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City of Düsseldorf Globally connected Düsseldorf, the Mobile Capital

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  • 1. City ofDsseldorfGlobally connectedDsseldorf,the Mobile Capital
  • 2. MOBILE INNOVATIONDrIVErLife without it seems hardly conceivable: the mobile phone, just like the Internet,has become firmly embedded in our daily lives. It is the medium of choice for anentire generation, and it has an increasing influence on activities in both businessand government.Almost 110 million active SIM cards are currently registered inGermany. In other words, over the last twenty years the mobilecommunications industry has achieved one of the most significantlevels of market penetration in the history of communication tech-nologies. New business models in the mobile sector are the growth Branded reseller 2/drivers for an entire industry, and the mobile phone is becoming a MVNO 3key technology in many up- and downstream areas. MVNO-based business models in early 2010, as many as 146 virtual Mobile marketing mobile brands were on the The mobile phone has German market. Some of Mobile broadband been in use as an advertis- them are subsidiaries of Broadband access on the ing medium for roughly a network operators, but the go mostly via 3G broad- decade now. This has led to majority are collaborations band networks based the development of a wide between network operators on UMTS technology 1, range of mobile advertising or MVNEs 4 and companies but increasingly also 4G formats and, to the same from outside the industry networks primarily using extent, the emergence of that have no core mobile the LTE standard 1. Fore- a vast number of service telecom business but do casts predict that in 2010 providers. have established sales there will be 20 million channels, customer bases Selected Dsseldorf broadband-enabled mobile and their own branding. companies: devices in Germany alone. Alcatel-Lucent Selected Dsseldorf Selected Dsseldorf Deutschland, companies: companies: Gettings, acoreus, allMobility, Huawei, LfM Nova, Sony Ericsson Mobile Ortel Mobile, ring Nokia Siemens Communications, Mobilfunk, Simfonics, Networks, ZTE Vodafone Deutschland simyo 1 LTE (4G), UMTS (3G) LTE (long term evolution, 4G = 4th generation) is the next-generation standard for mobile data transmission replacing UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications system, 3G = 3rd generation). 2 BrANDED rESELLEr The most common type of MVNO business in Germany. This business model focuses on marketing and sales of branded SIM cards (see also MVNO, MVNE). 3 MVNO The Mobile Virtual Network Operator business model involves network operators or MVNEs (see below) and resellers of mobile communication services who have no network resources of their own. 4 MVNE A Mobile Virtual Network Enabler is one party in a full MVNO relationship. Unlike full MVNOs, MVNEs do not distribute mobile products directly, but via a partner company.
  • 3. Mobile health M2M communication 6Mobile health monitoring Machine-to-machine com-and remote diagnosis the munication (M2M) based onability to record bodily personal SIM cards is mak-functions and health habits ing inroads into ever moreon a daily basis will revolu- areas. Applications includetionise medicine. the security, healthcare and banking sector and many Selected Dsseldorf other industries like retail, companies: automobile, transport and Ericsson, SHL logistics. Telemedizin, Vitaphone Selected Dsseldorf companies: Mobile payment and E-Plus Mobilfunk banking Payment and other finan- cial transactions over the phone modern SIM cards enable users to add elec- tronic cash and credit card Smart retailing and functionality to their mobile phones. Transmitting TANs mobile commerce via SMS will make online Creating a mobile link from banking highly secure. retailers to consumers, Selected Dsseldorf rFID 7 technologies help companies: optimise supply chain DOCOMO Deutschland procedures, while NFC 8 and SIM cards make shopping smart and increasingly mobile. Selected DsseldorfMobile apps 5 companies: METrO GrOUP,Applications for mobile SES rFID Solutionsdevices according to esti-mates, 2010 saw some 4.5billion applications down-loaded onto mobile termin-al devices. And although Mobile securitythousands of developers Secure transmission ofhave created several hun- voice services and data mLearningdred thousand applications encryption software Accessing knowledge basesfor mobile phones within installed on mobile phones over the phone while mo-just a few years, experts enables secure voice trans- bile access to education isbelieve that the apps econ- mission and safe operation still in its early stages, it isomy is still in its infancy. of business-critical applica- definitely a growth market tions. Security is an impor- and mobile learning re- Selected Dsseldorf tant success lever. sources are sure to expand. companies: net mobile, Nokia, Selected Dsseldorf Selected Dsseldorf Verlagsgruppe companies: companies: Handelsblatt Secusmart Babiel e-Information5 APP This short form of application denotes all kinds of end-user resources for modern smartphones. As a rule, apps can be down-loaded using store software integrated in the phones operating system.6 M2M Machine-to-machine transactions are defined as the automated bidirectional communication between technical units such asmachines, devices or systems in this case over a mobile network. M2M applications streamline business processes.7 rFID radio frequency identification serves to identify and track objects using radio waves. rFID technology records and stores datavia a system of transponders and interrogators.8 NFC Near field communication is a communication technology standard enabling the wireless exchange of data over a shortdistance.
