritten by Diane Gozales Bertrand; Illustrated by Tanja BauerleWith the help of a group of kids, the major convinces a citizen to donate land for a communitypark and playground. There is excitement and a sense of purpose when the whole town works to-gether to build the park and to celebrate with a grand picnic and fireworks. The narrative textbuilds line by line, using repetition and imagery. Grade Level: 12 / F&P: IConcept Bilingual English with Spanish HC 9781936299126English only HC 9781936299140

    The Little Weed Flower / La florecita de la malezaWritten by Vicky Whipple; Illustrated by Pamela Barcita Little Weed Flower is growing in a weed-patch and longs to be in the beautiful garden tended bythe loving gardener. Her wish comes true and she shares positive lessons with the other gardenflowers. Grade Level: 23 / F&P: M Accelerated Reader Quiz #141200Full Text Bilingual English/Spanish HC 9781936299324 PB 9781936299331English only HC 9781936299348

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