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Transform your Business Seamless Business Integration Business Scalability & Centralized Operations Maximize Returns on Core IT Investment Define, Measure ,Target, achieve and Improve Delivering Business Value To Banks
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  • 1. Define, MeasureBusiness Scalability &,Target, achieve and Improve Centralized Operations Transform your Business Maximize Returns on Seamless BusinessCore IT InvestmentIntegration Delivering Business Value To Banks

2. Industry Recognition 2010 BPM & 2010 ECM MQ Reports Very Large Installations Emerging India Award for IT, ITeS and ICEFastest Growing Market Leader in DM & WFMarket Leader Innovator in ECMInnovator Significant player in Banking Significant Player Global Leader in BPM & DMSGlobal LeaderNewgen has the resources and skills to develop quickly and Ive been Agile Companywatching their products change quickly and move faster than a lot oftheir competitors. 3. Rare Product company to be in both ECM & BPM Magic QuadrantsECM MQ 2010Newgen has developed a strong presence inEMEA as a vendor of transactional contentplatforms for large financial servicesinstitutions and business processoutsourcers. Strong leadership and keyaccounts management, relevant technologyand a services partner program that is payingglobal dividends .Source: Gartner ECM MQ 2010 BPM MQ 2010Newgen brings strong support for contentinteractions within the process (due to itsheritage in the ECM market).OmniFlow is proved for large-volume, document-centric workflows.Newgen has a good focus on and anunderstanding of BPM needs in emerginggeographies.Newgen consultants are well-trained in thedesign and architecture of solutions usingNewgens BPMS.Source: Gartner BPMS MQ 2010 4. CustomersBanking &FinanceInsuranceBPO &SharedServicesTelecomManufacturing& Power 5. Large Scale, Proven Deployments - BFSIBankingFinancial Services Insurance100+ processes 18 Financial & 2,000+(e-Serve); Accounting users, leanerpioneering work processes across 4 branches, 9720,000 checks in 4 Continents officeshours; Loan Proc200 million 700+ branchescustomers, 4 billion14,000 branchesautomated in 2pagesarchiving 300 report years; 40,000 loansarchived, 2000types (25GB/day) per monthbranches55 processes 30 min consumerClaims processingacross LOBsloan approval in 4 through 40 lowimplemented in justcountriesbandwidth branches8 months5000 users, 300 Reports Archival for450 branches in 22branches, 20 million 10 yrs. Automatedcountries, 4documents, retrieval 9 core processeslanguages time 3 sec for registration 6. Banking Customers in Africa 7. Banking: Need for Enterprise Content ManagementElectronic Documents Email & Fax CorrespondenceCheque Images 8. ECM Usage in Banking Departments 9. Document Management SystemCaptureIndex Storage Archive ScanEmail MetadataFax PrintElectronicRedirectionFilesSearch End to End Solution End to Solution 10. Business Process AutomationInitiation at Business Process Management(BPM) provides platform forbranches Data Entry automation of business processes Processing leading to savings in time and cost,and numerous value additions. ProcessLayer WFM separates the Process Logic Processingfrom the Application Logic. Exception ExceptionGeneration This allows Exception Clearing Verification Unmatched flexibility in Upload downloadprocess design & re-designCustomer InterfaceApplication Integrating proposals across the processCPC Monitoring activities across the process - both manual activities and those done byApplicationIT proposalsCore BankingLayerMortgage/Landing PaymentApplication 11. Comprehensive Enterprise Content Management ECM Suite RecordCollaboration Email Archival Management Document Management Imaging DMS Engine Mail CaptureDocument BrowserData &Hierarchy, Indexing, SearchBased Record ManagementDocument Capture, Version, Check-in Check-User Ad-Hoc Document Routingout, Scalable Image Server TechnologiesDesktops Reporting & Audit Trail Image EnablingEnd to End Solution Fax Capture Workflow EngineArchitecture