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You’re on the front lines of patient care every day—evaluating, diagnosing,monitoring, and providing treatment—quickly and accurately, withoutlosing sight of the patient as a person. It’s that front line of care wherewe here at Welch Allyn focus our skills.

As the first name in medical diagnostic instruments, we know your specializedED environment better than anyone. The value of time, the need to actquickly, the importance of having absolute confidence in your diagnosticinformation, the ability to deliver the best care in an increasingly challenging,fast-paced environment.

The result is innovation that puts state-of-the-art technology at the serviceof Emergency Medicine, with practical, efficient, reliable, affordable instrumentsthat give you the very best tools for an extremely demanding environment.The front line of care is where what we do best enhances what you do best.


Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle & Blade #60813, #69213 Pg. 30

PIC 30™ Monitor/Defibrillator #973039CP0E Pg. 25

Reusable One-Piece Blood Pressure Cuffs Pg. 14

Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series #53STP-E1 Pg. 12

Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs Pg. 14

767 Wall Transformer with PanOptic™ Ophthalmoscope andMacroView™ Otoscope #76710-82M Pg. 6

Propaq® LT Monitor with Monitron Large Screen Display#802LT0N-UE1 Pg. 22

Harvey™ Elite® Stethoscope #5079-125 Pg. 18

Braun ThermoScan® PRO 4000 Ear Thermometer #04000-200 Pg. 11

SureTemp® Plus 692 Electronic Thermometer #01692-200 Pg. 10

DS58 Classic Aneroid #DS58-11 Pg. 15

KleenSpec® Vaginal Specula #58001S Pg. 16

KleenSpec® Illumination/Storage System #78810 and #78820 Pg. 16

Spot Vital Signs® LXi #45ME0-E1 Pg. 13

Welch Allyn.Advancing Frontline Care.






















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While examining a patient, I need

to be able to count on my instruments.

When I see the Welch Allyn name, I know

I’m using an instrument that is reliable,

effective, and simple to operate.

Welch Allyn never lets me down.


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“We purchased theWelch Allyn integrateddiagnostic system forall our new healthcare center examrooms and have beenextremely pleased.They’ve added toour efficiency.”


767 Integrated Diagnostic SystemsThe essential diagnostic instruments for every Emergency Department examination room,in one place, integrated for efficiency and convenience.

• Choice of the revolutionary PanOptic™ Ophthalmoscope* or a 3.5 V Coaxial Ophthalmoscope• MacroView™ Otoscope** provides a 30% larger view than traditional otoscopes• Handle-based rheostats for quick light-intensity adjustments• 767 Wall Aneroid with easy-to-read dial face, certified accuracy, and lifetime calibration program• KleenSpec® Plus Disposable Specula Dispenser, prefilled with ear specula• Locking collar available to deter theft (#76700)• Optional—SureTemp® Plus Electronic Thermometer for highly accurate oral readings in approximately 4-6 seconds

*For full details on the PanOptic Ophthalmoscope, see page 8.**For full details on the MacroView Otoscope, see page 9.

FOUR COMPLETE SYSTEMS DESIGNED FOR EMERGENCY MEDICINE, all with MacroView Otoscope (#23810),Disposable Specula Dispenser (#52401), and 767 Wall Aneroid (#7670-01):

#76791-2MPX Recommended EmergencyDepartment SetupPanOptic Ophthalmoscope (#11820)SureTemp Plus Thermometer (#01690-300)

#76792-2MPPanOptic Ophthalmoscope (#11820)Thermometer not included

#76793-MXCoaxial Ophthalmoscope (#11720)SureTemp Plus Thermometer (#01690-300)

#76794-MCoaxial Ophthalmoscope (#11720)Thermometer not included


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Keep your diagnostic instruments powered up and ready to go withour most popular handles and instruments in one easy-to-order set.

• Colored LEDs signal power is “on” and instruments are charging• Advanced circuitry ensures constant, safe charging and optimum,long-lasting lamp life

• Optional—wall mount kit and/or specula tray

#71811-MPSRecommended EmergencyDepartment SetupUniversal Desk Charger plus:PanOptic Ophthalmoscope* (#11810)MacroView™ Otoscope* (#23810)(2) Lithium Ion Handles (#71900)

#71811-MPUniversal Desk Charger plus:PanOptic Ophthalmoscope* (#11810)MacroView Otoscope* (#23810)(2) NiCad Handles (#71670)

#71641-MUniversal Desk Charger plus:Coaxial Ophthalmoscope (#11720)MacroView Otoscope (#23810)

#76710-82M RecommendedEmergency Department Setup767 Wall Transformer plus:PanOptic Ophthalmoscope (#11820)MacroView Otoscope (#23810)

#76710-81M767 Wall Transformer plus:PanOptic Ophthalmoscope (#11810)MacroView Otoscope (#23810)

#76710-72M767 Wall Transformer plus:Coaxial Ophthalmoscope (#11720)MacroView Otoscope (#23810)

767 Wall Transformer with Instrument Heads

Accurate diagnostics within easy reach.

• Offers the flexibility to add on as you grow• Handle-based rheostats for quick light intensity adjustments• Modular design provides ability to add third handleor SureTemp® Plus thermometer

• OptiSense™ sensor automatically turns handles on andoff when removed and replaced from cradle

*See page 8 for full details on the PanOptic Ophthalmoscope,and page 9 for the MacroView Otoscope.


Universal Desk Charger Set with PanOptic™

Ophthalmoscope and MacroView™ Otoscope


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2.5 V PocketScope™ SetHave all the accuracy of Welch Allyn diagnostics right in your lab coat pocket.

• 2.5 V PocketScope Ophthalmoscope with consistent, long-lastinghalogen illumination for true tissue color

• 2.5 V PocketScope Otoscope with built-in throat illuminator gives you twoinstruments in one, with halogen illumination and fiber optics for cool light

• Adjustable rheostat to control light intensity• Powered by AA batteries• Available in either hard or soft case

#92820 Pocket Set with Hard Case#92821 Pocket Set with Soft Case

3.5 V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Handle

Twice the on-time, half the weight.

• Smaller diameter and half the weight of 3.5 V NiCad handles• 120 minutes of operation between charges (compared to 60 minutesfor standard NiCad handles)

• Charges in new Universal Desk Charger or with removable AC adapter• Compatible with all Welch Allyn 3.5 V instrument heads• Low battery indicator light

#71900 Handle with Removable AC Adapter#71910 Handle alone, for use with Universal Desk Charger

2.5 V CompacSet™

The perfect “second set” for the fast pace of the ED.

• Full-featured ophthalmoscope and fiber-optic otoscopeintegrated into one, easy-to-use instrument

• Fold-away design keeps instruments protectedon the go

• Halogen illumination gives brighter, whiter,long-lasting light• Instrument heads swivel for easy access from

any position• Powered by AA batteries

#92000 CompacSet™




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3.5 V Standard Coaxial Ophthalmoscope• Halogen HPX™ lamp provides 30% whiter, brighter light for true tissue colorand long performance

• Detect corneal abrasions and foreign bodies with cobalt blue filter• Coaxial optical system produces shadow-free spot viewing• Polarizing filter virtually eliminates corneal reflection• Sealed optics keep out dust and dirt

#11720 3.5 V Coaxial Ophthalmoscope (head only)

PanOptic™ OphthalmoscopeThe revolutionary PanOptic provides easier entry into the eye, together witha dramatically wider field of view to more easily evaluate head trauma,papilledema and retinal hemorrhage.