  • 4. DSSELDOrF,MOBILECAPITALHome to the headquarters of both E-Plus and Vodafone Deutschland, Dsseldorfhas long been a powerhouse of the German mobile telecommunications indus-try. Groundbreaking industry innovations such as the MVNO business model,a piloting LTE project and the launch of rFID were all started by Dsseldorfplayers. The city has long become a prime location for mobile telecommunica-tions companies, exerting enormous attraction on all levels of the value creationhierarchy, from Asian infrastructure giants to innovative SMEs that have formedlocally. A leading location in an international perspective, Dsseldorf is home tomore than 1,500 companies from the information and communications tech-nology sector. Its unique ecosystem of companies, industry associations andinstitutions has made Dsseldorf a truly global Mobile Capital.More information: www.duesseldorf.de/mobilecapitaland: www.mobile-capital.de
  • 5. More than 50% of mobile phone sales in Germany are controlled from the Dsseldorf region. More than 50% of all German mobile telecommunications SIM cards come from Dsseldorf. Dsseldorf is home to global players and innovative mobile sector companies on all levels of the value chain. This creates synergy and drives collaboration between local enterprises. International industry giants like Huawei, METrO GrOUP and Vodafone Deutschland initiate pilot projects in Dsseldorf to test promising future technologies such as NFC, LTE and rFID. Dsseldorf has more employees in mobile telecommunications than any other city in Germany. North rhine-Westphalia is home to the biggest telecommunications providers in Germany and has one of the largest regional telecommunications markets in Europe. Dsseldorf is Germanys no. 1 location for technology-oriented company start-ups. Dsseldorf can call on its own venture capital resources for high-tech start-ups.Dsseldorf is home to many industry associations and business networks related to themobile sector: Fachgruppe Mobile im BVDW (Mobile Specialist Group) Digital City Dsseldorf The German Council of the Mobile Marketing Association The local chapter of the MobileMonday community Starting in 2011, the Mobile Capital will be hosting digi:media, a trade show and international conference focusing on the digitalisation of media in all areas of the value chain from print media to mobile apps.
  • 6. DssElDORf The headquarters of the mobile industry offers international companies ideal conditions and services that are precisely tailored to the needs of global entrepreneurs. The International Business Service department at the Office of Economic Development is the point of contact for all matters of interest to foreign businesses. Designed as a one-stop agency, it lends support in setting up and developing subsidiaries, provides relevant information on the Dsseldorf region, helps find suitable commercial real estate, provides advice in applying for residence and work permits, offers an advisory service to identify and contact public authorities, and mediates contacts to country or industry networks in Dsseldorf. International specialists at the Office of Economic Development speak all major business languages. NORTH AMERICA The motherland of the Internet and home to some of the driving forces of the mobile sector such as Apple, Microsoft, rIM and Yahoo. With 450 companies represented in the Dsseldorf region, the USA has long been one of our strongest trading partners. The Office of Economic Development has close connections to business partners in the US and regularly organises presentations promoting the Dsseldorf region there. North American corporations such as Oracle, research In Motion, HP Enterprise Services and CGI all operate successfully from Dsseldorf. EUROPE Its leading role in global mobile telecommunications is manifest in the establishment of world market leaders in all key segments of mobile high-tech. The concentration of European players in Dsseldorf, in particular the unmatched convergence of key corporate initiatives in the domain of research and development, make the Dsseldorf region Europes Mobile Capital. Companies like Vodafone (UK), KPN International/E-Plus (Netherlands), Alcatel- Lucent (France) and Ericsson (Sweden) have all recently reiterated their commitment to the Dsseldorf location.A GLOBALNETWOrKDsseldorf maintains excellent political and business relationshipsto the key mobile/wireless markets.
