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  • Energy and Utilities Digital Transformation with MicroStrategy 10

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  • Energy and Utilities Solution Overview Digital Transformation with MicroStrategy 10

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    MicroStrategy 10 gives energy and utility companies a platform to digitally transform their businesses.

    Energy and Utilities

    Health, Safety, and Environment Inspection

    Sales and Distribution

    Field Service

    The Challenge The Solution

    Amazing applications


    Customer Analysis

    Production / Generation


    Call Center Operations

    The energy and utilities industry faces a vast number of challenges today. Organizations must navigate price volatility, seek out and replace reserves, run large global operations, and effectively manage risk and changing regulations—all while staying profitable. Aging infrastructure, increasing customer demands, and the emergence of new technologies also contribute to this challenging business environment. To stay relevant, it’s critical for energy and utility companies to harness the power of data to drive performance and efficiency.

    MicroStrategy 10 is an integrated platform that energy and utility companies can use to deploy customized, data-driven applications that meet their complex and unique needs. These powerful, secure solutions can help companies automate reporting and streamline processes in order to better manage workforces, customer service, supply chain activities, and regulations, as well as production, generation, and refinement operations. These high-performance applications can easily scale up to meet the needs of every employee across the organization. And with our mobile platform, organizations can build custom, native apps that empower everyone from executives to field operations or service employees with the tools they need to increase productivity and make better business decisions.

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  • Energy and Utilities Applications Applications for the Digital Transformation of the Energy and Utilities Industry

  • Leverage analytics to better manage oil, gas, and mineral exploration data related to surveys, exploration wells, and land leases.

    Energy and Utilities Application: Exploration


    Leverage geospatial analysis and mapping capabilities to analyze the productivity of current wells and to help determine potential new drilling sites

    Compare permeability and porosity properties.

    Explore data related to field location, oil family, sample quality, reservoir age, well depth, and more.

    • Provide a holistic view of exploration data related to surveys, reservoirs, existing production, and

    exploration wells

    • Identify various geological profiles of high producing wells

    • Compare production predictions to actuals

    • Understand exploration lease criteria such as acreage available, terms, and location

    • Effectively analyze huge amounts of exploration data to make better business decisions

    • Leverage mobile apps to allow survey crews to easily access and log data from remote locations

  • Optimize production processes by using analytics to better manage assets, maintenance, reserves, demand forecasting, and more.

    Energy and Utilities Application: Production / Generation Analysis


    Analyze production performance verses target in order to optimize processes and avoid downtime

    Drill into site details to quickly understand the various factors impacting production in order to ensure supply reliability and take advantage of opportunities

    Understand the peaks and valleys of production over various time periods

    • Leverage big data to provide a comprehensive view of production performance

    • Optimize processes and avoid downtime

    • Better understand data related to power station utilization, energy mix, net energy gain,

    and distributed generation

    • Quickly identify factors that are impacting production

    • Ensure supply reliability and take advantage of opportunities

    • Analyze information from underperforming wells such as well reports, production data, and

    geological sources

    • Use advanced analytics to better predict production verses demand, energy consumption,

    and equipment issues

  • Mobilize energy and utility operations to dramatically improve business agility, decision-making speed and quality, and workforce and asset productivity.

    Energy and Utilities Application: Field Operations


    Document and capture safety violations View workforce performance data

    Additional Capabilities:

    Log conversations with workers

    Analyze and monitor real-time production data related to output, systems, equipment, weather forecasts, and costs

    Access information about well availability and service interruptions

    Manage energy consumption

    • Equip field operations personnel to analyze and monitor real-time energy and production


    • Drill into data related to output, systems, costs, equipment, building-energy management,

    and weather forecasts

    • Quickly understand if production is not meeting capacity or target levels

    • Identify process bottlenecks and potential solutions

    • Allow field operations supervisors to instantly document and capture images of safety


    • Provide managers with access to data about field workforce performance and time and


    • Equip field supervisors with the ability to log conversations with their workers in regard to

    attendance, safety, and quality of work

    • Enable emergency response and communication with field workforce

  • Demo: Oil and Gas Operations


  • Streamline inspection and documentation processes, and improve the communication of health, safety, and environmental issues and trends.

    Energy and Utilities Application: Health Safety and Environment Inspection


    Capture and submit photos of incidents or infractions

    Submit notes to improve communication

    Analyze injury types, severity rate by location, and injury trends over time

    Input HSE data from apps while on-site

    • Eliminate paperwork and long preparation times

    • Ensure that inspectors or site managers are working with live data

    • Transactional input forms allow users to capture and submit HSE data directly from

    apps while on-site

    • Log information related to safety violations, maintenance issues, samples, and

    environmental regulatory compliance

    • Capture photos of incidents or infractions and submit notes

    • Access past HSE history data and content related to training and corporate policies

    • Streamline HSE management processes

    • Improve safety practices, compliance, preventative maintenance, and workforce


  • Minimize delays, reduce inefficiency, and maximize profit margins with real-time insight into the transportation, transmission, and storage of energy.

    Energy and Utilities Application: Supply Chain Analysis


    Analyze loss ratios by region to quickly identify and address inefficiencies

    Compare transformer capacity to circuit length Compare loss ratio to circuit length

    • Receive instant visibility into the end-to-end health and status of your supply chain

    • View critical KPIs and threshold-based alerts for fast decision-making

    • Quickly identify and address inefficiencies related to energy losses, transportation,

    storage, inventory, and costs

    • Analyze transmission and distribution network data related to circuit length, transfer

    capacity, loss ratios, and location

    • Closely monitor fuel transportation, barrel storage capacity, and pipeline performance

    to improve operations

    • Provide procurement departments and suppliers with a secure, common view of data

    related to on-time deliveries, order fulfillment rates, invoice accuracy, and defective


    • Drive supply chain efficiencies, refine demand forecasting, and improve negotiations

  • Demo: Electrical Energy Transmission and Distribution Network


  • Analyze and monitor complex plant operations and get real-time insight into product quality, energy consumption, workforce performance, safety, and more.

    Energy and Utilities Application: Refining / Treatment Operations


    Alerts for high-priority issues related to system or equipment malfunctions, quality, and safety

    Access finished or refined production information

    Analyze chemical and contaminant data

    Compare product quality to regulation standards • Provide refineries and treatment plants with a comprehensive view of all their operational data

    • Optimize performance, ensure safety, and adhere to regulations

    • Analyze huge amounts of data distributed across multiple systems and domains

    • Access and analyze data from systems related to process controls, emergency shutdowns,

    laboratory information, and asset management

    • Help plant workers monitor energy consumption levels, production operations, equipment

    maintenance, materials balances, receipts, and shipment