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Transcript of Email Terrible for Collaboration

1. 8 Reasons Why EmailIs TERRIBLEforTeam Collaboration@ 2. The inventionof email has been oneof the turning points inworkplace communication.@Now, decades later, it has become an outdatedand inefficient method for collaboration, because it: 3. The average corporate userspends of the workdayanswering and sending emails.We spend more time dealing with email than collaborating andcommunicating with our co-workers. Using more socialtechnologies in the workplace could reduce email use by 25%.Wastes a lot of time 4. Did you know? Atos removedemail from its 74,000+ teamand improved productivityimmediately. Digging through inbox to come to an understanding who has saidwhat is unproductive. Everyone should just stop responding toemails with an unnecessary thanks or I got it.Group conversations grow out of hand 5. Kills valuable tacit knowledgeFor every 10 minutes we spendon our actual job, we spend 7minutes on email.More time we spend on email the less time we have to contributein a meaningful way. Valuable knowledge gets buried deeper anddeeper every minute of every day. 6. Provides no overviewChecking email is the mostpopular activity on asmartphone. 78% of peopledo it regularly on mobilephone.78%You spend countless hours on email. In return, get no clearoverview what needs to be done. Don't know who's responsible forwhat. Use the phone for calling if an emergency strikes. 7. Destroys focusOn average, employees checktheir email 36 times. It takes16 minutes to refocus afterhandling an incoming email.We are expected and expect ourselves to get answers quickly viaemail. Switching to email as soon as we hear the notificationkeeps us from reaching greater potential. 8. Lacks in transparencyEmails are private, between the sender andthe receiver. Therefore, keeping everyoneelse in the dark and not being able tobenefit from the transfer of knowledge. Fun factShiva Ayyadurai holds the first copyright forEMAIL a system he began building in1978 at just 14 years of age. 9. Brings confusion It actually takes longer toprocess an email than it doesto write one.WritingReadingThanks to all the CCs and BCCs, information gets confusingquickly and lost altogether. We should stop using the reply allbutton except when critically necessary. 10. Its anti-social25% to 30% of time spent onemail could be saved if themain channel for collaborationis moved over to a socialplatform.To save time and get a clear overview what's happening in yourteam, move collaboration to a social platform.