  • 7. RUssIA The unknown giant has several superregional network operators and boasts a significant mobile culture. Of the 167 russian companies in NrW, 50 are based in Dsseldorf. A russian-speaking consultant at the Office of Economic Developments International Business Service helps russian and Eastern European companies with all queries and procedures. The russia Competence Centre of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce liaises with markets, countries and companies and supports russian companies operating on the German market. There is also a long-standing Sister Cities partnership between Dsseldorf and Moscow: regular Dsseldorf Business Days in Moscow (and vice versa) drive cooperation and generate new business opportunities.INDIA The growing mobile/wireless JAPAN A true Mecca of mobile/wire-market in India can draw on a highly less culture, no other society worldwideeducated pool of developers specialising takes up mobile technologies at a fasterin mobile applications. Dsseldorf is pace. The Dsseldorf economic regionthe fourth most important location in is home to 480 Japanese companies,Germany for Indian enterprises, with 44 120 of them German or Europeanfirms operating in the region. Leading CHINA The biggest mobile telecom- headquarters, making the city the mostIndian IT enterprises and partners in the munications market in the world and important Japanese business hub onmobile sector have chosen Dsseldorf home to global market leader China the European continent. Top playersas their home in Germany, such as Mobile. Dsseldorf is Germanys in the Japanese mobile sector, suchTech Mahindra and Tata Consultancy strongest growing bridgehead to China as DOCOMO Deutschland, renesasServices, who have been operating their and already home to 280 Chinese Electronics and Toshiba Europe, servesole regional development centre in companies. Leading network suppliers their entire German and EuropeanDsseldorf since 2008. The excellent such as Huawei and ZTE have chosen markets from Dsseldorf. The Officelocal infrastructure is complemented Dsseldorf as their European head office of Economic Developments Japanby the German-Indian Chamber of and German headquarters respectively; Desk deals with all matters relating toCommerces only liaison office in EVOC followed suit recently. Together, Japanese companies, while the JapaneseGermany as well as the India Desk of the they have made Dsseldorf the capital Chamber of Industry and Commerce andChamber of Industry and Commerce. of the Chinese mobile scene in Europe. various Japanese business associations Chinese-speaking consultants at the help their compatriots make contacts. Office of Economic Developments China The Dsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Competence Centre provide first-class Commerce is NrWs main chamber for services for these companies. Dsseldorf Japanese affairs. is also linked to Chongqing via a Sister Cities partnership. Contacts CHINA Boris Sthly, +49 (0) 2 11.89-9 55 02, [email protected] CHINA Ping-Hui Tai, +49 (0) 2 11.89-9 57 21, [email protected] EUrOPE Monika Bosbach, +49 (0) 2 11.89-9 58 92, [email protected] INDIA Annette Klerks, +49 (0) 2 11.89-9 55 03, [email protected] JAPAN Sabine Heber, +49 (0) 2 11.89-9 58 70, [email protected] JAPAN Stephanie Otten, +49 (0) 2 11.89-9 25 75, [email protected] NOrTH AMErICA Monika Bosbach, +49 (0) 2 11.89-9 58 92, [email protected] rUSSIA Lilia Neumann, +49 (0) 2 11.89-9 55 06, [email protected]
  • 8. allMobility, E-Plus Mobilfunk, 01 Simfonics, Vodafone Deutschland Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland, Ericsson, EVOC, Huawei, NEC, 02 Nokia Siemens Networks, Oracle, renesas Electronics, yokowo, ZTEacoreus, Atos Origin, CGI, HP Enterprise Services, IBM, Siemens IT 03Solutions and Services, Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra AY YILDIZ Communications, ecotel, freenet, 04 Ortel Mobile, ring Mobilfunk, simyo, youngtel Hewlett-Packard, Novero, research In Motion, 05 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Toshiba Europe rP ONLINE, Ubisoft, 06 Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt Babiel e-Information, Bob Mobile, DOCOMO Deutschland, net mobile, Nokia, Secusmart, SES rFID Solutions, 07 SHL Telemedizin, sipgate, Vitaphone BaM! Interactive Marketing, BBDO, Euroweb, Gettings, GrEY Worldwide, GroupM, MediaCom, OMNICOM Media 08 Group Germany, Out There Media, TWT Interactive, VivaKi ElectronicPartner, 09 METrO GrOUP, Mitsui Arthur D. Little, A.T. Kearney, McKinsey & Company, 10 Shark Holding, 7P Solutions & Consulting Fachgruppe Mobile im BVDW, Deutscher Marketing Verband, Digitale Stadt Dsseldorf, Landesanstalt fr Medien Nordrhein- 11 Westfalen (LfM), Mobile Marketing Association, MobileMonday Dsseldorf
  • 9. The eleven levels of the mobile sectorvalue chain and selected companies.01 Networks, MVNEs02 Infrastructure, appliances03 Managed services, outsourcing04 Service providers, MVNOs, branded resellers05 Mobile devices06 Content providers07 Value-added services, mobile apps and solutions08 Mobile marketing/advertising/media09 Trade, services, M-commerce10 Consulting11 Trade associations, institutions, disseminators
  • 10. Friedrich JoussenChief Executive Officer, Vodafone DeutschlandTelecommunication stands for innovation andgrowth, and Vodafone also stands for interna-tionality and for innovation Made in NrW. Oursuccess story is closely linked with the city ofDsseldorf. Here in NrW, in the middle of thediversified cultural landscape of the rhine andruhr regions right in the heart of Europe, weare offered a high quality of life and an excellentinfrastructure. That is very attractive to many and thats why we have staff members from allover the world working in our test and innova-tion center, where the communication of tomor-row is being developed today.
  • 11. Networks, MVNEs 01Selected Dsseldorf companies:Vodafone Deutschland, allMobility,E-Plus Mobilfunk, Simfonics
  • 12. Michael Lemke, PhDSenior Marketing ManagerWireless Marketing Europe, HuaweiDsseldorf has every right to call itself Germa-nys Mobile Capital. The city is a major centre ofthe telecommunications industry. Huawei is cur-rently building a new research and developmentcentre in Dsseldorf which will provide 200 newjobs, and we are looking to foster collaborationswith universities in the area. One key reasonfor expanding our commitment from our Euro-pean headquarters in Dsseldorf is the proxim-ity to Vodafone. Huawei has been collaboratingwith Vodafone since 2009, exploring 4G mobiletechnology and digital dividends in a study onbroadband coverage and the compatibility ofLTE with digital TV and radio.
  • 13. Infrastructure, 02appliancesSelected Dsseldorf companies:Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland, Ericsson, EVOC,Huawei, NEC, Nokia Siemens Networks, Oracle,renesas Electronics, yokowo, ZTE
  • 14. Hermann KleinDelivery Centre Head,Tata Consultancy ServicesTata Consultancy Services is running a DeliveryCentre specialising in high-end projects andprogrammes. We conceive, develop, test andimplement new solutions particularly quicklyand efficiently here. Dsseldorf is home to afirst-class Indian infrastructure: from the citysInternational Business Service and the Chamberof Industry and Commerces Indian Desk to theGerman-Indian Chamber of Commerce and theGerman-Indian round Table, a network of busi-ness people from both countries.
  • 15. Managed services, 03outsourcingSelected Dsseldorf companies:acoreus, Atos Origin, CGI, HP Enterprise Services,IBM, Siemens IT Solutions and Services,Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra
  • 16. Nicolas BiagoschCEO, simyo GmbHWith 1,500 companies from the ICT sectorbased in the city, Dsseldorf offers an innova-tive business environment that is unparalleledin Germany. The E-Plus Group is here a simyoassociate and mainspring of the German mobilecommunications market as are top businessand media partners as well as a pool of highlyskilled employees. A combination thats gotthe lot, and has helped simyo a great deal tobecome the worlds biggest no-frills, Internet-based mobile services provider. Just like simyo,Dsseldorf shows that communication can be sosimple.