• Fast entry into undilated pupils• 5x larger view of the fundus vs. standard scopesin an undilated eye

• 25º field of view vs. the standard 5º field of view• Greater working distance improves comfort for bothpractitioner and patient

• Detect corneal abrasions with cobalt blue filter andcorneal viewing lens

• Compatible with all existing Welch Allyn 3.5 Vpower sources

• Free diagnostic wall chart available

#11820 PanOptic™ Ophthalmoscopewith Cobalt-Blue Filter and Add-OnCorneal Viewing Lens (head only)#11810 PanOptic™ Ophthalmoscope (head only)




“PanOptic’s breadth ofthe field of view givesme a much greatervisual appreciationof retinal structures.It increases myconfidence duringan exam.”


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Welch Allyn MacroView™ OtoscopeThe MacroView Otoscope delivers almost twice the field of view at higher magnificationcompared to standard otoscopes, making it easier to visualize the auditory canal andtympanic membrane. This instrument is a significant advance in hand-held otoscopy,providing an improved view for enhanced learning and decision making.

• A nearly complete view of the tympanic membrane with approximately twicethe field of view and 30% greater magnification than a traditional otoscope

• Better clarity and definition of landmarks• The ability to adjust focus for variable ear canal length or farsighted eyes• Tip grip for secure fastening and ejection of ear specula

#23820 MacroView Otoscope with Throat Illuminator (head only)#23810 MacroView Otoscope (head only)#23814 MacroView Otoscope with Throat Illuminator and Insufflator Bulb

3.5 V BivalveNasal IlluminatorFor a clear, true view of the nasal cavity.

• Halogen HPX™ lamp produces 30% brighter,whiter light for true tissue color and long-lastingperformance

• Adjustable speculum facilitates removal offoreign bodies

• Compatible with all existing Welch Allyn3.5 V power sources

#26030 3.5 V Bivalve Nasal Illuminator(head only)



3.5 V Operating OtoscopeFor convenience during procedures.

• Halogen HPX™ lamp produces 30% brighter,whiter light for true tissue color and long-lastingperformance

• Open system makes use during procedures moreconvenient

• Rotatable lens and speculum• Compatible with all existing Welch Allyn 3.5 Vpower sources

#21700 3.5 V Operating Otoscope(head only)


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To meet the needs ofa busy emergencydepartment, WelchAllyn offers you allthe modalities fortemperature-taking,for all types of patients.


SureTemp® Plus 692 ThermometerPerfect for your triage and exam rooms, the Welch Allyn SureTemp Pluscombines the speed of ear thermometry with the accuracy and reliabilityof traditional oral thermometry. You can take temperatures quickly, withapproximately 4-6 second oral temperatures, 10-second pediatric axillaryand rectal temperatures, and 15-second adult axillary temperatures.

• Interchangeable, removable probe wells to reduce the riskof cross contamination

• Large backlit LCD display with locationidentification capability

• Includes a 60-second pulse timer forcounting pulses and respirations• Your choice of security alarm systems

to help prevent theft• Takes approximately 5,000 readings

on 3 AA batteries

#01692-200 SureTemp Plus 692 Thermometer,Oral Probe w/ Oral Probe Well, Wall Mount and

Security System#01692-700 SureTemp Plus 692 Thermometer,

Oral Probe w/ Oral Probe Well, Wall Mountand Rolling Stand

#02892-000 Rectal Probe and Well Kit (4 ft)#02893-000 Oral Probe and Well Kit (4 ft)#05031-110 Thermometer Probe Covers (boxof 10,000)


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PRO 4000The Braun ThermoScan® PRO 4000 Ear Thermometer offers you thespeed and accuracy you need for all types of patients. The exclusiveExacTemp™ technology provides an active user feedback system toensure proper positioning and improved accuracy.

• Improved accuracy and repeatability through a preheated probetip and sensor

• Probe cover detection system ensures a new probe cover is used,allowing for precise infrared heat transfer for accurate temperatures

• Automatic probe cover eject button for quick and easy disposal ofused probe covers

• Easy-to-read, backlit LCD displays temperatures in Fahrenheitor Celsius

• Three-year limited warranty

#04000-200 Braun ThermoScan® PRO 4000#05075-500 Probe Covers (case of 5,000)



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Welch Allyn givesyou automated vitalsigns cost-efficientlyfor procedures,minor surgeries,treatments, androutine assessments.



Vital Signs Monitor 300 SeriesFor simple and accurate spot-check vital signs assessment or continuousmonitoring, the Vital Signs Monitor is the definition of “advanced monitoringmade affordable.”

• Standard noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse rate and MAP• Choice of SureTemp® Plus thermometry*; choice of motion-tolerant pulse oximetry (SpO2)technology from Masimo®, or OxiMax ® technology from Nellcor® and integratedthermal printer

• Supports adult, pediatric and neonatal patients• Simple to use LCD display facilitates menu navigation• Includes automatic blood pressure mode, programmable alarms and built-in memory• Lightweight and portable, with a variety of mounting options

#53000-E1 NIBP only (includes Pulse Rate and MAP)#5300P-E1 NIBP/Printer#530T0-E1 NIBP/SureTemp Plus Thermometry#530TP-E1 NIBP/SureTemp Plus Thermometry/Printer#53S00-E1 NIBP/Masimo Pulse Oximetry#53S0P-E1 NIBP/Masimo Pulse Oximetry/Printer#53ST0-E1 NIBP/Masimo Pulse Oximetry/SureTemp Plus Thermometry#53STP-E1 NIBP/Masimo Pulse Oximetry/SureTemp Plus Thermometry/Printer#53N00-E1 NIBP/Nellcor Pulse Oximetry#53N0P-E1 NIBP/Nellcor Pulse Oximetry/Printer#53NT0-E1 NIBP/Nellcor Pulse Oximetry/SureTemp Plus Thermometry#53NTP-E1 NIBP/Nellcor Pulse Oximetry/SureTemp Plus Thermometry/Printer#008-0835-01Mobile Stand with Basket

*See page 10 for full details on Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus thermometry.

Page 13: Emergência Médica

“We love theconvenience. Beingable to automaticallycollect all the vital signsin a short amount oftime really frees upthe nurses.”



Spot Vital Signs®

Take vital signs in seconds with superior technology for triage or bedside thatspot-checks easily, accurately and affordably.

• Automated measurement of noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse rate,temperature, and SpO2 in approximately 30 seconds

• All configurations include NIBP, pulse rate, and MAP• Optional—SureTemp® thermometry and Nellcor® pulse oximetry• Flexible configurations, yet fully upgradeable to meet your future needs• Lightweight and portable with a variety of mounting options

#4200B-E1 Spot Vital Signs with NIBP (includes Pulse Rate and MAP)#420TB-E1 Spot Vital Signs with NIBP and SureTemp Thermometry#42N0B-E1 Spot Vital Signs with NIBP and Nellcor Pulse Oximetry#42NTB-E1 Spot Vital Signs with NIBP, Nellcor Pulse Oximetry and SureTemp Thermometry#4200-60 Mobile Stand with Basket

Spot Vital Signs® LXiCheck blood pressure faster. Take temperatures using the method you prefer. MeasureSpO2 with the technology you want. The Spot Vital Signs LXi is a faster, smarter,more efficient way to take vital signs. Connect to a digital scale. Manually enterparameters. Print your results or send them electronically. No matter how you configure it,the Spot Vital Signs LXi lets you gather the data you want with a clear, logical interface.

