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  • Desirable Behaviors

    Alireza Ranjbar SHourabi


  • Sustainable growth moves through hard-work and creativity!

  • I love growth, using creativity and fun approaches for all sides of business

    u @ALMgames (game studio)

    u @Faranesh (e-learning platform)

    u @Hamsaa (innovation social network)

    u @Fanap (fintech)

    u @IGA : Iran Gamification Association

    u @Roshdino : Growth Hacking event

    u @ICON (VAS)

  • Your LIFE?Your WAR?

  • Your WAR and LIFE

    u Profit

    u Attention

    u Loyalty

    u Desired behaviors

    u To be Selected over competition

    u So we have to design a journey to get the desired behavior thatincludes attention and loyalty which will make customers select usinstead of competition that will result in our profit!

  • Lets see a usage

  • How to affect Human


  • How to affect Human behavior

    u Inspirationu the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something

    u especially to do something creative.

    uManipulationu handle or control (a tool, mechanism, information) in a skillful manner.

    u control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly or unscrupulously.

  • Broccoli Example

    u Htas2r38 gene (blocks the uptake of iodine to the thyroid)

    u 70% of all humans

    u Takes the average child 12 years to go from hating broccoli to loving it.

    u Force

    u Convince

    u Airplane game / Stops working after a while

    u Use sauce / Health issues of sauce

    u Action / Achievement / Reward loop

  • Gamification Definition

    The Process of GameDesign-Thinking and gameMechanics To Engage users and Solve Problems.

  • Game Mechanics

  • What is Gamification?

  • Lets see a usage

  • Game Mechanics

  • Types and Divisions

    uStructural / ContentuExterioruInterioruCustomer / EmployeeuSocial Good

  • Main Usage

  • 4 Dominant Applications of Gamification

    uProduct GamificationuWorkplace GamificationuMarketing GamificationuLifestyle Gamification

  • Habit RPG

  • Fitocracy

  • Chore Wars

  • Gamification Workflow

    u Gamification Model Canvas

    u Gamification Frameworks

    u Design

    u Test and upgrade

    u Test and upgrade

    u ...

    u ....

    u .....

  • GMC

  • Framework

  • Lets see a usage

  • MDA Framework

  • Prof. Kevin Werbach : A design framework

    u 1. DEFINE business objectives

    u 2. DELINEATE target behaviors

    u 3. DESCRIBE your players

    u 4. DEVISE activity loops

    u 5. DONT forget the fun!

    u 6. DEPLOY the appropriate tools

  • Gamification Design is Agile Design

  • Lets see a usage

  • The loop

  • Scaffolding

  • The Narrative

  • The Numbers

  • A glimpse of the future

  • Last word

    Go for long-time loyalty while boosting

    short-time goals!

  • Thank you for Listening!

    Alireza Ranjbar SHourabi