ProcessWorkflowModeling, Route, Rules, Rol Integration initiation tools es, Exceptions, Escalations, with BusinessProcess Monitoring &Applications n-tier SOA Architecture Measurement Java EE based Web Services XML/Java APIImage Processing Administration & Reporting & Audit LDAP/SSOEngine Monitoring Trail Unicode based 12. OmniScan Production Scanning Tool Extraction through barcode Extraction through OCR Indexing with Business Values Batch/Bulk Scanning Scanning Templates Designing. Image Enhancement operations. Auto Separation on Bar Code, Blank Page.Associate Document Types to Export Documents to DMS. Pages 13. OmniDocs End User Desktop File Documents in Folder Hierarchy. Document Operations like Add, Modify, Delete etc. Check-In, Check-Out & Versioning. Rights on Folders & Documents. 14. OmniDocs Search Also Search on Document Properties like modified date, created date, accesseddate, document name, author, keywords and owner and size etc. 15. OmniDocs Document Viewer View Documents genericproperties, data classindexes. Apply Annotations & Notes 16. Archival of Sharepoint Documents in OmniDocsDocuments from the documents Library of Sharepoint can be saved in the corresponding folder of OmniDocs along withindexing. From Within Sharepoint Interface documents can be searched in OmniDocs. INTERACTIVE ARCHIVAL Click on the document to view its context menu. Click on the sub menu Archive to AUTOMATIC ARCHIVALOmniDocs Document can also be archived to OmniDocs from SharePoint Document will be archived as per thewithout user intervention defined & associated Automatic Archival utility runs (in background) according to Archival Policythe schedule specified and archive documents according to Document can beautomatic archival policy defined for a Document Library. sent from any folder This will typically be a case in Sharepoint workflow, when at of the associatedthe complete stage, documents are need to be sent to Content Document Library ofRepository for long term archivalSharePoint 17. Newgen OmniFlow BPM Suite Work Third Party Applications Items && Automated Activities Work ListHuman Task & System Integration Task & IntegrationInterface Interface ValidationForm DesignerInterfaceBusiness Rules Optimization & Management SystemPredictive SimulationExecutionEngineProcess SimulatorDefinitionRules Engine DMS/RMS Business Activity Interface MonitoringProcess ModelerDocument Management Dashboard 18. Process ModellingDrag & Drop based ModelingProcess VersioningComplete flow chart of process.Definition of Business Rules.User Queues with Access Rights.User & System worksteps. 19. Form Designing Rich Drag & Drop Form Building Tools Event Driven Data Fetching Work step based Tab Control Handling Intelligent Client Side Calculations & Validations Interface for Raising and clearing exceptions Framework for taking actions on work items namely reject, approve, wait for exception clearance 20. Business Activity MonitoringDashboard for Business Activity MonitoringReport Building WizardDrill Down Reports for detailed AnalysisActions for removing Bottlenecks- OptimizationsAlarms & Triggers20 21. Application Area: Account OpeningCentral Processing Office 5ExceptionHandling 4Data Entry & DocumentVerificationCentralScanning Exception Handling6Authorization7Account ActivationLocalScanningBRANCH OFFICES8Email Notification to3 Issuing Welcome Kitcustomer2 Minimal Data Entry9Disbursing other documents to customer1 Documents Receipt/10 ArchiveChecking 22. Application Area: KYC Documents Process Central Processing Office5 Verification AgencyAddress /Credit VerificationCentralScanningException KYC Rating process 6Handling Local /Distributed Scanning Account Activation 7 4Collect KYC Information Email Notification to 8 customer3 Documents Check andVerficationArchival of documents 9for long term2 Collect Documents 10 Core Application Update1Collect Customer Information 23. Application Area: Loan ProcessingCENTRAL PROCESSING LOCATION 9 Disbursement & start of post disbursement processes 8 Core Banking UpdateException 7 Authorization 6 Score Checking 5 ExceptionHandling4Request