• SureBP™ measures blood pressure in about 15 seconds as the cuff is inflating—resulting in timesaving technology for you and improved comfort for your patients. Pulse rate and MAP included

• Choice of SureTemp® Plus or Braun ThermoScan® PRO 4000 ear thermometer• Choice of Masimo® or Nellcor® pulse oximetry• Ability to manually enter weight, height, respiration rate, and pain level; calculates Body Mass Index• Connects to select Health o meter® or Tanita® digital scales• 50-reading memory allows retrieval of previous data forreview or to download later

• Comes connectivity-ready, allowing you to connect tothe Electronic Medical Record system you have nowor one you’ll get in the future

• Bigger, brighter LCD display provides greatervisibility from farther distances


#450T0-E1 Spot LXi with SureBP and SureTemp Plus Thermometer#450E0-E1 Spot LXi with SureBP and PRO 4000 Thermometer#45MT0-E1 Spot LXi with SureBP, Masimo SpO2 and SureTemp Plus Thermometer#45ME0-E1 Spot LXi with SureBP, Masimo SpO2 and PRO 4000 Thermometer#45NT0-E1 Spot LXi with SureBP, Nellcor SpO2 and SureTemp Plus Thermometer#45NE0-E1 Spot LXi with SureBP, Nellcor SpO2 and PRO 4000 Thermometer#4500-60 Mobile Stand with Basket#4500-62 Wall Mount with Basket#4500-500 External Printer#4500-910 Barcode Scanner

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Reusable One-Piece Cuffsand Inflation SystemsNever remove, clean or replace a bladder.

• Made of strong 70-denier nylon—50% lighter and strongerthan traditional cuff-and-bladder combinations

• Available in one- and two-tube designs for electronic NIBPmonitors and sphygmomanometers

• Convenient one-piece design delivers dependable,accurate results

• Range/index markings on outside of cuff make it easy to sizethe correct cuff for each patient

• Connectors attached to fit virtually every brand ofNIBP monitors

Disposable One-Piece Cuffsand Inflation Systems

Helps prevent cross-contamination in high-risk areas.

• Soft or vinyl cuffs are durable and latex-free• Available in one- and two-tube designs for electronicNIBP monitors and sphygmomanometers

• Convenient one-piece design delivers dependable,accurate results

• Range/index markings on outside of cuff make it easyto size the correct cuff for each patient

• Color-coded for easy size identification• Flat port tubing connectors help keep tubes out of theway—particularly important for neonatal applications

• Connectors attached to fit virtually every brand ofNIBP monitors


See page 35 for complete listing of cuffs and order numbers or visit www.welchallyn.com/cuffs.

The complete solution–a wide selection ofone-piece reusable anddisposable cuffs thatcan stay with the patientright from the ED towherever they goin the hospital.

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Tycos® 767-Series Walland Mobile AneroidsClinical-grade accuracy and mercury-free design makethe 767-Series one of the best Tycos® aneroids ever formanual blood pressure in triage and exam rooms.

• Certified accurate to ±3 mmHg• Mercury-free and latex-free for safety• Ruby-jeweled movement for long life• Laser-engraved dial face for accuracy• Large, easy-to-read dial face (6.25"/ 15 cm)• Convenient built-in cuff storage basket• Optional adjustable-height mobile stand swivels360º for clear viewing

• Lifetime calibration warranty

#7670-01 Tycos 767-Series Wall Aneroid with ReusableOne-Piece Cuff (adult)#7670-04 Tycos 767-Series Aneroid with Four-LegMobile Stand, Reusable One-Piece Cuff (adult) and Base Weight

WELCH ALLYN OFFERS MERCURY DISPOSAL. Mercury spills are a costly and hazardous distraction. In fact, some parts of the country are regulating and evenbanning medical products containing mercury, such as thermometers and sphygmomanometers. Welch Allyn is helping—with our ownmercury-free sphygmomanometers,and with a program that will safely dispose of your existing mercury sphygmomanometers as part of a facility-wide conversion program. For more information, contactyour local Welch Allyn representative or visit the EPA website at www.epa.gov/seahome/mercury/src/outmerc.htm



Tycos® DS58Classic Aneroid

Maintains accurate blood pressure readings with lower lifetimecost due to gear-free, shock-resistant DuraShock™ technology.

• Certified accuracy to ±3 mmHg• Meets twice the AAMI shock-resistant standardfor enhanced durability (60")

• Laser-engraved dial face for accuracy• Jeweled movement for long life

• Premium inflation system for comfort• Lifetime calibration warranty• Latex-free for safety

#DS58-11 DS58 Hand Aneroid with Reusable One-Piece Adult Cuff and Zippered Case(For two-piece cuff and bladder order #DS58-11CB)#DS58-MC DS58 Hand Aneroid with Reusable One-Piece Multi-Cuff Kit(child print, small adult, adult, large adult) and Zippered Case(For two-piece cuff and bladder order #DS58-11MCCB)




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KleenSpec® IlluminationStorage SystemStore your KleenSpec illumination system in this convenientstorage unit that will directly mount in an exam room.Organizes the illuminator, cords, and extra lamps.

#78820 KleenSpec Illumination Storage System



“I have enjoyed usingWelch Allyn’s disposablespecula for over five years.The visualization is farsuperior to the old metalspecula with goose-necklamp. I had the opportunitytousethenewestspeculumwith the attached sheath...it was a pleasure. Thankyou Welch Allyn.”






#58000S KleenSpec Small DisposableSpecula with Attached Sheath (case of 80)#58001S KleenSpec Medium DisposableSpecula with Attached Sheath (case of 80)#58004S KleenSpec Large DisposableSpecula with Attached Sheath (case of 60)#58000 KleenSpec Small DisposableSpecula (case of 100)#58001 KleenSpec Medium DisposableSpecula (case of 100)#58004 KleenSpec Large DisposableSpecula (case of 80)

KleenSpec® Vaginal Speculaand Illumination SystemWelch Allyn’s KleenSpec with Attached Sheath reduces the risk ofilluminator contamination.

• Preattached sheath easily pulls down over the Welch Allynillumination system

• The deployed sheath protects the light cord fromcross-contamination

• Available in small, medium and large-size specula• High-quality molded acrylic for patient comfort and reliability• Specula also available without sheath

#78810 KleenSpec Illumination System with On/Off Switchand Transformer

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LS-150™ Examination Light50 watts of bright, color-corrected light for easier, faster general exams and specific tasks like suturing.

• Color-corrected 50-watt lamp delivers white light for better tissue diagnosis• Luminaire stays cool to the touch, even during multiple exams• Design allows clear view and one-hand positioning• Optional caster base for portability

#44500 LS-150 with Floor Stand#44510 LS-150 with Wall Mount#44350 Caster Base Accessory

LS-135™ Examination LightHigh-quality, low-cost halogen illumination for the exam room.

• Long-lasting, 35-watt halogen lamp produces whiter, brighterlight than conventional gooseneck units

• Dual-intensity control switch allows you to instantly adjustlight output to match your exact requirements

• Compact base frees up valuable exam room floor space• Optional caster base for portability

#44300 LS-135 with Floor Stand#44310 LS-135 with Wall Mount#44350 Caster Base Accessory

Professional PenLiteFor quick and effective evaluation of the pupillary reflex.

• Bright, white halogen light for true tissue color rendition• Durable solid brass construction

#76600 Professional PenLite

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Disposable Uniscope

The best protection against


• Reduces risk of cross-contamination withthe accuracy of conventional stethoscopes

• The safest choice for isolation, HIV andheavy fluid cases

#17461 Adult, Single-Head DisposableStethoscope, Yellow#17462 Adult, Single-Head DisposableStethoscope, Dark Blue#17462P Pediatric, Single-Head DisposableStethoscope, Light Blue

Comfortable, lightweight, affordable.

#5079-135 Single Lumen Professional Stethoscope (Adult, Double-Head)#5079-145 Single Lumen Professional Stethoscope (Pediatric, Double-Head)Black color noted. Other colors available for all models.

