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2. Global Warming is theincreaseof Earthsaverage surfacetemperaturedue toeffect of greenhousegases, such as carbondioxide emissions fromburning fossil fuels orfrom deforestation, whichtrap heat that wouldotherwise escape fromEarth. This is a type ofgreenhouse effect./ 3. Why is global warming happening?Pollution from coal, natural gas, and oil 4. Carbon Dioxide (CO2)Fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) 5. Rising Sea Level Increased TemperatureHabitat Damage and Changes in Water Supply 6. Example of theGreenhouse EffectThe Suns energypasses through thecars windshield.This energy (heat)is trapped insidethe car and cannotpass back throughthe windshield,causing, the insideof the car to warmup. 7. This is where temperature have risen in the world. 8. How is global warming measured? Ice Core DataCO2 Measurements Before 1958 - Antarctica 9. The yellow represents warming, melting glaciers, flooding andrising of sea level. The red represents the spread of disease,earlier springs and population changes, heavy snowfalls, andflooding, droughts and fires. 10. More intense and longer droughts have beenobserved over wider areas since the 1970s,particularly in the tropics and subtropics Photo credit: GoodPlanet 11. The frequency of heavy precipitation eventshave increased over most land areas- Rainfall in Mumbai (India), 2005:1 million people lost their homes 12. Penguinpopulationdecline. Penguinpopulation haveshrunk by 33%during the past25 years inresponse todeclines in theirwinter sea icehabitat. 13. Fuel-Efficiency Solar PowerWind Power 14. What can you do to helpsolve the problem? 15. Turn off your computer or the TV when youre not using it.Take shorter showers. Heating water uses energy. Keep rooms cool by closing the blinds, shades, orcurtains.Turn off the lights when you leave a room.Use compact fluorescent bulbs. 16. Whats theCompactIncandescent difference?Fluorescent 500 lbs. ofcoal 1,430 lbs. CO2 pollution avoided $30 saved 17. Dress lightly when its hot instead of turning upthe air conditioning Or use a fan.Dress warmly when it is cold instead of turning up the heat.Offer to help your parents keep the air filters onyour AC and furnace clean.Walk short distance instead of asking for aride in the car.Plant a tree.Recycle. 18. Global warming is affecting plants,animals, humans and the earth. We need tolearn how to conserve our use of fossilfuels to minimize carbon dioxideproduction. This will slow down the effectsof global warming.