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  1. 4. ChevronTexaco- 2 rigs damaged, lost 2 platforms, more expected to be found. Shell- Ram/Powell A-9 well location put them in the eye of the storm with our tools in the hole below a storm packer. This is a TLP and the rig slammed into the production compressor causing major damage to the rig and TLP. Shearing the BOP stack in half when the rig moved over. 2 -3 weeks before going back to work. Runs 2 & 3 will be returning next week. The Deepwater Nautilus was found some 85 miles off of location. Damage to rig & riser. The Diamond America for Mariner was found drifting off location with 11 less anchors and only 1 left in tack with cable. The rig now will have to go to the ship yard to get re-spooled with anchor line. Murphy The Spar Medusa had the Nabors 141 rig on it and was found skidded onto another part on the rig other than where it was left, the extent of damages has not yet been determined. Dominion The Spar Devils Tower leaned over and dropped its rig over board, not fully confirmed if its on the bottom of the gulf or hanging onto the Spar. Another Dominion rig had a standard derrick and therefore it couldnt be laid down, it now is missing completely. More to come as I get it! Never under estimate MOTHER NATURE
  2. 5. MURPHY MEDUSA MC 538
  3. 6. Petronius VK786
  4. 7. Petronius VK786
  5. 8. BP/ ShellKakika
  6. 17. More To Come!!!!