Professional Stethoscopes

Harvey™ Elite®

StethoscopeA sleek look and feel.

• High-quality stainless steel chestpiece for durability

• Superior performance throughoutthe entire acoustic range

• Dual-lumen PVC tubing providesseparate sound pathways to eachear for unrivaled accuracy

• Adjustable binaurals for comfortand performance

#5079-125 Harvey Elite StethoscopeShown in black. Other colors available.

Harvey™ DLX StethoscopeThe original, designed for precision and acoustic clarity.

• Developed by Dr. W. Proctor Harvey, expert in auscultation• Optimized for listening to high-frequency heart sounds, includingmurmurs, clicks, and ejection sounds

• Unique brass chest piece warms quickly for patient comfort andprovides superior acoustic response

• Dual-lumen PVC tubing provides separate sound pathways to eachear for unrivaled accuracy

• Adjustable binaurals for comfort and performance

#5079-325 Harvey DLX with Double-Head#5079-321 Harvey DLX with Triple-HeadShown in black. Other colors available.




Master EliteStethoscopeBreakthrough SensorTech™ technology provides superior acousticsfor auscultation of the heart and chest, allowing you to hear moreof the sounds you need to hear.

#5079-405 Master Elite Sensor-Based Stethoscope


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There’s no time for failure in the ED.

Things move too fast. Patients can’t wait.

Knowing your instruments are reliable,

accurate and they won’t break

down—it’s not optional. They have to

be that way.


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Welch Allyn knows how you work. And Flexible Monitoring is one of the ways we’re helping you work better.

Flexible monitoring lets you bring the monitor to the patient, making every area of the ED a monitored area—fromthe waiting room and hallway to Triage and Trauma. This allows you to more effectively handle surge capacity, reducethe number of diverts and enhance patient satisfaction.

Providing wireless connectivity between Welch Allyn’s small, rugged front line care devices and the Acuity CentralMonitoring Station provides a patient safety net throughout your facility. Whether the patient is in the ED or beingtransported to Radiology, you have the freedom to continue monitoring that patient anywhere, anytime.

Welch Allyn Flexible Monitoring™ provides the freedom to monitor patientsanywhere, anytime, increasing productivity and improving patient safety.





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Acuity® LT Central Monitoring Station

• An affordable solution that offers continuous central surveillance and documentation for up to 28 patients• Works with either a wireless or hardwired system of patient monitors• Twenty-four hour full disclosure and life-threatening arrhythmia analysis• Simplified infrastructure allows your facility the cost-saving option of completing your own installation

Mobile Acuity® LT Central Monitoring Station

• A self-contained, self-deployed central monitoring solution that can be set upimmediately in response to emergency situations in almost any location

• Monitor up to 12 patients on a single, rugged laptop-based workstation• Twenty-four hour full disclosure and life-threatening arrhythmia analysis

• User friendly, easy-to-read display, easy to deploy

Acuity® CentralMonitoring Station• Comprehensive documentation of all patient data, trends,waveforms and alarms

• Integrate patient vital signs data with your ED electronicrecords with Acuity HL7 Interface option

• Full Disclosure, Arrhythmia Analysis and ST Analysis options• Monitor wireless and hardwired devices on the same system• Remote control of bedside monitors from the central stationincreases staff efficiency and enhances patient safety

• Easily expands to meet your facility’s growing needs

Each Acuity and Acuity LT System is configured to your exact needs.Contact your Welch Allyn sales representative to plan and order theideal configuration for your facility’s size, patient load and floor layout.

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The convenience and efficiency of a patient monitor that’s wireless and wearable. Ideal for monitoringvital signs of higher-acuity overflow patients, ambulating patients and administering medications atthe bedside.

• Displays heart rate, one or two ECG leads, SpO2 numerics and pulse bar• Continues monitoring even when out of telemetry range• Up to 25-hour battery life when fully charged

• Connects wirelessly to Welch Allyn’s Acuity andAcuity LT Central Monitoring Stations

• Alarms may be suspended and silenced locally atthe monitor, or remotely at the central station

#01080004 ECG Monitoring only#01080005 ECG and Masimo® SpO2

#01080006 ECG and Nellcor® SpO2


Propaq® LTLightweight, rugged, long-lasting and easy-to-use, the new Propaq LT continuouslymonitors the essential vital signs in a compact design. Ideal for ambulatory patients inattached chest pain clinics and observation units.

• Heart rate, 3- or 5-lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, respiration• Neonatal, pediatric and adult patient modes• Spot-check and continuous monitoring modes• 24-hour tabular and graphical trending• A shock resistance of up to 75 g, enoughto withstand a 6 ft drop

• Docking station and rechargeable batterythat lasts 24 hours

• Flexible mounting options available includingIV pole and wall mount

• Conveniently connects to a large color displaypanel for 4- or 9-waveform display


#802LT0N-UE1/#802LTRN-UE1 Propaq LT with Charging Cradle Base/USB Base Model/Wireless Option#802LT0N-0E1/#802LTRN-0E1 Propaq LT without Charging Cradle Base Model/Wireless Option#008-0931-00 Charging Cradle with USB and Large Color Display Interface attached#008-0937-00 17" Large Color Display#008-0983-00 Large Color Display Interface with Flat Panel Mounting Kit

Page 23: Emergência Médica

Propaq®CS Vital Signs MonitorDurable and easy-to-use, it’s the perfect instrument for bedside

monitoring of vital signs.

• Large color display with color-differentiatedparameters may be read across the room

• Custom selection of up to four viewablewaveforms

• Adult, pediatric, and neonatal modes• Optional—Wireless connectivity to the Acuity®

and Acuity® LT Central Station allows trulyflexible monitoring in the ED

• Three-year warranty

#01031633 Propaq CS, Model 242, Monitors 3-LeadECG, Respiration, NIBP, Motion-tolerant SpO2 andtwo Channels of Temperature#01031647 Propaq CS, Model 244, Monitors 3-LeadECG, Respiration, NIBP, one Invasive BP, Motion-tolerant SpO2, Expansion Module with Printer, twoChannels of Temperature and Sidestream CO2

#01031659 Propaq CS, Model 246, Monitors 3-LeadECG, Respiration, NIBP, two Invasive BP, Motion-tolerantSpO2, Expansion Module with Printer, two Channels ofTemperature and Dualstream CO2

Propaq Encore® MonitorRugged enough for the fast-paced monitoring demands of emergency departments and medical transport.

• Long battery life protects against data loss during transport and procedures• Motion-tolerant SpO2 and NIBP for accurate, consistent readings in challenging environments• Low cost of ownership

#01020821 Propaq Encore, Model 202-EL, Monitors 3-Lead ECG, Respiration,NIBP, Motion-tolerant SpO2 and 2 Channels of Temperature#01020834 Propaq Encore, Model 204-EL, Monitors 3-Lead ECG, Respiration,NIBP, 1 Invasive BP, Motion-tolerant SpO2, Expansion Module with Printer,2 Channels of Temperature and Sidestream CO2

#01020846 Propaq Encore, Model 206-EL, Monitors 3-Lead ECG, Respiration, NIBP,2 Invasive BP, Motion-tolerant SpO2, Expansion Module with Printer, 2 Channels ofTemperature and Dualstream CO2




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PIC 50™

The PIC 50 is a comprehensive Portable Intensive Care Unit,with up to 12 patient treatment parameters and sophisticatedcommunication options. Designed for high-acuity settings,the PIC 50 boasts multiparameter monitoring and defibrillationcapabilities in one compact, lightweight and durable package.