  • 17. Service providers,MVNOs, 04branded resellersSelected Dsseldorf companies:AY YILDIZ Communications, ecotel, freenet,Ortel Mobile, ring Mobilfunk, simyo, youngtel
  • 18. Timo von LepelSenior Director Germany, research In Motionresearch In Motion (rIM) built on its successfulgrowth by opening a marketing and sales officein Dsseldorf in 2009. What convinced us tomake this move were the synergy effects thatwe are able to achieve here in the middle of theDsseldorf mobile cluster. Thanks to the prox-imity of important cooperation partners and ourposition at the centre of the European market,we can reach out to a huge customer base some 50 percent of EU consumers live within300 miles of Dsseldorf.
  • 19. Mobile 05devicesSelected Dsseldorf companies:Hewlett-Packard, Novero, research In Motion,Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications,Toshiba Europe
  • 20. Dr. Tobias Schulz-IsenbeckChief Executive Officer,Verlagsgruppe HandelsblattThe Handelsblatt Group, publisher of topmedia products including Handelsblatt,WirtschaftsWoche and their various specialistjournals, leads the German business pressmarket from its home base in Dsseldorf. Wesee ourselves as a provider of high-qualitymultimedia content across all media channels print, online and mobile. As a major player inthe Mobile Capital Dsseldorf, we are proud tocontribute to an initiative highlighting the citysexcellence in this important growth market.
  • 21. Content providers 06Selected Dsseldorf companies:rP ONLINE, Ubisoft,Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt
  • 22. Dr. Hans-Christoph QuelleManaging Director, SecusmartSecusmart is a young company, we formed in2007. Our flagship product, SecuVOICE, is anauthentication and encryption solution whichhas set new standards for simplicity, securityand voice quality in mobile communications. Weare very proud that the German federal author-ities, along with a number of major industrialenterprises, have selected SecuVOICE. We knewright from the start that there was only one loca-tion for the Secusmart headquarters: Dsseldorf,the Mobile Capital.
  • 23. Value addedservices, 07mobile apps andsolutionsSelected Dsseldorf companies:Babiel e-Information, Bob Mobile,DOCOMO Deutschland, net mobile,Nokia, Secusmart, SES rFID Solutions,SHL Telemedizin, sipgate, Vitaphone
  • 24. Andr SchieckManaging Director, GrEY WorldwideDsseldorf can boast the biggest advertisingturnover of any city in Germany. And GrEYWorldwide is a major contributor not leastthanks to its strongly growing digital business. Inthe domain of digital culture, clients are lookingfor those innovative concepts and mobile solu-tions that can be actively accessed by users.Solutions that help us secure the sales successof our international clients. As Germanys MobileCapital, Dsseldorf provides the perfect environ-ment for this. We take pride in hosting MobileMonday, a developer forum for outstandingcreatives who come together in GrEYs Embassyof Ideas.
  • 25. Mobile marketing,mobile advertising, 08mobile mediaSelected Dsseldorf companies:BaM! Interactive Marketing, BBDO, Euroweb,Gettings, GrEY Worldwide, GroupM, MediaCom,OMNICOM Media Group Germany,Out There Media, TWT Interactive, VivaKi
  • 26. Dr. Eckhard CordesChairman of the Management Board, METrO GrOUPDsseldorf is far more than just METrOGrOUPs home base. As Germanys biggestretailing group, we value the citys status asan international business centre at the heartof Europe, with a potential customer base of11.5 million people in the immediate vicinity.The citys business-friendly economic policyand closely cooperating government makeDsseldorf an ideal location for investment. Asan innovation leader within our industry, wealso appreciate the proximity of important localtechnology partners with whom we are able tofurther optimise our retail processes.
