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its about the services provided by one of the merchant bank..

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A Financial Institution or an Organization

Underwrites Corporate Securities

Advices Clients

On issues like Corporate Mergers

The eight banking subsidiaries of STATE BANK OF INDIA are as follows: State Jaipur State ( SBH ) State State Bank of Bikaner and ( SBBJ ) Bank of Hyderabad Bank of India ( SBI ) Bank of Indore ( SBIR )

State Bank of Mysore ( SBM ) State Bank of Patiala ( SBP ) State Bank of Saurashtra ( SBS ) State Bank of Travancore ( SBT )

The Merchant Banking services provided by State Bank Of Hyderabad are as follows :Debenture Trustee Services Project Counseling Loan syndication Issue Management Services E - Broking

Debenture Trustee Services

Protects the interest of debenture and bond holders issued by companies and corporations.

Project Appraisal

Study and analysis of the project viability and steps to execute the project

Loan syndication

Undertakes preparation of project files, loan applications for financial assistance

Issue Management Services

Management of issue involves marketing of corporate securities by offering them to public

E Broking

It offers E Broking facility i.e. 3 in 1 account to transact in share markets