• 3- or 5-lead ECG monitoring, multiparameterdefibrillator, recorder and SpO2

• Options include: Full diagnostic 12-lead ECG withinterpretation, AED, EtCO2, noninvasive bloodpressure, two invasive blood pressure lines, externalpacing, and temperature, all in a single 10 lb box

• Large active matrix color display with color-codedparameters that can be viewed from virtually any angle

• Includes high-performance, lightweight NiMH batteryto deliver more than four hours of continuousperformance from a single charge

• A breadth of power options and battery supportsystems are also available to meet virtually any need

• Optional data card transfer, fax, cellular and othersophisticated communications options are also available

PART NUMBERS: Contact your local Welch Allyn Hospital salesrepresentative to plan and order the ideal PIC 50 configuration foryour facility, patient and treatment needs.



AED 10™

Designed for easy operation and quick deploy-ment by the infrequent user, the AED 10 usesthe simple “1-2-3” approach—a proven rescueprotocol used throughout the world. The AED 10is the simple solution for quick and easy responseby minimally trained personnel.

• Text and voice instructions guide the user through the rescue.Color-coded pads and illustrations ensure proper pad placement

• Escalating energy (200 J, 300 J, 360 J). Energy protocol can bechanged to meet specific needs

• High-performance battery delivers five years of standby performanceor over 90 discharges at 360 joules

• Internal memory stores event data including ECG waveforms,time/date stamps, shock delivery and system actions

• Compatible with major manufacturer defibrillator pads

#970302E AED 10 with Soft Shell Carrying Case

AED 20™

The unique, simple-to-operate AED 20 providesbasic AED function with optional “Lead II”monitoring using traditional snap-basedelectrodes. Optional manual defibrillation(2 joules to 360 joules) is also available inthis compact device. The versatile AED20 is the first choice for healthcare orEMS environments with multiple levelsof first responders.

• Escalating energy (200 J, 300 J, 360 J). Energy protocol can be changedto meet specific needs

• Choice of rechargeable battery for frequent users or a long-lifenonrechargeable battery for infrequent rescuers

• Optional ECG monitoring and optional passcode-protectedmanual defibrillation

• Internal memory stores event data including ECG waveforms,time/date stamps, shock delivery and system actions

#972213E Nonrechargeable AED 20 with ECG Waveform and Single Channel Monitoring#972214E Rechargeable AED 20 with ECG Waveform and Single Channel Monitoring#972215E Nonrechargeable AED 20 with ECG Waveform, Monitoring and ManualDefibrillation Mode#972216E Rechargeable AED 20 with ECG Waveform, Monitoring and ManualDefibrillation Mode


Page 25: Emergência Médica

PIC 40™

A multiparameter monitor,AED, and defibrillator withexternal pacing, the PIC 40is the perfect solution forambulatory surgery.

• Radiant color display provideswaveforms, patient data anddefibrillation functions that can be viewed from virtually any angle

• 3- or 5-lead ECG and SpO2

• Optional parameters include NIBP and external pacing• Manual defibrillator (2 joules to 360 joules)• AED is configurable (200 J, 300 J, 360 J)

#973092E PIC 40 with AED and SpO2

#973093E PIC 40 with AED, SpO2 and NIBP#971091-E Welch Allyn Integral External Pacing Option



PIC 30™

Designed for the crash cartand other manual defibrilla-tion environments, the PIC 30monitor/defibrillator is theeconomical choice for yourpatient care department,clinic or surgery center.

• Radiant color display provides excellent visibility• Annotating recorder captures all vital data on 50 mm printer• Full manual defibrillation (2 joules to 360 joules) and sync capabilities• Optional external pacing and shock advisory

#973039C00E PIC 30 with Color Screen#973039CP0E PIC 30 with External Pacing#973039C0AE PIC 30 with Shock Advisory Feature#973039CPAE PIC 30 with External Pacing and Shock Advisory


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#623NP-E1AND #6200-30

Atlas™ MonitorA cost-effective monitor with all the parameters for yourconscious sedation procedures, such as closed reduction offractures and complex lacerations.

• Lean, practical, hard-working monitor with configurationoptions to meet your individual needs

• All monitors include ECG, Nellcor® pulse oximetry and NIBP.Optional parameters include temperature, respiration, EtCO2

and integrated printer.• Bright, crisp waveforms and multicolored LEDdisplays for across-the-room visibility

• Simple, straightforward operation• Two-year warranty

#622N0-E1 Atlas with ECG, Nellcor® SpO2, NIBP,Temperature, Respiration, Battery and RS232#622NP-E1 Atlas with ECG, Nellcor® SpO2, NIBP,Temperature, Respiration, Battery, RS232 and Printer#623NP-E1 Atlas with ECG, Nellcor® SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2,Temperature, Respiration, Battery, RS232 and Printer#6200-30 Mobile Stand

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Welch Allyn CP 200™ with Optional SpirometryAn easy-to-use, full-featured ECG with advanced options to help streamline workflow.

• Color ECG waveform preview screen makes it easierto read critical information

• Save time by using dedicated function or “soft keys” to performthe most common procedures without scrolling through menus

• Full alphanumeric keyboard enables quick patient data entry• High-resolution thermal printer generates standard full-sizedreports in the format you need

• Store up to 100 ECG tests for later review and editing ofpatient data and interpretation

• Connect directly to the Welch Allyn CardioPerfect™WorkstationSoftware through a USB cable interface for easy retrieval, review and storage

• Optional MEANS interpretation software for a silent second opinion

#CP2-1E1 Welch Allyn CP 200™ Noninterpretive#CP2A-1E1 Welch Allyn CP 200™ Interpretive

Refer to CPT Codes 93000, 93005, 93010, 93040, 93041, 93042


CP 100™ and CP 200™


Welch Allyn PC-BasedSpiroPerfect™ Spirometer

Welch Allyn ABPM 6100

Welch Allyn Holter

Welch Allyn PC-BasedResting ECG

Welch Allyn PC-BasedExercise ECG

Connects to ElectronicMedical Records Systems

Welch Allyn CardioPerfect™

Workstation Software

Easy-to-use, intuitive software that is EMR ready

Access your patient data across the entire family of cardiopulmonaryproducts with Welch Allyn CardioPerfect™ Workstation Software.This software manages data from these different diagnostic tests inthe same way, allowing you to store all of your patient informationin the same record. This permits you to retrieve and analyze informationquickly, allowing you and your staff to be more efficient.

• Retrieve records with the touch of a key, and reviewand edit right on the screen

• Store thousands of records with ease• Fax or e-mail reports directly for consults

#RE-SW-ECG Welch Allyn CardioPerfect Workstation Software

Welch Allyn CardioPerfect™ Workstation Software


Page 28: Emergência Médica


Video ColposcopeTrue video colposcopy for documentation of sexual assaultcases, with high-resolution imaging, superior diagnosticsand integrated information management.

• A direct-to-screen colposcope that gives youfull-screen, high-resolution images

• Welch Allyn Solarc® lighting generates whiter,brighter light for true tissue color

• Easy to use• Compact design with ambidextrous controlsfacilitates patient access

• Push-button on-screen magnification• Store, retrieve, compare, annotate and transmitimages with advanced image management

#88000A Video Colposcope with Vertical Stand#89000A Video Colposcope with Swing Arm#88001A Video Colposcope with Vertical Arm Standand Monitor#89001A Video Colposcope with Swing Arm Standand Monitor#88701 Image Management System,HP LaserJet Printer


“Images with the VideoColposcope are farsuperior in clarity, andI like the ease withwhich the unit is focusedat various magnifications.Continuous zoom is areal plus, too.”


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LS-200™ Procedure LightBrings light to all your ED procedures withhigh-quality, low-cost illumination.

