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ENGLISH PPT. DONE BY PRAJNA CLASS : IX. Your text here. Bermuda Triangle. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bermuda Triangle

TheBermuda Triangle, also known as theDevil's Triangle, is an undefined region in the western part of the NorthAtlantic Ocean, where a number ofaircraftandshipsare said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. According to theUS Navy, the triangle does not exist, and the name is not recognized by theUS Board on Geographic Names.Popular culturehas attributed various disappearances to theparanormalor activity byextraterrestrial beingsDocumented evidence indicates that a significant percentage of the incidents were spurious, inaccurately reported, or embellished by later authors.In a 2013 study, theWorld Wide Fund for Natureidentified the worlds 10 most dangerous waters for shipping, but the Bermuda Triangle was not among them. Contrary to popular belief, insurance companies do not charge higher premiums for shipping in this area.


The first written boundaries date from a 1964 issue of pulp magazineArgosy,where the triangle's threeverticesare inMiami, Florida peninsula; inSan Juan,Puerto Rico; and in the mid-Atlantic island ofBermuda. But subsequent writers did not follow this definition.Every writer gives different boundaries and vertices to the triangle, with the total area varying from 500,000 to 1.5 million square miles. Consequently, the determination of which accidents have occurred inside the triangle depends on which writer reports them.TheUnited States Board on Geographic Names does not recognize this name, and it is not delimited in any map drawn by US government agencies.The area is one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world, with ships crossing through it daily for ports in the Americas,Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. Cruise ships are also plentiful, and pleasure craft regularly go back and forth between Florida and the islands. It is also a heavily flown route for commercial and private aircraft heading towards Florida, the Caribbean, andSouth Americafrom points north


The earliest allegation of unusual disappearances in the Bermuda area appeared in a September 16, 1950Associated Pressarticle by Edward Van Winkle Jones.Two years later,Fatemagazine published "Sea Mystery at Our Back Door", a short article by George X. Sand covering the loss of several planes and ships, including the loss ofFlight 19, a group of fiveU.S. NavyTBM Avengerbombers on a training mission. Sand's article was the first to lay out the now-familiar triangular area where the losses took place. Flight 19 alone would be covered again in the April 1962 issue ofAmerican Legionmagazine.In it, authorAllan W. Eckertwrote that the flight leader had been heard saying, "We are entering white water, nothing seems right. We don't know where we are, the water is green, no white." He also wrote that officials at the Navy board of inquiry stated that the planes "flew off to Mars."Sand's article was the first to suggest a supernatural element to the Flight 19 incident. In the February 1964 issue ofArgosy,Vincent Gaddis' article "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle" argued that Flight 19 and other disappearances were part of a pattern of strange events in the region. The next year, Gaddis expanded this article into a book,Invisible Horizons.



Triangle writers have used a number of supernatural concepts to explain the events. One explanation pins the blame on leftover technology from the mythical lost continent ofAtlantis. Sometimes connected to the Atlantis story is the submerged rock formation known as theBimini Roadoff the island ofBiminiin the Bahamas, which is in the Triangle by some definitions. Followers of the purported psychicEdgar Caycetake his prediction that evidence of Atlantis would be found in 1968 as referring to the discovery of the Bimini Road. Believers describe the formation as a road, wall, or other structure, though geologists consider it to be of natural origin.