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  • 1. CGHR.ORG ADULT AND CHILD MALARIA MORTALITY IN INDIA Sources of support: ICMR and RGI (India); FIC, NIH (US); LKSKI, IDRC & CIHR (Canada); CTSU & MRC (UK) [email_address] Prabhat Jha, on behalf of MDS Collaborators
  • 2. Conclusions
    • Malaria deaths should not occur with basic health services: prompt diagnosis and treatment are effective
    • India had over 200,000 avoidable malaria deaths (55,000 child, 30,000 at ages 5-14, 120,000 ages 15-69) in 2005
    • Reconsider WHO total of 5,000 child and 10,000 adult malaria deaths in India and 100,000 adult malaria deaths worldwide
  • 3. Whats new about this research?
    • Large, nationally representative sample of all deaths based on household interviews with families
    • The study results reflects the whole of India
    • This is NOT a study of properly treated malaria patients (in whom few deaths occur)
  • 4. CGHR.ORG Nationally representative sample (Sample Registration System)
    • 6,671 of these small areas randomly chosen from all parts of India (each with about 1000 people per area)
  • 5. CGHR.ORG How was the study done? 800 Registrar of General India field workers interviewed 122 thousand families of people who had died in 2001-2003 Written reports each coded independently by at least two physicians to attribute a probable cause to each death (i.e. malaria) Coded malaria deaths likely represent malaria, despite the potential for misclassification
  • 6. CGHR.ORG How was the study done? Calculate proportion of malaria deaths in each age group within the study Combine with national 2005 UN totals of deaths in each age group Produce national (and state) estimates of numbers of malaria deaths at various ages
  • 7. CGHR.ORG Malaria-attributed deaths in the present study by age 36% at ages 1 month-69 years Study deaths, 2001-2003 Age range Malaria deaths/ all coded deaths Proportion malaria