• Superior maneuverability covers a wide rangeof positions without drifting or repositioning

• 24" working distance with 2,500 foot-candles light output and 3,200º K colortemperature enhances visualization of theoperative site and provides true tissue color

• Three-lamp design ensures continuous,shadow-free illumination

• 7" spot size with feathered edge definitionand 12" depth of field reduces eye strain

#44200 LS-200 Procedure Light#44250 Mobile Stand#44210 Wall Mount Bracket

Solid StatePortable HeadlightProvides illumination precisely where it is needed, with cool,bright light that ensures comfort for both clinician and patient.

• Weighs just four ounces—one of the most comfortable andlightweight headlights available

• Fits inside a shirt pocket and allows the user complete freedomof movement

• Supplies bright, white, shadow-free light for true tissue color

#46070 Portable Headlight with Direct Power Source and Charger#49642 Soft Terrycloth Headbands (box of 10)

Solid StateProcedure HeadlightTargeted, well-defined illumination without theheat of traditional headlights.

• Weighs just six ounces—extremely comfortable to wearfor both simple and complex procedures

• Supplies bright, white, shadow-free light for true tissue color• Rechargeable battery pack makes this a completely portable,compact unit that allows the user freedom of movement

#49020 Procedure Headlight with Direct Power Source#75260 Portable Power Source with Charger

Exam Light III™

Flexible fiber-optic lighting that lets you take brighter, whiterlight anywhere without the heat.

• Mounts easily on a wall, stand, or examination table• Durable fiber-optic light pipe bends to almost any positionand transmits cool illumination

• Small head leaves clear view of task areas• Sealed focusing sleeve keeps optics free of dust• Provides homogeneous spot and variable size• Ideal for gynecological examinations and minor procedures

#48700 Exam Light III#48850 Mobile Stand#48859 Universal Table Mount







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Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades• Removable, repolishable light pipes and free repolishing service help blades last longer• Damaged light pathways can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacement blade• Single-piece stainless steel construction ensures blade integrity

MacIntosh Fiber Optic Blades

Blade Overall InsideModel Size Length Base to Tip

#69061 #1 89 mm 63 mm#69062 #2 108 mm 82 mm#69063 #3 126 mm 101 mm#69064 #4 160 mm 135 mm

English MacIntosh Fiber Optic Blades

Blade Overall InsideModel Size Length Base to Tip

#69211 #1 95 mm 70 mm#69212 #2 116 mm 90 mm#69213 #3 135 mm 110 mm#69214 #4 156 mm 130 mm

Miller Fiber Optic BladesInside

Blade Vertical InsideModel Size Measure Base to Tip

#68065 #00 8 mm 37 mm#68060 #0 8 mm 53 mm#68061 #1 8 mm 79 mm#68062 #2 10 mm 132 mm#68063 #3 11 mm 172 mm#68064 #4 13 mm 182 mm

Fiber OpticLaryngoscope HandlesBright, white Halogen HPX™ illumination offersa clear, color-corrected view.

• Patented HPX technology blends halogen andxenon gases under pressure to producebright, white light for true tissue color andconsistent, long-lasting illumination

• Single-lamp cartridge can be used across allsizes and handles

• Up to 40% lighter than our previous design, forincreased responsiveness and maneuverability

• Knurled finish ensures secure grip

Lightweight Battery-PoweredFiber Optic Handles

Model Description

#60813 Medium, uses twoC-size batteries

#60814 Penlight, uses twoAA-size batteries

#60815 Stubby, uses twoAA-size batteries


Page 31: Emergência Médica

Intubating FiberscopeThe ideal instrument for difficult intubations andfor facilitating the removal of foreign bodies.

• Patented Solarc light source deliverswhiter, brighter light in a smaller,space-saving package

• Designed for easier, more efficientendotracheal intubation

• Comes with 60 cm flexible probe, 35 mminsertion tube, 1.4 mm multipurpose channel,90º field of view and 3-50 mm focal range,260º tip deflection and 25 mm angulationsection, and +2 to –8 diopter adjustment

#65301 Intubating Fiberscope with Solarc Light Source


RL-150™ Rhinolaryngoscopewith Solarc® LampsThe ultimate system for illuminating and viewingthe nose and throat.

• Patented Solarc arc lamp shines 5,500º K of white,xenon-quality light, compared to 3,200º K for halogen systems

• 20% more fibers in the fiber-optic illumination bundle makesfor brighter, larger, high-resolution image

• 350 hours average lamp life• Highly portable at only 2.2 lbs• Disinfection tray makes reprocessing more convenient• Optional storage hanger

#65053 Rhinolaryngoscope with Solarc Light Source#65050 Rhinolaryngoscope only#46100 Solarc Light Source only#65003 Storage Hanger



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LumiView™ Portable Binocular MicroscopeUnique 3-D optics for superior illumination and magnification when suturing, removing foreign bodies,and visualizing small cavities in the ear, nose, or throat.

• Adapts optical properties of binocular microscope to converge user’s vision into amagnified, stereoscopic 3-D view

• Directs cool halogen light to the spot for clear 3-D image and accurate depth perception• Simple to use, easy to carry, and very affordable

#20500H Portable Binocular Microscope, Head Mount with Portable Battery Pack#20500S Portable Binocular Microscope, Spectacle Mount with Portable Battery Pack



Ear Wash SystemSimultaneously irrigates and suctions cerumen to allowvisualization of the tympanic membrane.

• Eliminates messy outflow by automatically dislodging,removing and disposing of cerumen

• Transparent tip seals tightly and directs outflow backto sink and away from you and your patient

• Features include: pressure regulation, temperatureindicator/control and suctioning action

• Safe, reduces typical side effects like vertigo,nausea, and tympanic membrane damage

#29300 Ear Wash System#29360 Eartips for Ear Wash System(case of 100)

“The Ear Wash Systemis comfortable and safefor my patients, and easyfor me. They don’t getwet and neither do I.And it’s very effective inremoving cerumen.”


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I can always tell if somebody tries to

switch from Welch Allyn consumables to

the cheap substitutes. They don’t fit the

instruments right, and I worry about

the accuracy.



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Product Name Part No. Ref. Page Product Affiliation

Eartips #52434-U 9 524 Series KleenSpec® Disposable Otoscope Specula, 4.25 mm, 850/bag, 10 bags/case#52432-U 9 524 Series KleenSpec® Disposable Otoscope Specula, 2.75 mm, 850/bag, 10 bags/case#52401 5, 6 524 Series Disposable Otoscope Specula Dispenser with Storage Compartment,

case of 10

Ear Wash System–Eartips #29360 32 Eartips for Ear Wash System (case of 100)

Thermometry #05031-110 10 SureTemp® Plus Disposable Probe Covers (10,000 covers)Probe Covers #05031-105 10 SureTemp® Plus Disposable Probe Covers (5,000 covers)

#05075- 005 11 Braun ThermoScan® PRO 4000 Disposable Probe Covers (case of 5,000)

Paper Supplies #7052-25 12 Vital Signs Monitor Printer Paper, 1 case (6 rolls)#6200-40 26 Atlas™ Monitor Printer Paper, 1 case (25 rolls)#001729 24, 25 ECG Chart Paper for use with PIC 30, PIC 40, PIC 50, 40 mm (box of 3)

Batteries #71960 7 Replacement Lithium Ion Battery#72200 6 Replacement NiCad Rechargeable Battery (black) for Desk/Well Charger Handle