Verification Agencies Data Entry & Document3Verification BRANCH OFFICES 2 DocumentScanning 1 Documents Receipt/Checking 24. A leading Financial Institution in IndiaOverview Functional AreaBusiness DocumentsIndias second-largest bank with total Retail ConsumerDomestic & NRI Account Opening Forms assets of US$ 77 billion, uses OmniDocsAccounts AOF, Annexure & Signatures. Branchas the enterprise archive for all of theirRequest Processing Documents. ImageRetail & Corporate banking relatedData & Signature exported for uploading inFinacle.documents Consumer LoanApproved Loan application forms classifiedUsed for archival of Insurance policyApplicationas Personal, Commercial Vehicle,related documents in ICICI PrudentialProcessing Consumer Durables, Farm Equipment,Integrated with more than 5-6 businessConstruction equipment & Medicalequipment. Archived documents Indexedapplications. with Loan No generated from financialLocations FinOne application.2000 branch offices Trade transactions Current Account Maintenance, FixedDeployment of domestic &Deposits, Rural & Micro-banking and Agri-Solaris/Oracle App Server / Oracle InternationalBusiness Group (RMAG) signatures, RealDatabase.locationsTime Gross Settlement (RTGS) Documents,Central Information Branch (CIB) requisitionSolution deployed across ICICIforms.Bank, ICICI Prudential and ICICI Web TradeWeb Trade Account Opening Forms -Lombard. Processing demographics, exchange agreements, clientIntegrated with MQ series, Credit card- DP agreement, POA for equity, POA forcommodities.application etc. Life insurance Archival and storage of insurance policy10,000 users across ICICI group. Policy related documents like CAF etc225 million stored documents.Running in mission critical mode since 25. 50% Reduction in Loan Processing TimeChallenges: Benefits: Delayed and erroneous Loan processing Processes more than 800 loans & 20,000 Exponentially growing workloadrequests per day Tracking of status of requests Customer delight with 15 days TAT down to 7days for loan issuance Storing and managing of documents High operational costs 50% reduction in manual work owing totruncation of paper at Mid-Sales Office Enabled centralized processing, 2000 usersProcesses Automated: Request Management System at Call Center Personal loan processfor 1000 users Request management system Drastic cost reduction Check truncation system (CTS) We chose Newgen over others, owing to th companys Document Management and Workflow capabilities. - Head IT 26. Bank Muscat Processes Automated Business Benefits Account Opening Leaner branches/Conversion Funds Transfer to Sales and Service outlets. Retail Loans Added around 10,000 man Trade Financehours p.m. from back office function to sales and service Remittance Branch operations limited to Cash/Drafts and Stop Business Requirement payments. Need for centralization of Processes. 20% savings in Ops staffing Truncate physical document movement levels due to economies of from 110 branches scale. Improve TAT for critical processes like 90% reduction in TAT because Account Opening, Retail Loans, Fundsof Imaging/Escalations and Transfer etc. Exception management Capture Erroneous/Incomplete/Duplicate Efficient MIS for Management cases at the time of initiation itself .that helps in the target setting Basic MIS for TAT/Escalationfor the branches management/Pending cases etc. 27. Solution for Abu Dhabi Commercial BankBusiness Requirement Process Implemented - Account OpeningADCB has 43 branches for retail operations ProcessCustomer visits the Branch for opening anBusiness Benefitsaccount or alternatively DSA can approach Core system was developed long back andprospect/customer for account opening.did not have extensibility to capture newinformation which was necessary forCapturing / Editing customer information andstatutory compliances and audits. ThisKYC information - account related information now captured and managed indetails, relationship between the new account BPM.and customers, operating instructions, accountIntegration with Core banking andmemo and signature cropping.subsystems