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  • 1. 100, Route des Houillres - 13590 Meyreuil +33 (0) -

2. DMAP is a company focused on safety critical domains which is able to combine IP and SoC development forASIC and FPGA target with high reliability methods provided by the DO-254 guidance. High reliable domains asaeronautic, medical, defense and space are sensible to time-to-market constraints along with a constantgrowing system complexity. Thats why we offer to IP vendors the opportunity to address new markets and tohigh reliable sub-contractor community to buy DO-254 ready IP to speed up their development.DMAP-IPDMAP-_____________________________________________________________________IP DO-254 ready We develop new and specific IP dedicated to the aeronautic market andresponding to the stringent constraints involved in SoC and hardware design.DMAP uses a set of processes and references holding all the objectives of DO-254 DAL A.IP DO-254 upgrade We offer a unique worldwide solution to help your company addressing theaeronautic market using a reverse engineering methodology to complementthe DO-254 activities. We also integrate mitigation features into the originaldesign in order to satisfy critical requirements, especially to strengthen SEUimmunity for aerospace embedded applications. DMAP-DESIGN DMAP- _____________________________________________________________________Our intervention can be carried out at all stages of your productsdevelopment.- Project management or Assurance process.- FPGA or ASICs design services with DMAPs DO-254 methodology.- Validation and verification distinct: Independence guarantee.DMAP-EXPERTDMAP-_____________________________________________________________________ Organization of project under DO-254 constraints. - Audit of your organization and your current practice. - Accompaniment in the implementation and the control of the organizational processes. Evolution of development methods under DO-254 constraints. Support in strengthening your development methods of FPGA or ASIC. Trainings about DO-254 and systems. Trainings based on the restitution of practical experiences covering all aspects of the implementation of DO-254. Our involvement can include software activities (DO-178) and the embedded systems (ARP4754).