Lamps #03000-U 8 Ophthalmoscope—11710#03100-U 9 Otoscopes—20000, 25020, 21700, 20200, 3.5 V Handle Adapter–73500

and Bivalve—26030#06500-U 9 MacroView™ Otoscope 23810, 23820#03800-U 8 PanOptic™ Ophthalmoscopes—11810, 11820#04200-U 29 Halogen Lamp for Exam Light II™—48600 and Exam Light III™—48700#04430-U 17 35 W Halogen Lamp for LS-135™ Exam Light—44300 and 44310#04450-U 17 50 W Lamp for LS-150™ Exam Light—44500 and 44510#04900-U 8 Ophthalmoscopes—11720, 11730, 11735#06000-U 30 Halogen HPX™ Lamp for Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handles#06400-U 29 20 W Lamp for LS-200™ Procedure Light—44200#08800-U 16 4.6 V Halogen Lamp for Vag Spec Illumination System—78810#07800-U 16 6 V Halogen Lamp for Vag Spec Illumination System—78000, Sigmoidoscope, Anoscope Light Handles#08500-U 32 LumiView™ Replacement Lamp—20500, 20510#09500-U 31 Solarc® Lamp—49500, 46100

Disposable #53130 (not Individually Wrapped Disposable Sigmoidoscope Specula (19 mm x 25 cm)Sigmoidoscopes pictured) with Obturators (25/box)

Disposable Anoscopes #53110 (not Individually Wrapped Disposable Anoscope Specula (19 mm x 10 cm)pictured) with Obturators (25/box)

Electrodes #6200-11 26 ECG Electrodes for Atlas™ Monitors (pack of 30)

Vaginal Specula #58000 16 KleenSpec® 580 Series Disposable Vaginal Specula, Small (case of 100)#58001 16 KleenSpec® 580 Series Disposable Vaginal Specula, Medium (case of 100)#58004 16 KleenSpec® 580 Series Disposable Vaginal Specula, Large (case of 80)#58000S 16 KleenSpec® Small Disposable Specula with Attached Sheath (case of 80)#58001S 16 KleenSpec® Medium Disposable Specula with Attached Sheath (case of 80)#58004S 16 KleenSpec® Large Disposable Specula with Attached Sheath (case of 60)

Miscellaneous #11870 8 PanOptic™ Patient Eye Cups (package of 5)#52640 29 Disposable Sheaths for Exam Light II™ and Exam Light III™ (48600/48700)#76700 5, 6 3.5 V Locking Collars for Wall Transformers#001855 24, 25 Defibrillator Pads, Adult (box of 10)

Emergency Medicine Consumables

34 WELCH ALLYN CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS are designed to maximize the performance of Welch Allyn instruments,and are manufactured to meet rigid conformance requirements.

Page 35: Emergência Médica

MONITOR STYLE, ONE TUBE, SCREW CONNECTORSize Circum. Single 5 Pack*Newborn 7.7-10.5 cm 5082-201-3 5082-81-3Infant 9.8-13.3 cm 5082-202-3 5082-82-3Small Child 12.4-16.8 cm 5082-203-3 5082-83-3Child 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-204-3 5082-84-3Child Print 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-204P-3 5082-84P-3Small Adult 20.0-27.0 cm 5082-205-3 5082-85-3Adult 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-206-3 5082-86-3Adult Long 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-206L-3 5082-86L-3Large Adult 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-207-3 5082-87-3Large Adult Long 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-207L-3 5082-87L-3Thigh 40.7-55.0 cm 5082-208-3 5082-88-3

Special Note: To order multi-packs with one of each size cuff (excluding Child Print and Long Cuffs), order 5082-241-3.*To order cuffs with bayonet connectors (#5082-184), add “HP” suffix to part number (e.g., 5082-81-3HP).*To order cuffs with locking connectors (#5082-182), add “MQ” suffix to part number (e.g., 5082-81-3MQ).

MONITOR STYLE, TWO TUBES, SCREW CONNECTORSSize Circum. Single 5 Pack*Infant 9.8-13.3 cm 5082-202-4 5082-82-4Small Child 12.4-16.8 cm 5082-203-4 5082-83-4Child 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-204-4 5082-84-4Child Print 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-204P-4 5082-84P-4Small Adult 20.0-27.0 cm 5082-205-4 5082-85-4Adult 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-206-4 5082-86-4Adult Long 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-206L-4 5082-86L-4Large Adult 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-207-4 5082-87-4Large Adult Long 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-207L-4 5082-87L-4Thigh 40.7-55.0 cm 5082-208-4 5082-88-4

Special Note: To order multi-packs with one of each size cuff (excluding Child Print and Long Cuffs), order 5082-241-4.*To order cuffs with bayonet connectors (#5082-184), add “HP” suffix to part number (e.g., 5082-82-4HP).*To order cuffs with locking connectors (#5082-182), add “MQ” suffix to part number (e.g., 5082-82-4MQ).

SPHYG STYLE, ONE TUBE, LUER LOCK CONNECTORSize Circum. Single 5 PackNewborn 7.7-10.5 cm 5082-201-1 5082-81-1Infant 9.8-13.3 cm 5082-202-1 5082-82-1Small Child 12.4-16.8 cm 5082-203-1 5082-83-1Child 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-204-1 5082-84-1Child Print 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-204P-1 5082-84P-1Small Adult 20.0-27.0 cm 5082-205-1 5082-85-1Adult 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-206-1 5082-86-1Adult Long 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-206L-1 5082-86L-1Large Adult 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-207-1 5082-87-1Large Adult Long 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-207L-1 5082-87L-1Thigh 40.7-55.0 cm 5082-208-1 5082-88-1

Special Note: To order multi-packs with one of each size cuff (excluding Child Print and Long Cuffs), order 5082-241-1.

SPHYG STYLE, TWO TUBES, LUER SLIP CONNECTORSize Circum. Single 5 PackInfant 9.8-13.3 cm 5082-202-2 5082-82-2Small Child 12.4-16.8 cm 5082-203-2 5082-83-2Child 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-204-2 5082-84-2Child Print 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-204P-2 5082-84P-2Small Adult 20.0-27.0 cm 5082-205-2 5082-85-2Adult 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-206-2 5082-86-2Adult Long 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-206L-2 5082-86L-2Large Adult 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-207-2 5082-87-2Large Adult Long 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-207L-2 5082-87L-2Thigh 40.7-55.0 cm 5082-208-2 5082-88-2

Special Note: To order multi-packs with one of each size cuff (excluding Child Print and Long Cuffs), order 5082-241-2.

INFLATION SYSTEMS, TWO TUBES WITH BULB AND VALVESize Circum. SingleInfant 9.8-13.3 cm 5082-222-1Small Child 12.4-16.8 cm 5082-223-1Child 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-224-1Child Print 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-224P-1Small Adult 20.0-27.0 cm 5082-225-1Adult 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-226-1Adult Long 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-226L-1Large Adult 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-227-1Large Adult Long 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-227L-1Thigh 40.7-55.0 cm 5082-228-1


5082-161 Metal screw-type adapter with barbed end for Welch Allyn and Critikon monitors5082-164 Plastic male screw-type connector with female luer slip for Welch Allyn and

Critikon monitor cuffs5082-165 Plastic male locking luer slip connector with barbed end for Datascope monitors5082-168 Plastic female locking luer slip connector with barbed end for

sphygmomanometers and Datascope monitor cuffs5082-169 Metal female luer slip adapter with barbed end5082-174 Plastic screw-type adapter with barbed end for Welch Allyn and Critikon monitors5082-176 Plastic male luer slip connector with barbed end for neonatal cuffs5082-178 Plastic male locking adapter for Welch Allyn Protocol and GE Marquette monitors5082-182 Plastic female locking connector for Welch Allyn Protocol and GE Marquette

monitor cuffs5082-184 Plastic male bayonet connector for HP/Siemens, Spacelabs, and Datascope monitors5082-185 Metal female bayonet adapter for HP/Siemens, Spacelabs, and Datascope monitor cuffs