like SDC systemGenerating requests for Cheque Books andAvailability of online images for verificationSmart Debit Cards (SDC) in Core System. Improved turn-around timeGenerating handoff file and uploading statusGenerating customer and account relatedfor welcome kit to be dispatched by courier forms in PDF format through the capturedcompany.informationIntegration with Core banking system to pushcustomer information, customer signature andaccount information.Deployment DetailsOracle 9iWindows 2000-Advanced Server 27150 users 28. Asset Finance Processing in Kenya based BankChallenges: Decentralized processing of loans No Visibility of Documents while in processProcesses Automated: Asset Finance, Motor Loans, Insurance Premium ProcessingBenefits: Image Movement has been centralized Basic Automation accomplished Real Time view of the Loan Document FileMovement 29. Newgens Comprehensive Product SuiteWorkflow & Business Process Management Platform for process automation, including modeling, simulation, workflow execution, monitoring & imaging.Scanning & Distributed Capture Tool for bulk & distributed scanning of paper documents.Payment and Clearing Systems BPM-based application for payment, settlement & clearing of checks, demand drafts, dividend/interest warrants, etc.Data Extraction from PaperApplication for data extraction from structured forms through ICR, OCR, Barcode & OMR technologies. 30. Newgens Comprehensive Product Suite Document & Record Management Platform for enterprise document archival & record management. Document Output Management Application for document/ statement generation and distribution for consolidated and personalized output management. Reports Archival & Distribution / COLDApplication for archival of data & reports from disparate systems for fast, on-demand retrieval.Image Enablement of Core Applications Adaptor to associate and retrieve document images from core systems like Flexcube, Finacle, Misys, SAP, etc. 31. Sample Project Plan 32. Sample Training Plan 33. Support MethodologySupport Type DetailLocation Provided ByL1 Support ProductionOnsite Partner Deployment SupportL2 Support ImplementationOnsite/Offsite Partner/Newgen SupportL3 Support Product Support OffsiteNewgen 34. Thank youCorporate Office:International Offices:New Delhi HyderabadUSNewgen Software Technologies Ltd. Newgen Software Technologies Ltd.Newgen Software Inc.A-6, Satsang Vihar Marg, Qutab Institutional Area 304/2, 3rd Floor, Block-I, White House 1364 Beverly Road, Suite 300New Delhi - 110 067 6-3-1192/1/1, Kundan BaghMcLean, VA 22101Tel: + 91 - 11 - 2696 3571, 2696 4733, 2656 1223, Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500 016Tel: + 1 - 703 - 749 - 285526371267~71 Tel: + 91 - 40 - 5561 1020, 3912 1020Email: [email protected]: + 91 - 11 - 2685 6936Telefax: + 91 - 40 - 2784 0156 UAEEmail: [email protected]: [email protected] Software Technologies Ltd.Sales & Support Offices:Mumbai YI 46New Delhi Newgen Software Technologies Ltd.PO Box 120586Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. B-Pitruchhaya, Sharjah Airport International Free ZoneE44/13, Okhla Industrial Area Phase IIParulekar Marg,SharjahNew Delhi - 110 020 Off. Ranade Road, DadarUnited Arab Emirates (UAE)Tel: + 91 - 11 - 2638 4060, 2638 6158 Mumbai - 400 028 Email: [email protected]: [email protected] Telefax: + 91 - 22 - 2444 6588-89MalaysiaBangalore Email: [email protected] Newgen Software Technologies Ltd.Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. ChennaiPlaza SentralFF-2, Alpine Arch, 10 Langford Road Newgen Software Technologies Ltd.Kuala LumpurBangalore - 560 025 Brooklyn Business Centre Email: [email protected]: + 91 - 80 - 2223 7765, 2227 3614 5th Floor, East Wing,Telefax: + 91 - 80 - 2229 1615103 - 105, Poonamalle High RoadEmail: [email protected] (Next to Dasaprakash Hotel),Kolkata Chennai - 600 084Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. Tel: + 91 - 44 - 55651060~62"Malancha", 1st Floor, 4A,Email: [email protected] Lajpat Rai SaraniKolkata - 700 020Tel: + 91 - 33 - 2280 1860, 2280 1870Email: [email protected]