  • 27. Trade,services, 09M-commerceSelected Dsseldorf companies:ElectronicPartner, METrO GrOUP, Mitsui
  • 28. Dr. Diethard BhlerManaging Director Central Europe,Arthur D. LittleArthur D. Little has been advising global leadersin matters of strategy, innovation and technologysince 1886. Our core speciality being the TIMEmarkets (telecommunications, information,media & electronics), we also focus on disrup-tive technologies and business models in allissues relating to mobile applications. Users,providers and customers for the entire spectrumof mobile solutions come together in Dsseldorf.As Germanys Mobile Capital, the city providesan ideal base for networking.
  • 29. Consulting 10Selected Dsseldorf companies:Arthur D. Little, A.T. Kearney,McKinsey & Company, Shark Holding,7P Solutions & Consulting
  • 30. Mark WchterExecutive Board, MobileMonday Germany,Chairman of Fachgruppe Mobile im BVDW;Global Board of Directors, Mobile Marketing AssociationIn the Mobile Capital Dsseldorf, a uniqueblend of companies interact every day to createthe future of mobile life. Mobile technologytoday is far more than a platform for dataservices and business applications. In the lastfew years in particular, the mobile screen hasbecome a prime medium for advertising andthe entertainment industry. With the BVDWsMobile Specialist Group, the Mobile MarketingAssociation and the MobileMonday communitybased in the city, Dsseldorf is home to theworlds most important associations dedicatedto the development of this medium.
  • 31. Trade associations,institutions, 11disseminatorsSelected Dsseldorf organisations:Fachgruppe Mobile im BVDW, DeutscherMarketing Verband, Digitale Stadt Dsseldorf,Landesanstalt fr Medien Nordrhein-Westfalen(LfM), Mobile Marketing Association,MobileMonday Dsseldorf
  • 32. COMECLOSErDsseldorf is the capital city of North rhine-Westphalia, the most densely populatedstate in the Federal republic of Germany. Dsseldorf lies at the heart of the rhine-ruhr region which is home to 11.5 million people and some 500,000 companies all within one hours drive. 148 million people live within a radius of 300 miles.Thats around 30% of the entire population of the European Union and also 50%of its purchasing power. r plane ride 2- h o u u r plan e r 1 -h o ide DssElDORf
  • 33. THE RHINE-RUHR REgION, wITH DssElDORf AT ITs CENTRE, Is gERMANys MOsT POwERfUl ECONOMIC REgION. Dsseldorf/Rhein-Ruhr Inhabitants 11.5 million Employees 5.3 million For comparison: frankfurt Berlin Inhabitants 5.3 million Inhabitants 6.0 million Employees 2.6 million Employees 2.5 million stuttgart Munich Inhabitants 4.7 million Inhabitants 2.5 million Employees 2.3 million Employees 1.5 million Hamburg Inhabitants 4.2 million Employees 2.0 millionIn an international comparison: DssElDORf/ gREATER lONDON RHEIN-RUHR sq mi 5,478 sq mi 4,177 Inhabitants 13.6 million Inhabitants 11.5 million 56 miles 37 miles PARIs lE-DE-fRANCE NEw yORk sq mi 4,633 sq mi 2,363 Inhabitants 11.7 million Inhabitants 14.0 million 43 miles 43 milesMEssE DssElDORf DssElDORf CONgREss One of Germanys most important expo Nine locations for conventions and business centres that attracts up to 2.7 million visitors events, offering floor concepts for every type and over 30,000 exhibitors annually of use Over 40 trade fairs, of which 23 industry- Where mobile communications players meet leading events for industry-leading conventions, company www.messe-duesseldorf.de events and seminars www.duesseldorfcongress.de www.convention-duesseldorf.desEAMlEss INfRAsTRUCTURE fOR glOBAl OPERATIONs International School 40 consulates and almost as many foreign development organisations Dsseldorf International is Germanys third-largest airport, serving 180 cities worldwide Dsseldorf lies in the densest motorway network in Europe Dsseldorf is Germanys third-largest inland port DssElDORf, TEN MINUTE CITy Having a major airport so close to downtown is 1.7 miles a unique feature in Germany: from Dsseldorf International, it takes only ten minutes to 4 miles drive to the city. The expo centre is only a few minutes away from the airport and can be reached in ten minutes from the city.