MONITOR STYLE, ONE TUBE, SCREW CONNECTORSize Circum. Soft 5 Pack* Vinyl 5 Pack*Newborn 7.7-10.5 cm 5082-91-3 5082-91-8Infant 9.8-13.3 cm 5082-92-3 5082-92-8Small Child 12.4-16.8 cm 5082-93-3 5082-93-8Child 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-94-3 5082-94-8Small Adult 20.0-27.0 cm 5082-95-3 5082-95-8Adult 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-96-3 5082-96-8Adult Long 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-96L-3 5082-96L-8Large Adult 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-97-3 5082-97-8Large Adult Long 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-97L-3 5082-97L-8Thigh 40.7-55.0 cm 5082-98-3 5082-98-8

Special Note: To order multi-packswith one of each size cuff (excluding Long Cuffs), order 5082-241-7 for soft or 5082-241-19 for vinyl.*To order cuffs with bayonet connectors (#5082-184), add “HP” suffix to part number (e.g., 5082-91-3HP).*To order cuffs with locking connectors (#5082-182), add “MQ” suffix to part number (e.g., 5082-91-3MQ).

MONITOR STYLE, TWO TUBES, SCREW CONNECTORSSize Circum. Soft 5 Pack* Vinyl 5 Pack*Infant 9.8-13.3 cm 5082-92-4 5082-92-9Small Child 12.4-16.8 cm 5082-93-4 5082-93-9Child 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-94-4 5082-94-9Small Adult 20.0-27.0 cm 5082-95-4 5082-95-9Adult 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-96-4 5082-96-9Adult Long 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-96L-4 5082-96L-9Large Adult 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-97-4 5082-97-9Large Adult Long 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-97L-4 5082-97L-9Thigh 40.7-55.0 cm 5082-98-4 5082-98-9

Special Note: To order multi-packs with one of each size cuff (excluding Long Cuffs), order 5082-241-8 forsoft or 5082-241-20 for vinyl.*To order cuffs with bayonet connectors (#5082-184), add “HP” suffix to part number (e.g., 5082-92-4HP).*To order cuffs with locking connectors (#5082-182), add “MQ” suffix to part number (e.g., 5082-92-4MQ).

MONITOR STYLE, ONE TUBE, LUER SLIP CONNECTORSize Circum. Soft 10 PackNeonate #1 3.3-5.6 cm 5082-101-1Neonate #2 4.2-7.1 cm 5082-102-1Neonate #3 5.4-9.1 cm 5082-103-1Neonate #4 6.9-11.7 cm 5082-104-1Neonate #5 8.9-15.0 cm 5082-105-1

Special Note: To order multi-packs with one of each size cuff, order 5082-241-9.

MONITOR STYLE, TWO TUBES, LUER SLIP CONNECTORSSize Circum. Soft 10 PackNeonate #1 3.3-5.6 cm 5082-101-2Neonate #2 4.2-7.1 cm 5082-102-2Neonate #3 5.4-9.1 cm 5082-103-2Neonate #4 6.9-11.7 cm 5082-104-2Neonate #5 8.9-15.0 cm 5082-105-2

Special Note: To order multi-packs with one of each size cuff, order 5082-241-10.

SPHYG STYLE, ONE TUBE, LUER SLIP CONNECTORSize Circum. Soft 5 Pack Vinyl 5 PackNewborn 7.7-10.5 cm 5082-91-1 5082-91-6Infant 9.8-13.3 cm 5082-92-1 5082-92-6Small Child 12.4-16.8 cm 5082-93-1 5082-93-6Child 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-94-1 5082-94-6Small Adult 20.0-27.0 cm 5082-95-1 5082-95-6Adult 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-96-1 5082-96-6Adult Long 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-96L-1 5082-96L-6Large Adult 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-97-1 5082-97-6Large Adult Long 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-97L-1 5082-97L-6Thigh 40.7-55.0 cm 5082-98-1 5082-98-6

Special Note: To order multi-packs with one of each size cuff (excluding Long Cuffs), order 5082-241-5 for soft or 5082-241-17for vinyl.

SPHYG STYLE, TWO TUBES, LUER SLIP CONNECTORSize Circum. Soft 5 Pack Vinyl 5 PackInfant 9.8-13.3 cm 5082-92-2 5082-92-7Small Child 12.4-16.8 cm 5082-93-2 5082-93-7Child 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-94-2 5082-94-7Small Adult 20.0-27.0 cm 5082-95-2 5082-95-7Adult 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-96-2 5082-96-7Adult Long 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-96L-2 5082-96L-7Large Adult 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-97-2 5082-97-7Large Adult Long 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-97L-2 5082-97L-7Thigh 40.7-55.0 cm 5082-98-2 5082-98-7

Special Note: To order multi-packs with one of each size cuff (excluding Long Cuffs), order 5082-241-6 forsoft or 5082-241-18 for vinyl.

INFLATION SYSTEMS, TWO TUBES WITH BULB AND VALVESize Circum. Soft Single Vinyl SingleInfant 9.8-13.3 cm 5082-232-1 5082-232-6Small Child 12.4-16.8 cm 5082-233-1 5082-233-6Child 15.8-21.3 cm 5082-234-1 5082-234-6Small Adult 20.0-27.0 cm 5082-235-1 5082-235-6Adult 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-236-1 5082-236-6Adult Long 25.3-34.3 cm 5082-236L-1 5082-236L-6Large Adult 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-237-1 5082-237-6Large Adult Long 32.1-43.4 cm 5082-237L-1 5082-237L-6Thigh 40.7-55.0 cm 5082-238-1 5082-238-6

Reusable One-Piece Cuffsand Inflation Systems

Disposable One-Piece Cuffsand Inflation Systems


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Recommended Emergency Department Room Setups

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767 Integrated Diagnostic System #76791-2MPX 5Spot Vital Signs® LXi #45ME0-E1 13Harvey™ Elite® Stethoscope #5079-125 18Braun ThermoScan® PRO 4000 Ear Thermometer #04000-200 11SureTemp® Plus 692 Electronic Thermometer #01692-200 10Tycos® DS58 Classic Hand Aneroid #DS58-11 15


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767 Integrated Diagnostic System #76791-2MPX 5LS-150™ Halogen Examination Light #44500 17KleenSpec® Vaginal Specula and Illumination System #58001S, #78810 16Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series #53STP-E1 12Braun ThermoScan® PRO 4000 Ear Thermometer #04000-200 11Harvey™ DLX Stethoscope #5079-325 18SureTemp® Plus 692 Electronic Thermometer #01692-200 10Exam Light III™ Fiber Optic Light #48700 29


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767 Integrated Diagnostic System #76791-2MPX 5Propaq® LT Monitor #802LT0N-UE1 22Exam Light III™ Fiber Optic Light #48700 29CP 200™ Electrocardiograph #CP2AS-1E1 27KleenSpec® Vaginal Specula and Illumination System #58001S, #78810 16Video Colposcope with Vertical Stand #88000A 28Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handles & Blades #60813, #69213 30Uniscope Disposable Stethoscope #17462 18Acuity® LT Central Monitoring Station Various 21PIC 30™ Monitor/Defibrillator #973039CP0E 25Intubating Fiberscope #65301 31RL-150™ Rhinolaryngoscope #65053 31Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series #53STP-E1 12Atlas™ Monitor #622NP-E1 26LS-200™ Halogen Procedure Light #44200 29Solid State Procedure Headlight #49020 29Micropaq® Ambulatory Patient Monitor #01080004 22

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