  • 34. MOBILE LIFEDSSELDOrFDsseldorfs hallmarks are its excellent locational benefits, high quality of livingand moderate rents and cost of living. In quality of living ratings, Dsseldorfwas ranked sixth in global comparison and the top city in Germany. Its mix ofinternational corporations and small niche industries, fashionable Knigsalleeand traditional Old Town, business and lifestyle are what give it its charm.Dsseldorfs cultural offering can easily match other big cities in the world. Butdespite its bustling city life, it has not transformed into an urban jungle. Whileoffering art and cultural events many larger cities might envy, it has remainedthat rare thing an exciting, yet relaxed cosmopolitan centre.
  • 35. HIGHLYSKILLEDSkilled and well-trained human resources are a substantial attractor for any com-pany in the mobile sector, and a domain in which Dsseldorf excels. North rhine-Westphalia is home to 58 universities and universities of applied sciences thegreatest concentration of higher education institutions in Europe.More than 455,000 young people train at universities located within a 50-mile radius. The Dsseldorf re-gion is especially versatile in offering an exceptional range of educational and training opportunities. Everyyear, thousands of graduates in NrW take their exams in university courses that prepare for a career inmodern communication technologies. With 615 out of every 1,000 residents in the workforce, Dsseldorfcan also boast Germanys second-highest employment density. Dsseldorf offers an international standardof education, training linguistically competent specialists for all European and non-European countries.Intercultural competence and language skills are key success levers for international operations. VOCATIONAl TRAININg DssElDORf UNIVERsITy AND UNIVERsITy Of APPlIED sCIENCEs Germanys Dual System of vocational training has set standards worldwide. The regions chambers Heinrich Heine University, offering: of industry and commerce examine hundreds of Computer sciences, including 12 Work candidates every year in ICT-related professions Groups for information technology on: algo- (selection): rithms, data structures, operating systems, image and signal processing, geoinformatics, Telecommunication cryptology, mobile and distributed networks, Information services software technology and programming Software engineering for languages Application development Communication and media science System integration Dsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, offer- Information and telecommunications system ing courses in electrotechnology, microsystems electronics technology, logistics, media and design REgIONAl REsEARCH INsTITUTEs Fraunhofer Institutes for Software and Systems Engineering Microelectronic Circuits and Systems Laser Technology (ILT) The Institute for Mobile and Satellite Techno- logies (IMST) Ultra High-Speed Mobile Information and Communication (UMIC) research Cluster Max Planck Institute for Mathematics Association of German Engineers VDI
  • 36. FOrINVESTOrSDependable political majorities and a political climate favouring businesses and entre-preneurship make Dsseldorf a prime target for investors. At 440 points, business taxin Dsseldorf is extremely low compared with other major German cities (Frankfurt:460, Munich: 490). The city has been free of debt since 2007 and has had a balancedbudget for many years. Taxes have been lowered eleven times to reduce the burden oncompanies. And family-friendly Dsseldorf creates a welcoming atmosphere, with freekindergartens, extensive green areas and recreation sites, and a broad palette of artand cultural events. The Office of Economic Development is the citys one stop agencyfor expert advice on property rental and residence/work permits, help with localauthorities and access to country or industry-specific business networks.FOrSTArT-UPSCollaborating with more than 20 industry and public partners, the Dsseldorf Officeof Economic Development heads a regional Startup Network focused on expert adviceand business coaching. The Office provides newcomers with valuable support in imple-menting their business model and building up their enterprise. Start-ups and youngcompanies are granted access to the Offices own business networks. It also offers areal estate service and advisory service to help identify and contact relevant publicauthorities. Designed as a one-stop agency, the Office of Economic Development isthe single point of contact for all queries and demands in every phase of businessdevelopment.Contact:Jrgen GerreserICT Analyst & Mobile Office of Economic Development, City of DsseldorfBurgplatz 1, 40213 Dsseldorf, Phone +49 (0) 2 11.89-9 58 73, Fax +49 (0) 2 11.89-3 58 [email protected]/mobilecapital
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